Smarking Welcomes New Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder & Former CEO of WePay, Bill Clerico

I’m thrilled to join the world of parking and eager for what’s to come with Smarking. I believe in their vision of enabling highly efficient urban mobility by digitizing the industry.”

— Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 / — $655B parking industry, is in expansion mode. Bill Clerico, co-founder and former CEO of WePay joins Smarking’s advisory board to support the organization's expansion initiatives in 2021.

While the pandemic was devastating to many industries, research from leading consulting and financial firms in Q1 2021 revealed strong post-pandemic growth opportunities.

The pandemic drastically exposed the technology deficiencies across various industries. As industry leaders began to accelerate their adoption of technology, executives across commercial real estate, municipalities, airports, health care systems, and parking management firms have been leaning on Smarking’s expertise. Smarking currently empowers 2,500+ properties across the US, Canada, and Australia.

To take on the emerging demands of the market, Smarking taps into Bill’s extensive experience in supporting the digital transformation for various fortune 1000 organizations in the past decade.

Bill founded WePay and led the company for 12 years, ultimately culminating in its successful acquisition by J.P. Morgan Chase in 2017. At J.P. Morgan, Bill led the integration of WePay as well as the broader SMB payments business. Now, as a seasoned enterprise software & fintech entrepreneur and CEO, Bill invests in and advises startup companies.

Bill and Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking, initially connected via Y-Combinator, and Bill became fascinated with the massive and overlooked opportunities in the parking world.

Bill Clerico formally joins the Smarking advisory board along with fellow members Kevin Freedman and Shadi Baqleh.

Kevin is the founder of NextPhase Partners. Prior to founding NextPhase, Kevin was a partner at Khosla Ventures and spent more than 15 years leading multiple startups to successful acquisitions by companies including Google and eBay. Kevin has been actively advising Smarking since 2016.

Shadi Baqleh is a seasoned revenue and operations executive with multiple successful exits in the video conferencing and AI/ML Voice-enabled world, currently advising tech companies from security to mobility and SaaS fleet management. Shadi has been actively advising Smarking since 2019.

“We’re excited to have Bill on our advisory board to help steer our post-pandemic growth. Bill has extensive experience in partnering with enterprise organizations and bringing technologies to them effectively. We are just getting started in helping our clients in the commercial real estate, municipality, parking management, and other industries to digitize their parking assets.” – Co-Founder & CEO of Smarking, Wen Sang

“From my time at WePay, I experienced firsthand how powerful vertical software companies can be and how much good they can do for clients.I’m thrilled to join the world of parking and eager for what’s to come with Smarking. I believe in their vision of enabling highly efficient urban mobility by digitizing the industry. I’m excited to work closely with Wen and the team .” – Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay

Smarking is currently hiring for multiple key positions, including Head of Sales, Head of Accounts and Customer Success, Head of Engineering, multiple Account and Customer Success Managers, Customer Support Manager (Technical), and many more. For more information, visit

Sarah Ortega
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VX Global Announces High Yield Debt Equity Fund

Security Plus Returns

A First Mover Growth Fund”

— Jonathan Pappie

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — Jonathan Pappie announced today the VXGI High Yield Fund, LP. A Combined Debt-Equity fund that will service high growth opportunities. This fund will maintain a disciplined approach to lending and investing with a promising situational placement that has premium and fast turn opportunities. All candidates will go through a strong verification process with real, verifiable (money-in/money-out) opportunities, that will qualify for a combined debt-equity target. Our efforts will be focused on a short-term return of 3-6% per quarter with specific turn, and long-term equity-based participation.

The fund will combine its services to maximize efficiencies and results. The fund will peruse internal operations, report on company direction, and examine company culture, as well as assist in providing mutually agreed to goal-driven agendas in the utilization of fund capital. Our process:

Fund Target – Pappie stated "Our target is 17-25% annualized rate of return with our short-term funding in fixed specific short-term opportunity transactions. Our additional equity positions will be executed pending the combined offer. Company, opportunity, resources, and culture will factor into our origination offer so that we lay the groundwork for future investment and participation. Our goal is to create a cyclical hatchery process that allows the fund to chart growth objectives and future opportunities that we can participate in, that are available throughout the lifecycle of the company."

