Oak Ridge National Laboratory Interview Released on UAV Market’s Developments

New interview released with Tech Director of Oak Ridge Natl. Lab., Dr Peter Fuhr, ahead of his talk at the 2nd UAV Technology Central&Eastern Europe conference

I foresee a continuation of current policies, that in a tiered layering of the use of the vertical air space, the military use takes precedence.

— Dr Peter Fuhr- Oak Ridge National Laboratory

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, July 3, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — SMi Group have released an interview with Dr Peter Fuhr, Tech Director UAS Research Centre at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ahead of his talk at the 2nd UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe conference in Prague on 27 and 28th September 2017.

At the conference, Dr Peter Fuhr will discuss the latest research outcome for fire resisting drone and examine how 3D printing can revolutionise the UAV sector. He will also explore the benefits gained from enhance cooperation between the armed forces and R&D institution.

In the run up to the conference, SMi spoke to Dr Peter Fuhr about his work and developments in the UAV market.

What are the major trends and developments in the UAV market and how has this impacted your programme and project?

Within the last 18 months there has been a dynamic change in the vendors providing “commercial-off-the-shelf” (COTS) UAVs. Certainly, the sophistication of inexpensive flight controllers with increasingly simplified UX interfaces is a notable advance, but in many instances, that is a programming improvement versus a fundamental advancement in the UAV hardware. Within the electric sector, the utilities continue to be investigating if it is best to own and operate UAVs themselves, or should they contract services. The changes to the U.S. legality of UAV operation has significantly increased the number of available providers – a point that is still accelerating.

Can the boundaries between military and civil UAV be sustained?

I foresee a continuation of current policies, that in a tiered layering of the use of the vertical air space, the military use takes precedence.

What are the key areas that should be prioritised for UAV capability development?

Treating the UAV as a sensor platform rather than a “flying camera” provides immediate guidance to capability development. This is a central theme for the UAVs themselves and factors directly into applications within which the “flying sensor platforms” can be used.

What can we learn from the commercial UAVs?

Primarily that the hype associated with this (supposedly new) technology has quickly faded into reality with the number of commercial UAV vendors substantially reduced. Meanwhile, the private sector is rapidly adopting academic activities in the area of coordinated flight of multiple UAVs. This activity has great promise for inexpensive collaborative sensing of multi-disciplinary application areas from precision agriculture to post-disaster rescue and recovery.

The full interview is available to read in the event download centre http://www.uav-technology.org/ein

Other notable presenters include: Bundeswehr, Canadian Army, Croatian Ministry of Defence, Czech Armed Forces, Czech University of Defence, Estonian MoD, Formion SA, Hellenic Army General Staff, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Latvian MoD, Lockheed Martin Canada CDL Systems, Macedonian Army, Ministry of Transport Czech Republic, NSPA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, PA Consulting, Slovenian MoD, Swedish Defence University, US Army Europe and much more…

In addition, the conference also features an exclusive pre-conference workshop on “Proposal of UAS Training Programs for Territorial Defence Forces” hosted by Justyna Zdanowska, President, GEO-UAV taking place on the 26th September 2017.

The workshop provides an overview of activities concerning market development of emerging new types of trainings for UAS operators in Poland. It includes proposals, actions that have already been taken and tendencies related to both trainings and technology that might be possibly involved in the development of UAS trainings for units of Defence Forces.

Further information is available at online at: http://www.uav-technology.org/ein

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27th-28th September 2017
Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic
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ImpactGuru.com empowers doctors to save more lives while commemorating National Doctors’ Day

‘Doctors for Good’ Program, an educational campaign will spread awareness
about the benefits of crowdfunding in medical treatments

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 1, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — ImpactGuru.com, India’s #1 crowdfunding platform has announced the launch of a new initiative called the, ‘Doctors For Good’ Program on 1st July, marking National Doctors’ Day. As a part of this program, Impact Guru will honour the role of doctors in our community, whose daily efforts save the lives of millions of people struggling with illnesses, diseases and injuries.

The initiative coined by ImpactGuru.com will educate doctors regarding the benefits of crowdfunding for patients who require funds to treat serious illnesses, diseases or injuries like cancer, organ failure, etc. Surgeries coupled with post-surgical care and treatments, have resulted in many families incurring costs of over tens of lakhs of rupees. Patients and their families have traditionally resorted to taking loans or borrowed the funds required at high interest rates from private lenders or family. With the introduction of crowdfunding platforms, many families have been able to successfully raise suffient funds for such medical treatments.

With this initiative, ImpactGuru.com invites doctors, hospitals, and clinicians as they conduct training sessions in the form of webinars or workshops. These workshops will educate them about how crowdfunding can help patients access and afford quality and reliable medical services from trusted practitioners. The ‘Doctors For Good’ Program, will also help provide quick financial assistance to anyone with a medical cause. This program aims to help thousands of lesser privileged patients, access proper and quality treatment without being burdened by the expenses through the enrolled doctors.

Additionally, the doctors that volunteer for this program will also help verify cases and medical reports, as they impact thousands of lives with their practice by examining patients and cases by conducting clinical evaluations. They will impart medical advice to campaigners raising funds through ImpactGuru.com, while sharing their expert opinions on various medical topics via the platform’s website and other communication channels.

Speaking about the program, Piyush Jain,Co-Founder and CEO of ImpactGuru.com said, “Over the past six months we have seen a surge in medical fundraisers. In the last two months itself, we were able to raise around 75 lakhs for many patients on our platform. Most campaigners are not aware of their potential to raise funds to help treat their family members and friends. They approach us with low expectations and are left overwhelmed by the massive response they receive. Through this initiative, we want to multiply the impact by involving more doctors to help us reach more patients and save more lives. We understand running a fundraiser while taking care of an ill family member is not easy, which is why we have a fully equipped team that provides 24×7 support to each campaigner, and we wish to render these services for those in need.”

Some Successful Medical Campaigns:
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