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Have you seen or heard this statement before? Can you believe how many people fall for this type of marketing. Want to know the truth? Well read on!

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — “We’re better than most, and we get companies that coveted top-spot.” Really?

Do you, can you or should you believe digital marketing agencies or internet marketing consultants that promise they can get you “TOP placement” or “the number 1 Spot” for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertised search results on Google? How about that organic 1st spot, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

I get calls all the time from people asking our firm to review or give advice or match an offer when a vendor has promised these top placement guarantees. We also get calls when people want to switch vendors because they are not getting promised results, and also from people wanting to switch because they did not understand what was said to them and aren’t getting expected results.

Why do people believe this type of statements?

Normally I tell everyone to hang up the phone on salespeople making outlandish guarantees like those above. However, tonight as I write on the subject, I am rethinking my standard position and my reaction to these aggressive pitches.
So, I stopped writing and devoted some serious brain power to the subject. Then I started using Bing and Google to validate or disprove what I have always believed.

Have I heard this before?

I decided to think of businesses that couldn’t or wouldn’t employ PPC advertising. I started out feeling positive that I could find a few rather easily. I tried “Forensic Dentist Philadelphia.” Nope, there were two paid advertisers. Interestingly on the forensic dentist search, the organic section showed the City of Philadelphia in the 1st and 2nd positions. Proving many SEO best practices at work. (A discussion for a future post.)

I searched on Google using the keyword “cat walker Philadelphia.” Then I tried another “best brownies Philadelphia.” I wanted three examples, so I searched “Medical Marijuana Philadelphia.” I also tested these on Bing just to validate my conclusions. Finally, I used variations like “near me” There were no businesses advertising these services, using these searches on either engine.

I Was Wrong!

If you are selling any of these products today, and you want to advertise them on Google or Bing; I could promise that I can get you the 1st paid advertised position on both search engines using these keywords. I could further tell you that I could accomplish this within 1 or 2 days.

However, can I guarantee that nobody would come along and take the top spot? Yes, if I am lucky! No, if I am honest!

Unfortunately, most cats do not like being walked, and I think most people wouldn’t pay for that service. Most people don’t need a dentist that works on dead folks. Medical Marijuana is not available for sale, yet, in Philadelphia.
So, I do not see too much potential for this business right now. The brownie business would be a good place for a smaller business to at least checkout.

However, Was I Wrong?

After thinking I would be correct, I found that technically I was wrong!

A promise can be made, but you had better dig deeper into what will be delivered. As I write this blog, I can assure that if you want to advertise your medical marijuana business in Philly, on Google and or Bing, I can be almost 100% guarantee that I can deliver.

Unfortunately, the brownies are another story; another brownie business could be having a campaign set up as we speak. If that is the case, the budget, daily spend, geographic settings and all of the other aspects of Google AdWords come into play.

If we were just talking about organic listings and SEO, the forensic dentist Philadelphia search would yield results showing The City of Philadelphia coming up first and second, which proves that promises and guarantees about positioning are at best misleading and at worst fraudulent!

How much content do you need to post and with how many keywords do you need to beat the medical director for the city? How many backlinks would you need to beat this referral source? Why it certainly can be done, but how long and what type of budget would you need to hit the top spot effectively?

Very few fields change quite as quickly as digital marketing. All it takes is one tweak to a search engine’s algorithm or a slow shift in preference regarding social media platforms and the entire industry switches up tactics.
Thus, the thinking around it and the sales strategy for it has to change, too.

If what you are hearing is something you heard a few years ago, it is past its sell-by date.
You should be presented with new ideas, interesting techniques, and unfamiliar thinking. You as agency, consultant or digital marketing professional should know better than to make promises just to get a client. When you cannot deliver will you keep that client? Do you think making false or empty promises helps the image of the industry?

The Conclusion

When buying services or expensive items for your business, take heed!

Over the years, I have learned to ask deep, delving questions. While I believe people on their face, I also know that if they have a financial interest or gain, they could exaggerate (lie, tell untruths) or whatever just to get the business.

A great man once said “trust but verify.” Do your due-diligence and ask questions when people make outlandish claims. Don’t let liars, cheaters and losers beat you and take your money. It isn’t just money; it is your time, energy and well-being! Remember, Karma does not really help you. However, it can make you feel better!

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