Mission and Fund Operation – We will not only be guiding our clients, but we will also be actively involved in ongoing operations and make sure that the portfolio is on a charted course of growth.

Sample Opportunities – Below are a series of actual opportunities that we have vetted and we believe are viable candidates. Each has different risk ratios but has traction. We strongly suggest you peruse our Prospectus for the services we offer such as risk mitigation, strategic planning and partnership, investor communications platforms, and investment-oriented goal setting and watchdog processes that guard against failure.

Medical PRE-IND Opportunity

In the development of discardable, minimally manipulated fetal tissue-based regenerative medicine biologics to address all forms of Osteoarthritis via intra-articular procedures in cooperation with leading scientists and medical professionals. They have partnered with a 28-person team of PHD’s, research and development professionals, and the leader in FDA Investigational New Drug Approval with over 100 IND’s, New Drug Applications, and Biologic Applications (BLA’s). The team has decades of FDA regulatory and audit oversight including direct employment. More than 100 new-INDs for drug, biologic, and combination products, 5 approved NDAs (New Drug Application), 2 BLAs (Biologics License Application), and has made several hundred FDA submissions (Investigators Brochures, Safety reports, CMC sections, Annual Reports, protocols, IND safety reports).

Video Gaming – 1.4 million invested

A (LIFO) Last In/First Out Royalty based Fund that specializes in providing both capital and strategic support for finished video games. The Fund Team specializes in the analysis of each potential game and its market demographic. It then engages a strategic media plan-of-attack to bring the game to market. Leaving the creative aspects and operational costs (and headaches) of games to developers. Focuses investment on game launch, marketing, and user acquisition. The Fund is in first position on all incoming gross revenue returns provided through some of the world's largest third-party platforms (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Sony, Nintendo, Steam, etc.). This provides immediate returns with a long-term cash-on-cash “payout” waterfall that is not subject to valuation or market fluctuations.

Construction Production – 10 Million Dollar Purchase Order with the US Army.

Over $1bn in Casitas “reserved” by over 20,000 potential customers in less than one year. 10% of these reservations include paid deposits. These customers have a potential of $100,000,000+ in revenue. The system is protected by 14+ patent filings and growing. Two purchase orders to deliver 156 Casitas to the United States Federal Government totaling over $9m, 50% prepaid before delivery. We expect even bigger contracts from the government after this first successful delivery. Huge social impact, the potential to improve the quality of life for billions of people. The only building system compatible with automobile-style factory mass production. Guided by Volkswagen Groups Porsche Consulting Inc. for the design and implementation of Boxabl’s new factory. Potential to disrupt a massive and outdated trillion-dollar building construction market, starting with the rapidly growing USA Accessory Dwelling Unit market.

Online Trust Creation

This IMO or Insurance Marketing Organization began to form the concept of using the sales and marketing power of insurance agents and financial advisors to help customers create unique estate plans through a fully automated, electronic program branded accordingly. Training redirects the focus of agents and advisors to help clients develop their own customized (web-based) estate plan, as opposed to focusing on insurance products. ePIC Trust Company, the opportunity outlined in this Plan, is a Nevada Trust Company (license pending) to serve the growing needs of individuals, families, and small businesses implementing the online plans. The Trust Company will perform the services of the trustee, manage trust investments, and administration for ultimately thousands of estates and trusts.

Reservation Management

This client is a first-mover business model to a market booking engine that has divided the travel market into various cylinders. This model takes the more advanced booking models and apply’s them to multiple markets so the end-users and clients (Beach Clubs, Resorts, Marina’s, etc.) both benefit by providing convenience, revenue and per boking details to increase customer satisfaction and apply incentives, discounts and selective booking ability such as seating, ordering and other amenities that are often overlooked in the process.


