Leading UVI Stretch Wrap Supplier B2B Industrial Packaging Announces Complete Line of Sun-Protecting Product

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake

B2B Industrial Packaging

Leading UVI stretch wrap supplier B2B Industrial Packaging just announced the availability of a full range of ultra violet inhibiting (UVI) stretch film.

While these films are ideal for geographic areas where the sun is intense, they make sense wherever products are stored outdoors for long periods.”

— B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake

ADDISON, ILL., UNITED STATES, August 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leading UVI stretch wrap supplier B2B Industrial Packaging just announced the availability of a full range of ultra violet inhibiting (UVI) stretch film. These films resist UV damage that ordinarily occurs when standard stretch film is exposed to sunlight. They are ideal for products that are typically stored in outdoor yards for extended periods—which experts define as longer than 60 days–but can vary depending on the intensity of conditions.

When exposed to direct sunlight, all untreated plastics degrade quickly. When this happens, the film starts to yellow, becomes chalky and eventually breaks down completely. More important than cosmetics, UV exposure weakens the film, causing it to crack.

While sunlight is the primary source of UV light, it isn’t the only source. Other culprits are fluorescent lighting and UV-curing appliances such as medical devices and high intensity lamps.

The ultra-violet stabilizer additive protects the stretch film from photo degradation while maintaining strength and load integrity during outdoor exposure. These stabilizers can potentially double the resistance to degradation—providing up to a year of continuous outdoor protection.

Not only does UVI film protect the product itself; it protects packaging by providing fade resistance. Also, if the UVI film is opaque, it deters pilferage by concealing the pallet contents.

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake said, “While these films are ideal for geographic areas where the sun is intense, they make sense wherever products are stored outdoors for long periods. One of the many value adds we offer our clients is the expertise of our packaging specialists. They are well-equipped to provide advice on the best type of UVI stretch film for the application.”

Servicing more than 6,000 active clients, B2B Industrial Packaging sells a full range of packaging equipment and supplies including steel strapping, stretch film, and fasteners to clients throughout the U.S. and Mexico. B2B Industrial Packaging is unique in that it also operates three state-of-the-art strapping and fastener tool repair facilities in Addison, Ill.; Eugene, Ore., and Sacramento, Calif that service the entire U.S. Headquarters are in Addison, Ill. with additional locations in Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Oakland, Calif.; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Eugene, Ore.; and Seattle. To contact B2B Industrial Packaging, call 1-877-222-5747, email Caitlin Montgomery at cmontgomery@b2bind.com, or visit www.B2BInd.com.


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Himalaya Capital Exchange & Symphony ICOs kick off Europe Roadshow in London, Paris, Zurich, Berlin Aug 2018

Himalaya Capital Exchange revolutionising the securities industry

Himalaya Capital Exchange – The Next Generation Borderless Stock Exchange that runs on Smart Contracts

Unstoppable Capital Europe Roadshow August 2018

HCX & Symphony ICOs Roadshow. Don’t miss the free token drop!

Himalaya Capital Exchange (HCX) kicks off Token Storm Europe Roadshow – London, Paris, Zurich, Berlin August 2018 with Symphony ICO

Capital flows along the path of least resistance, like water. HCX is creating a new paradigm for capital markets, democratising and making the process frictionless, removing intermediaries and fees.”

— John Puttick, CSO

LONDON , LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Himalaya Capital Exchange (HCX) and Symphony are revolutionary Blockchain projects that are poised to occupy pioneering positions in the crypto economy, and the ICOs are hosting meetings and presentations in Europe during 13 August to 20 August, to meet crypto enthusiasts, crypto funds, influencers, asset management and capital markets professionals across the European & MENA hubs:
London – 13 August 6-9pm – Rise London, 41 Luke Street
Paris – 16 August 12-5pm – Sofitel Arc Du Triomphe
Zurich – 17 August 12-6pm – St Gotthard Hotel, Bahnofstrasse
Berlin – 20 August 6-9pm – Impact hub, Friedrichestrasse
Dubai – 27 August 9-6pm – Ramada Plaza Jumeirah 

RSVP to events here http://fintechstorm.eventbrite.com 
To get an invitation to private presentations, please email arifa@himalayalabs.com

About Symphony Protocol:
Symphony Protocol is a next-generation, blockchain based protocol to empower a data-driven economy.  It is an infrastructure layer project, which will form the basis of an ecosystem of decentralized applications that focus on data intelligence, and creating an asset class for personal data.  Symphony token sale is in the cornerstone & private sale stage.  Currently, Symphony is backed by BMG Fund and others.

