How is the GYM Rewards Cryptocurrency Planning to take over the Health Industry

 GYM Rewards is a Miami, Florida full cryptocurrency and blockchain solution that allows people to get paid for exercising.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2018 / — GYM Rewards is a full cryptocurrency and blockchain solution that allows people to get paid for exercising. This week just before their March 1st ICO launch, they have announced the inclusion of a cryptocurrency exchange as part of their services to support trades among the participating gymnasiums and partners, their customers and the general public.

There have been many ICO launches in the past months, many of them not able to succeed in delivering their products. Some of them because they never planned to, because they lack of the expertise, or because their product lacked of the support of exchanges and other much needed services.

The Solution
In order to build the GYM Rewards ecosystem, is not enough to build a blockchain and a mobile app. In order to have success, GYM Rewards needs to have key partnerships that will bring value to their customers and these key partnerships needs a way to monetize their efforts. For this reason GYM Rewards have added to their solution a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange where customers and partners will be able to exchange GYM Tokens for Ethereum and/or Bitcoins. This move removes the risk of leaving its customers and partners with useless tokens. “Our Goal is to build a solution that does not depend on other services like third party exchanges for its success.” Says Milian. “There are many cryptocurrencies struggling for market acceptance, we will not take that chance” he added.

The GYM Rewards solution include the following:

A new Proof of Work Blockchain inspired by Ethereum with near to zero fees and free contracts creation.
A Mobile and iWatch app that allows people to mine the blockchain while exercising.
Key Partnerships with leading gymnasiums and sporting events. These partnerships includes gymnasiums at the current time, but they also target insurance companies to negotiate the terms for them accepting GYM Tokens as payments or discounts.
A Cryptocurrency exchange to trade GYM Tokens between ETH and BTC. This is a key component for the GYM Rewards ecosystem. The GYM Rewards Cryptocurrency Exchange will be ready at the same time the ICO Ends in May 15th.
A great community that is growing very fast. The GYM Rewards Telegram Group has one of the largest communities in Telegram. Telegram has turned into an essential component of ICO success.
It is fair to say that GYM Rewards is making sure that they cover all its bases before launching their products. GYM Rewards is expected release it’s products this coming summer.

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Source: EIN Presswire