• This client has a contract confirmed with Sculpture Hospitality. This is a US company with direct contracts that has over 50,000 F&B venues, 370 offices, and 30+ years of service in 35 countries.
• Contract confirmed with Redtix AirAsia, Asia's largest Event/Ticketing company, a subsidiary
• of the world's biggest airline with over 15 Distribution partner contracts that cover 29 countries and 30+ venue contracts in 6 countries.

If you have any interest in these or other opportunities, please let us know and we will issue you a no-cost seat on our platform to view at your leisure, or you may invest through the fund. Please email us at to receive an invitation or submit projects for consideration. Please view our explainer video here at and to view opportunities please register at No Brokers, unless licensed Investment Bankers, are allowed on the Platform. No non-accredited investors are allowed on the Platform. The Fund is being promulgated under Reg 506 D Rule C. All investors are subject to KYC, 3rd party verification, and AML policies prior to the investment being released. For a copy of a Prospectus please visit our website and click on Prospectus.

Jonathan Pappie
VX Global Inc.
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IT Vortex, LLC. appoints new General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Customer Advocacy

Pia Thompson, General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Customer Advocacy

IT Vortex, LLC, a premier cloud hosting provider announces the appointment of Pia G. Thompson as General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Customer advocacy.

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 / — IT Vortex, LLC, a premier cloud hosting provider announces the appointment of Pia G. Thompson as General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Customer advocacy. “Ms. Thompson will be responsible for our overall sales and marketing go forward strategy” said, VP of Business Development, Lou Corriero, “We are excited to have her on board to help grow our business”.

Ms. Thompson brings a broad range of experience to her new position, including executive sales, business development and growth strategy at both large enterprises and startup organizations. Previously she held an executive sales position with IBM driving efforts with marquis global media organizations. Prior to IBM she ran a regional Business Analytics professional services organization partnered with SAP, which she founded and ran for 15 years.

“Pia’s past leadership roles with leading technology firms bring valuable expertise and experience to our team, she is a great addition to our organization” said Tom Ruane, VP Cloud Operations.

“Its great to be part of a team with deep technical expertise and a commitment to providing impeccable service to their clients, I’m thrilled to have found a team whose core values match my own” said Pia.

About IT Vortex, LLC.

IT Vortex is your end to end service provider. It was founded from the mindset of experienced IT engineers, not salespeople. After years of listening to great sales pitches fall short, our founders knew they could do better and knew businesses deserved better. Our years of experience working in the IT field have contributed to our top-notch services portfolio. We can help your organization maximize your investment in technology by avoiding the evaluation and proof of concept phases since we have already gone through the trial and error stages to come up with our industry leading portfolio of technology vendors with whom we collaborate. We only sell the solutions we know and believe in, not sales pitches full of empty promises. We are partnered with many of the leading Technology solution vendors like VMWare, EMC, Mitel, Microsoft, Dell, visit our partner page for a full listing. Our top-notch portfolio of software and hardware vendors can help your organization achieve all its needs.

For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us

Lou Corriero
IT Vortex, LLC
+1 844-704-0684
Visit us on social media:

Who Is IT Vortex?

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Chinese Language Version of IVA-QS Now Available

Healthcare providers can quickly screen clients for Visual and Auditory Attention problems

RICHMOND, VA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — BrainTrain, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of the Chinese Language version of the IVA-QS, Integrated Visual and Auditory Test of Attention – QuickScreen. The IVA-QS software is designed to allow clinicians to quickly and efficiently evaluate a client’s visual and auditory attention. Now test administrators can elect to evaluate patients whose primary language is Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taiwanese, as well as Spanish, Swedish, Canadian French, Japanese, and English. All written and spoken test instructions are presented by the computer in the language selected.

The IVA-QS is very much like BrainTrain’s IVA-2, but shorter, saving time and resources. The user-friendly platform makes test administration simple, and the colorful graphs and tables enhance ease of interpretation. Free online Parent and Teacher Rating Scales for children, and Self Rating Scales for adults are integrated into the software. These are computer scored and can be completed and submitted online using any tablet, smartphone, or computer with internet access. All data are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.