About HCX (Himalaya Capital Exchange): A Security Token Issuance Platform

Himalaya Capital Exchange is a project aimed at creating a tokenised platform for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on a global, borderless, stock exchange. The Platform As a Service eco-system would offer an alternative to investment banks that are currently mandated to lead-manage IPOs, and give corporates, governments, and other entities raising public capital a less costly, and more democratic option with instant access to global investors. We are giving entrepreneurs everywhere the chance to create their own shares and bonds, and raise money within minutes from across the world frictionlessly. The platform would run on smart contract algorithms and at a later point make use of Machine Learning and AI in matching and creating a marketplace. This will be a first of its kind securities marketplace governed by token holders. Currently HCX is backed by John Puttick (Chairman of GBST), Arun Sharma (Vice Chancellor at Queensland University), Leanne Kemp (CEO of Everledger), Ghanshyam Dass (ex Director of NASDAQ & Board Member of KPMG), Mario Pazos (Pazos Law, USA) and others. Currently in private token sale before launching the public pre sale of tokens in Oct18.

White Paper: http://wolfgangflatow.com/himalaya

Arifa Khan, CEO, is a crypto pioneer who authored the first ever Concept Paper on decentralising capital markets (June 2017) before security tokens were invented. She later architected a platform ecosystem for capital markets participants in her revolutionary white paper published and presented to Nick Szabo on 25 May 2018. She founded HCX in 2017- a decentralized stock exchange that runs trustlessly on smart contracts – to bring that vision to reality and travelled the world for a full year to educate non crypto savvy people in remote corners on the benefits of self-issuing security tokens. HCX is the first-of-its-kind disruption which automates the role of investment banks, and empowers entrepreneurs around the world to issue their own security tokens. Arifa Khan is India Partner of the Ethereum Foundation and leads Ethereum’s community development efforts in India & Middle East. She has an MBA from Wharton School of Business, and a B.Tech from IIT Madras. She is a sought after international public speaker and has given keynote speeches at several global forums such as Crypto Investor Show London, Bengaluru Tech Summit, D10e Davos, Ethereum India Summit, Blockchain UA Kiev, Blockchain & ICO Summit Istanbul, Hybrid Block Macau Summit, Himalaya Crypto Summit 2018. She is listed among Top 100 fintech influencers by Lattice80.

Token Storm, part of Zero Field Labs – a Blockchain play – aims to create the foundations of a new token economy ecosystem which will bring together the world’s leading Blockchain startups along with key players in the crypto landscape spanning investors, innovators, developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

Token Storm provides global ICOs a platform to build community outreach in a global roadshow to create opportunities for education, on-boarding of users, and collaboration in the Blockchain ecosystem.

“Given the unprecedented growth of the Blockchain industry, Token Storm provides a ready marketing platform for ICOs, and for anyone to participate in the exciting crypto economy, earn free token airdrops, meet founders face to face, ask questions and learn about disruptions coming their way. We welcome ICOs to leverage our immense network and outreach and economies of scale in community building” said Arifa Khan, who is leading Token Storm Global Roadshow 2018. Previous ICO showcases have attracted thousands of participants and have featured the world’s most passionate crypto enthusiasts and prominent experts, and covered more than 10 countries in megapolis such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, London, Dubai, Istanbul, Kiev, Paris, Chennai.

The Asia Tour Sep 2018 kicks off with Bangkok 29 Aug, visits Kualalumpur, Shenzhen, HongKong 5 Sep, Shanghai 12 Sep, Seoul 14 Sep, Tokyo 16 Sep, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore 20 Sep, and ends in London 26 Sep. In each city, Token Storm will facilitate ICOs engaging with Blockchain and Crypto community, and potential investors.

