Up to 8 Colors and CMYK Custom Printed Balloons Are Now Available at CSA Balloons

Custom Balloon Printing

The balloon printing giant is now offering an even more precise printing technique by printing in CMYK, with a combination of up to 8 separate inks.

We want our customers’ logos to be reproduced flawlessly on balloons. And we’re doing it! Our customers are very pleased with the outcome”

— Csaba Laviolette, CSA Balloons President and Founder

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC, CANADA, February 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Businesses Want Better, More Vibrant Images

And CSA Balloons is ready to offer the best custom balloon printing options in North-America! The balloon printer is one of the few custom balloon printers that specializes in 8-color printing. Using the base CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) technique, the 8-color printing process adds 4 additional light colors to the plate. By using 8 color printing, more printed dots are generated, therefore creating a higher resolution and finer images. In other words, this process of adding ink colors, creates vivid, crisp, and life-like images.

Added Accurate Printing for Custom Logo Balloons

With this advanced printing process, CSA Balloons not only presents the opportunity for enhanced image quality, but also the possibility to match very specific colors that can be difficult to reproduce with less sophisticated techniques. Precise color matching is especially important when reproducing a specific company logo. “We want our customers’ logos to be reproduced flawlessly on balloons. And we’re doing it! Our customers are very pleased with the outcome”, mentions Csaba Laviolette, CSA Balloons President and Founder.

Promotional Products That Can Better Represent A Brand

Promotional products that incite positive reactions in prospective customers are the better choice when showcasing a brand. Custom printed balloons are therefore a top-choice promotional item. Balloons incite feelings of enchantment and delight in folks of all ages.

Some of the most successful companies have chosen CSA Balloons to create custom logo balloons that reflect their business standards and brand. This is because they can reproduce even the most intricate images on superior quality balloons. Companies trust CSA because their custom balloons are indicative of quality and perfection; merits that any business wants to be associated with.

The Highest Quality Standards

The folks at CSA Balloons are renown for their great customer service and fast delivery throughout Canada and the United States. Their products are considered the best in the business, offering only 100% natural latex balloons and 100% recyclable Mylar balloons. They offer high-quality products at an affordable price, and their print quality is, as we’ve seen, by far the best in the business.

About CSA Balloons:

For more than fifteen years, CSA Balloons has been a leader in custom balloon printing. With offices in Canada and the USA, they supply personalized balloons to clients throughout North-America. Their dedicated staff will help any business, association, or party planner create the perfect custom balloons for any event. Renowned for their impeccable print quality, fast delivery, and outstanding customer service, they are the top-choice balloon printers for businesses big and small.

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