Additionally, professionals can purchase a remote version of the software, which allows them to administer the test to clients who are at home or in the office, where they can use an iPad and maintain social distancing. The physician or administrator can then immediately upload results to their computer.
The IVA-QS unique report writing system (English only) provides a wide variety of types of narrative reports. These reports integrate the IVA-QS results with the clinician’s observations and the results from the rating scales. The reports can also be combined with results from BrainTrain’s MeSA test of Executive Functioning, if the clinician has this test installed on the same computer, so that a yet more comprehensive series of psychological reports can be utilized. The clinician can edit and personalize the reports as needed.

For more information about BrainTrain’s IVA-QS, QuickScreen Test of Attention, professionals are invited to visit the BrainTrain website at or directly link to the IVA-QS page at To speak with a BrainTrain sales representative, call 800-822-0538 or 804-320-0105. A FREE trial of the IVA-2 test is available to qualified users.

About BrainTrain: BrainTrain, Inc. has been creating and publishing neuropsychological testing and training software since 1989, when neuropsychologist, Dr. Joseph A. Sandford, author and developer of numerous programs, first released the Captain’s Log: Cognitive Training Program. This original software helped form the foundation for many products to come, assisting people in developing their mental acuity and helping professionals improve the quality of their client’s lives.

Joseph A. Sandford
BrainTrain, Inc.
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Phobio Names Gina Simpson Employee Representative to its Board of Directors

New Position Gives Employees a Direct Voice in the Overall Direction of the Company

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — Phobio, the premier trade-in service for mobile operators and iconic consumer electronics brands, has named Gina Simpson as its first Employee Representative to the Board of Directors. Simpson, who has been with Phobio for five years, is currently an assistant marketing manager and was appointed to the Board for a one-year term. After Simpson’s term expires, the seat will be elected by Phobio employees.

“I believe it is important for all companies to be deliberate in considering the perspectives of all people in the organization,” said Stephen Wakeling, Phobio CEO. “That’s why we wanted to add an employee representative to our Board of Directors. When I asked our core leadership team for a few names of people they thought we should nominate, Gina was at the top of everyone's list — which was no surprise to me. Gina has been a binding force in our organization for years. She is beloved and respected by all Phobiosapians from her prior role as our HQ office manager to her current role on the marketing team. Gina is the ideal person to establish how this seat should work in our organization and we all look forward to working with her in this new capacity.”

“I am extremely honored to represent our employees in this new role” said Simpson. “When Stephen presented this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to really make a difference in our organization by giving employees a voice at the Board level, sharing their concerns with management and helping put plans into action that address those concerns. Phobio fosters a work culture where all employees have the opportunity to excel and grow to their highest potential and where inclusion and equity are at the forefront of the company’s culture. One of our five core values and our company mantra is ‘Be Better.’ We strive to do things better today than we did yesterday. I hope that in this new position I will be able to help everyone’s voice be heard and help us all be better.”

Assistant Marketing Manager and Employee Representative to the Board, Simpson joined the Phobio team in 2016 as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and quickly progressed through the ranks to Office Manager and then Senior Manager of Internal Operations. With almost 30 years of experience supporting C-Suite level executives for companies such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, UPS, and Heidrick and Struggles, Simpson wanted to make a career change and put her skills to the test in the marketing world. In her current role, Simpson is responsible for managing brand standards for company materials, sales enablement, trade shows and events.

Simpson lives in a suburb of Atlanta with her husband, two sons, and newly added family member, Brady, a Boxer/Pitt mix.


Phobio is the premier trade-in service for mobile operators and iconic consumer brands in North America. Using innovative custom software products, Phobio helps its clients increase device sales and improve customer purchasing power while facilitating a second life for trade-in items. Phobio's simple and secure omnichannel trade-in programs offer optimal value and custom solutions that simplify the complicated for its clients and elevate the customer experience. Phobio is proud to play an important role in the emerging circular economy, in which products are traded in to be recycled or sold to the next consumer so they stay out of landfills and contribute to a cleaner planet. Founded in 2010 and based in Atlanta, GA, Phobio fosters a dynamic work environment where people do the best work of their careers. For more information, visit

Jennifer Greene
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Edison Energy launches new Electric Transportation Practice to further support the clean energy transition

New practice will serve growing market of Fortune 500 companies to public agencies navigating the complexities of fleet electrification

Vehicle fleets will play a critical role in decarbonization, as transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the U.S.”