"We are delighted to participate in Token Storm events. With their global reach and network, Blockchain expertise and track record, Token Storm is the ideal venue for global disruptive ICOs to connect with investors and the public alike, to showcase their venture across the world, and to build a user community. Arifa Khan has been a
pioneering eco system builder since blockchain’s early days. Her network and access in the crypto economy is phenomenal and one can only aspire to experience the richness of insights and the connections Token Storm have with the crypto innovators across the globe” says Mario Pazos, Blockchain Angel Investor and an early backer of HCX ICO.

Token Storm meetups at global financial hubs of the world represent a unique opportunity for tech enthusiasts, investors, developers and the local community to participate in Blockchain projects and witness first-hand the ICOs bringing a paradigm shift to various industries.

Arifa Khan
Himalaya Labs Pvt Ltd
email us here

Join HCX ICO Global Roadshow – Token Storm visits 15 countries in Europe & Asia in 30 days

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ENPICOM Releases Immune Repertoire Sequencing Analysis Platform to Personalize Immunotherapies

ImmunoGenomiX GUI

IGX graphical user interface

immuosequencing benchmarking

IGX benchmarking results

Dutch bioinformatics software engineering company finalizes development and releases the first version of their ImmunoGenomiX platform

These results are very comforting, as highly accurate clonality analysis is the stepping stone towards successful application of this technology in the clinic at later stage”

— Dr. Nicola Bonzanni, CSO

'S-HERTOGENBOSCH, NETHERLANDS, August 1, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today ENPICOM announced that they have finalized development and released the first version of their ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) platform to support the development, patient stratification and treatment monitoring of immunotherapies.

The adaptive immune system, also known as the acquired immune system, is a subsystem of the overall immune system that is composed of T and B lymphocytes, which eliminate pathogens or prevent their growth. Moreover, the clinical relevance of T cells in the control of different human cancers and autoimmune diseases is beyond doubt. Immunotherapies that boost the ability of T cells to destroy cancer cells have proven therapeutic efficacy in a variety of human malignancies.

ENPICOM develops a T cell and B cell receptor (TCR/BCR) repertoire immunosequencing data analysis solution. This IGX platform will be modularly expanded to become a comprehensive end-to-end immunosequencing data analysis platform designed to analyze, monitor, and compare the immune repertoires in the context of immunotherapy development and at all stages of treatment and disease over time. Starting from high-throughput sequencing data, it will deliver an easy-to-read report depending on the specific application, be it research, diagnosis, patient stratification, or treatment monitoring. The IGX platform will allow customers to use their own sample preparation protocols and the next-generation sequencing technology of choice. It requires no programming skills as the interface is intuitive and flexible.

The first version is available as of today and consists of the base module, IGX Explore, to analyze TCR repertoires from raw sequencing data, report back the number of individual TCR clones and interactively visualize them in a user-friendly way. With IGX Explore (TCR) immunotherapy companies can boost their target discovery, research and drug development processes. In case they need TCR repertoire analysis for a specific application or results visualized in a different way, ENPICOM can custom-build it.

Using a recently published and independent benchmark, ENPICOM showed that IGX Explore offers superior accuracy. The independent benchmark was published in a recent paper by Afzal et al., in which the authors benchmarked ten state-of-the-art TCR repertoire analysis tools. More information about this benchmark study can be found at the company’s website.

Dr. Nicola Bonzanni, Chief Scientific Officer, explains: “An important step in repertoire analysis is the correction of sequencing errors. If sequencing errors were left uncorrected, the richness of a sample would be vastly overestimated; correcting too many errors would lead to under-estimating richness. A critical challenge in immune repertoire analysis is to correct the sequencing errors in the data without losing repertoire-specific information in the process. IGX Explore uses an Adaptive Error Correction algorithm that learns sample-specific mutation rates from the data. By using sample-specific error estimations, erroneous sequences can then be corrected to provide accurate clone sequences, sizes, and frequencies” and adds “These results are very comforting, as highly accurate clonality analysis is the stepping stone towards successful application of this technology in the clinic at later stage”.

Jos Lunenberg
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