Global Spatial Augmented Reality Market: Information, Figures and Analytics insights 2018 – 2023 to Catalyze Growth

Global spatial augmented reality market has been paid immense attention as next procreation of digital constituents in media art and Human-Computer Interaction.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 14, 2018 / — The global spatial augmented reality market has been paid immense attention as the next procreation of digital constituents in media art and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Spatial augmented reality is used in various fields including industries, medical care, education, entertainment and mobile applications. Companies adopting innovation to design any product, has been the factor that is helping this market’s existence.
Contrarily, the spatial augmented reality market has many challenges in spite of having its advanced applications. One of the major challenges is educating the broader market. This market has consumers who are not exposed to this and don’t know its wide-reaching applications in their daily routine. Although techies, gamers, designers find it interesting, but the market has failed to attract everyday customers. Apart from all these challenges, lack of computer vision and additional intelligence in the field of 3D visualization among consumers as well as investors are hindering the growth of this market.

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There are also certain constraints that restrict the spatial augmented reality in its appearance, such as room lighting which effects the details of the gradients of the model with too much diffusive light. Sometimes the model also results in uneven correspondence between the virtual and physical objects. These constraints may sometimes create a barrier in experiencing the augmented reality of space.
Setting apart all these obstacles, factors like higher penetration, popularity of spatial augmented reality among tech savvy residents and high amount of expenditures on the entertainment industry are driving the spatial augmented reality market. Also, the growing demand for 3D visualization techniques to present any design in the environment is acting as a key driver fuelling the growth of the spatial augmented reality market.

3D visualization is an excellent area of growth for spatial augmented reality. It solves many problems such as information visualization, visual analytics and scientific visualization. There is also an anticipation for spatial augmented reality to be deployed in sync with the traditional presentation techniques, to offer a backup method of navigating through the volume of 3D data to maintain the global context.
Considering the power of technology in optimizing the usage of resources, spatial augmented reality technology also helps in saving time as well as money, by not using a physical object in its design and by allowing the designer’s intention and the customers’ preferences reflect in the design. The mode of product created with technology can also be projected on an actual environment, so that clients can experience the real time feel of the design.

It is also expected that in future, environmental lighting and comprehension will be performed based on this information to create more realistic scenes for the clients. The R & D activities in spatial augmented reality market are also expected to increase the augmentation sensation through visual enhancements. The market will also create wide range of opportunities for its expansion in terms of growth, profitability and revenue. The opportunities will mainly comprise in industries such as construction, education, and medical industry.

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Spatial Augmented Reality Market report is segmented as indicated below:
1. Spatial Augmented Reality Market– By Display
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Projection
1.2.1. Surround Screen
1.2.2. Panoramic
1.3. Desktop Configuration
1.3.1. Embedded Screen
1.3.2. Wall
1.3.3. Diagonal Screen
1.3.4. Transparent Screen

2. Spatial Augmented Reality Market– By Application
2.1. Aerospace
2.2. Automotive
2.3. Business
2.4. Art & Entertainment
2.4.1. Movie
2.4.2. Live Event
2.5. Others

3. Spatial Augmented Reality Market – By Market Entropy
4. Spatial Augmented Reality Market – By Geography

Companies Cited/Interviewed/Referenced
Apple Inc.
Topcon Corporation
Intermap Technologies
Autodesk Inc
Cybercity 3D
Mitsubishi Electric
Company 20+

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