— Meghan Weinman, Director, Transportation Electrification at Edison Energy

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — With commercial fleets announcing plans for a massive shift to electric vehicles (EVs), Edison Energy has launched a new Electric Transportation Practice that will operate cross-functionally, serving Edison’s core offerings across Sustainability and Energy Optimization while supporting all aspects of fleet electrification, from early-stage feasibility, fleet assessment, electric vehicle charger design and construction, and optimizing energy.

Meghan Weinman, who previously led transportation electrification strategy at Puget Sound Energy, will spearhead the new practice. Fleet electrification presents a largely untapped opportunity for the energy transition. In addition to these new offerings, Weinman will also be working closely with Bill Kenworthy, new VP of Energy Optimization, and Emily Williams, VP of Strategy and Sustainability, to integrate and expand the EV offering and further support clients' development and implementation of holistic decarbonization and net-zero strategies.

“Vehicle fleets will play a critical role in decarbonization, as transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the U.S.,” said Weinman. “Transitioning to electric vehicles provides a pathway towards significantly reducing carbon. With the right plans and energy expertise, fleets that electrify not only find that day-to-day operations are feasible, but also enjoy significant cost savings.”

“Our Energy Optimization practice meets clients where they are, from co-creating business plans to full implementation,” added Kenworthy. “We are proud to support our clients’ drive to sustainability; and will be with them through every step and every mile along the way.”

Edison Energy’s clients looking to electrify fleets include:

*Commercial and industrial customers who may have corporate sustainability goals while also gaining total-cost-of-ownership savings from EV fleet conversion savings. These fleets can be complex and dispersed across geographies, Edison Energy helps clients make strategic decisions on where to electrify first and plan for charging infrastructure.
*Real estate owners looking to develop properties and attract tenants are installing charging stations as an on-site amenity, Edison Energy helps clients find utility incentives and streamline installation processes.
*Municipal customers, who have aggressive sustainability goals, but may be fiscally sensitive to a large upfront capital investment in transportation electrification. Edison Energy works with these clients to align capital investments with fiscal planning.
*Transit agencies and school districts typically have an electrification goal centered around Zero-Emissions Vehicles and EV fleet conversion savings. Edison Energy explores vehicle incentives and rebates that can aid in their conversion to electric.

“As EV costs come down, there will be more choices and increasing corporate commitments to carbon reductions and sustainability goals that will accelerate fleet electrification, “ said Emily Williams, VP of Strategy and Sustainability. “The bottom line is that there’s no one size fits all approach to net-zero emissions, but we remain committed to supporting our clients with fleet electrification as part of a holistic decarbonization strategy.”

Edison Energy has advised global companies, universities, and cities on more than 6.7 gigawatts of renewable energy projects across North America and Europe, including the adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure, and the necessary financing and contracting.


About Edison Energy

A wholly owned subsidiary of Edison International (NYSE: EIX), Edison Energy provides independent, expert advice and solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices and risks of managing energy. We enable decision-makers in organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals by addressing the three biggest challenges in energy today: cost, carbon, and complex choices. We deliver and implement specialized solutions across analytics, renewables, sustainability, supply, and demand to align our client’s energy investments with their strategic goals. For more information, visit

Lauren Glickman
RenewComm LLC
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Coinbase joins the Fintech 50 Index

Fintech 50 index

Fintech 50 index

If investors like the $100 billion market cap, COIN will rank 9 out of 50 stocks,  just below Square (SQ) and above Fidelity Information (FIS).

Fintech 50 Index data and brand is licensed to companies who want to create a Fintech thematic ETF (to sell to Investors and the providers/intermediaries who service them).”

— Bernard Lunn

MURI BEI BERN, BERN, SWITZERLAND, April 14, 2021 / — You can now buy Coinbase stock (COIN) on NASDAQ.

If investors like the $100 billion market cap that has been suggested, COIN will rank 9 out of 50 stocks,  just below Square (SQ) and above Fidelity Information (FIS). That is heady territory that indicates investor expectation that crypto will disrupt Wall Street and Banking.

Fintech 50 Index is 50 publicly traded Fintech stocks ranked by market cap.

Fintech 50 Index has been incubated within Daily Fintech, the leading site for Fintech, Crypto and Insurtech trends & analysis. If you are interested in talking to us about licensing Fintech 50 Index, please use this contact us form.

About Fintech 50 Index.

Fintech 50 Index is 50 publicly traded Fintech stocks ranked by market cap.

Fintech 50 Index data and brand is licensed to companies who want to create a Fintech thematic ETF (to sell to Investors and the providers/intermediaries who service them). We differentiate through:

One. Better quality Index construction using our intimate knowledge of Fintech.
Two. A value proposition to the ETF operators that enables many companies to create a low cost passive Fintech thematic ETF.
If you are interested in talking to us about licensing Fintech 50 Index, please use this contact us form

Bernard lunn
Daily Fintech Advisers Ltd
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Start the new bike season safely with the smart assistant Rideet One

Rideet One provides all important data about motorbikes via app

Rideet One provides all important data about motorbikes via app

Rideet anti-theft protection

Rideet anti-theft protection

Smart Rideet One black box

Smart Rideet One black box

Rideet One app provides important data about bikes – performance analysis, maintenance information, safety functions, lean angle and tour management.

MUNICH, GERMANY, April 14, 2021 / — Start the new bike season safely with the smart assistant Rideet One

Rideet One provides all important data about motorbikes via app, such as performance analyses, maintenance information, safety functions, lean angle measurement and tour management. But the little assistant can do much more.

Ubstadt-Weiher/Germany, 14.04.2021 – Spring is getting closer and closer and the excitement around the motorcycle season is getting stronger and stronger. Many motorcycle fans are slowly getting down to work and getting their beloved bike out of hibernation. In the future, the small and smart black box from Rideet can help with this. Rideet One can be easily installed by the user and simply establishes a connection between the bike and the biker via app. Rideet One is now available online and will soon be available in stores. To meet the high demand before the start of the motorbike season, the company has once again increased its stock.

Small and smart
Rideet One gives bikers the ability to monitor and analyse their motorbike remotely. Simply connect it to the 12V battery, install the app, download data about the motorbike from the manufacturer's database and you're ready to go. Thanks to its IP69K protection class, Rideet can even withstand high-pressure cleaners. The assistant, developed and designed in Italy, is Amazon Alexa-compatible, so bikers can conveniently ask Alexa about the condition of the motorbike battery, the last ride or the next service appointment. Thanks to GPS, GLONASS and smart sensors, the maximum speed, acceleration and lean angle can be tracked. For sporty drivers, there is also a drag mode. This measures the acceleration times from 0-100km/h or 0-200 km/h.
The Rideet development team is constantly working on new features, which are rolled out via the app and firmware updates. The determination of the angle of inclination for wheelies/stoppies will also be implemented in the app in the future. In addition, bikers will be able to see their best 10 results from drag mode, share them with their friends and compare them.

Which oil fits my bike, which tyre pressure is the right one?
Rideet One gives its owners access to one of the world's most comprehensive databases of information, technical data and maintenance manuals for almost every bike from the past 40 years. Thanks to the Rideet app, users can see when their bike needs to be inspected and what work needs to be done. This eliminates the need to look up information in the manual. For example, information about tire pressure and tightening torque can be viewed in the app within seconds. In addition, the smart helper also provides detailed information on the oil type and the oil quantity, which significantly speeds up the work during winterization. All maintenance work can also be entered and viewed in a digital service log.

Trip management and safety
Of course, Rideet can record essential parameters such as speed and the duration of a ride. With the help of the integrated sensors, Rideet One records detailed telemetry data, which can then be viewed on the Rideet app. The intelligent AI-driven algorithm reliably detects whether an accident has occurred. When an accident is detected, Rideet One triggers an alarm to the driver, which must be actively responded to within one minute if it is a false report. If this does not happen, Rideet One sends an SMS to the emergency contacts preset by the biker and a notification to Rideet users located within a 10 km radius. The SMS contains all information about the current GPS position and preset medical information such as blood type and allergies. The emergency signal can be stopped by the biker at any time by pressing the button on the Rideet Key supplied.

Anti-theft protection
Thanks to the Rideet Key, which is ideally attached to the key ring, the assistant recognizes when the biker moves away from the motorbike. The system then starts the noiseless anti-theft system. If unauthorized persons move the motorbike or the power supply is interrupted, owners receive a notification on their smartphone. Rideet One then starts automatic live position streaming. Bikers can also create a "security geo-fence", which is handy for carports, underground garages and larger properties to avoid setting off false alarms. A pre-installed multi-carrier SIM card ensures a stable and secure connection in all networks worldwide. There is no data limit for users, the costs are only 4.90 € per month for worldwide roaming (country list available on request). The first year of connectivity is included with the purchase of Rideet One.

Price and availability
Rideet One is available at a RRP of EUR 249 (incl. VAT) including one year of connectivity (worldwide roaming) at The scope of delivery includes 1x Rideet One + 1 x Rideet Key, 1x branch connector, 2 cable ties and quick start guide.

At a glance:
Rideet One
• GSM + GPRS (always on)
• 9-axis High Resolution IMU
• IP69K protection class
• WiFi + Bluetooth
• MicroSD (eMMC ready)
• 3FF SIM (eSIM ready)
• Removable flat car fuse
• 12 V & earth cable with hook fork connectors,
alternative branch connectors included
• Works with Amazon Alexa

Rideet Key
• Bluetooth LE
• Button cell (6-7 months runtime)
• Control button
• Buzzer

Samet Simsek
Havana Orange GmbH
+49 89 921315170
email us here
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Rideet – The first smart assistant for motorcycles

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VetStem Biopharma Shares the Success Story of Bella who was Treated with VetStem Cell Therapy for Disc Disease

A vet tech holding a black and white pit bull while a veterinarian administers an intravenous injection of stem cells.

Bella receives an intravenous dose of VetStem Cell Therapy

Bella, a Pit Bull, was treated for Intervertebral Disc Disease with VetStem Cell Therapy by Dr. Nazar Pereymybida at Fort Lee Animal Clinic.

She’s now jumping on and off the bed and seems less painful and more energetic. ”

— Bella's Mom

POWAY, CALIFORNIA, US, April 14, 2021 / — Bella, a Pit Bull, was on pain medication for chronic intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) but experienced little relief. As a result of her pain, Bella stopped jumping on and off furniture and was restless and unable to sleep comfortably at night. Her owner, a veterinary technician, researched various treatment options and came across VetStem Cell Therapy.

Bella’s veterinarian, Dr. Nazar Pereymybida of Fort Lee Animal Clinic, agreed Bella may benefit from stem cell therapy. To begin the VetStem process, Dr. Pereymybida collected fat tissue from Bella’s abdomen in a minimally invasive anesthetic procedure. The fat was aseptically packaged and shipped to the VetStem laboratory in Poway, California. Once received, VetStem lab technicians processed the fat to extract and concentrate Bella’s stem and regenerative cells. Stem cell injections were prepared and shipped back to Dr. Pereymybida. Approximately 48 hours after the initial fat collection procedure, Bella received multiple injections of her own stem cells along her paraspinal muscles as well as intravenously.

Approximately two months after receiving VetStem Cell Therapy, Bella’s owner reported that her symptoms had improved! Though Bella was still on pain medications, her owner stated, “She’s now jumping on and off the bed and seems less painful and more energetic.” In addition, Bella was able to sleep comfortably through the entire night.

IVDD is a condition in which one or several intervertebral discs in the spine bulge, resulting in pressure on the spinal cord. This pressure may result in extreme pain and possibly loss of limb function. IVDD can be a result of chronic disc degeneration or from an acute injury. Conservative treatment with pain medications and anti-inflammatories may help patients who have a gradual onset of symptoms or whose symptoms are mild. In severe cases or when there are repeated episodes, surgery may be recommended.

Stem cells are regenerative cells that can differentiate into many tissue types, reduce pain and inflammation, help to restore range of motion, and stimulate regeneration of tendon, ligament, and joint tissues. VetStem Cell Therapy is most commonly used for the treatment of orthopedic conditions such as osteoarthritis and injured tendons or ligaments. Bella’s case was handled under VetStem’s clinical research program, as there is limited data to support the use of stem cell therapy for the treatment of IVDD. Since this condition develops for different reasons, the stem cell protocol and outcome can vary for each dog. Any inquiries regarding treatment of similar conditions or other non-standard indications should be directed to VetStem personnel.

About VetStem Biopharma, Inc.
VetStem Biopharma is a veterinarian-led Company that was formed in 2002 to bring regenerative medicine to the profession. This privately held biopharmaceutical enterprise, based near San Diego, California, currently offers veterinarians an autologous stem cell processing service (from patients’ own fat tissue) among other regenerative modalities. With a unique expertise acquired over the past 15 years and 17,000 treatments by veterinarians for joint, tendon or ligament issues, VetStem has made regenerative medicine applications a therapeutic reality. The VetStem team is focused on developing new clinically practical and affordable veterinary solutions that leverage the natural restorative abilities present in all living creatures. In addition to its own portfolio of patents, VetStem holds exclusive global veterinary licenses to a large portfolio of issued patents in the field of regenerative medicine.

Kristi Hauta
VetStem Biopharma
+1 858-748-2004
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AODocs Enhances Collaboration in the Cloud

Release 55 delivers advanced collaboration, customizations and automation capabilities to help Google Workspace customers achieve a more intuitive workflow

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 14, 2021 / — AODocs, the only business process and document management platform tightly integrated with Google Workspace, today announced the newest version of its platform, designed to provide customers with an enhanced experience and deeper collaboration capabilities. Release 55 of the AODocs platform introduces an extensive UI and UX refresh, enhanced automation capabilities and new opportunities to collaborate externally. The release advances document workflow in the cloud and bridges the gap between Google and non-Google users to improve collaboration with key partners and stakeholders outside of the organization in a safe, secure and compliant manner.

“Release 55 builds on the strengths of our platform – agility and ease of use – and improves both the experience of our end users and our citizen administrators,” said Stéphan Donzé, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AODocs. “After a year of tremendous growth, we continue to focus on our core mission, helping organizations manage their business-critical documents in the collaborative environment provided by Google Workspace.”

Improved capabilities include:
● Continued UI and UX enhancements: A rebuilt document view offers a sleeker, more streamlined interface, including revamped properties display and infinite scrolling.
● Collaboration with non-Google users: The Google Visitor Sharing feature makes it easier to safely share attachments with non-Google users for a streamlined, collaborative experience.
● New and improved low code options: Enhanced automation capabilities and an efficient interface allows users to build relevant forms that adapt to the user’s input and auto-generate predicted fields.
● Better sharing notification emails for administrators: The revamped template now includes a rebranded, mobile-friendly layout, as well as distinct notifications for file and folder sharing requests.

“AODocs 55 is one of the most feature-rich releases we have done in the recent history of our platform,” said Marine Desquilbet, Product Manager at AODocs. “We are very grateful for the many customers who participated in the beta programs of our low code features and mobile application. Their feedback has been instrumental in making this release and future improvements better.”

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About AODocs
AODocs is the only content services platform tightly integrated with Google Drive and Google Workspace’s collaborative, user experience-focused platform, allowing organizations in all industries to easily implement their business-critical processes, control their documents, and meet compliance requirements without burdening users. Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in San Francisco, Paris, and Milan, AODocs was founded in 2012 by software veterans with decades of experience at organizations including Exalead, Actelion, and Logica. Built to automate business workflows in full compliance with various regulations, AODocs’ patented content services platform is a Google Recommended Partner Solution for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). For more information, visit

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Source: EIN Presswire