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Voicebots are enhancing the customer support experience by removing the friction of picking up phone, logging in to an app and typing a message.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, September 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Voicebots are program developed with the help of machine learning and natural language processing, which enable human like conversations to complete day-to-day task. Voicebots are enhancing the customer support experience by removing the friction of picking up phone, logging in to an app and typing a message. Some examples of Voicebots are smart TV, smart speaker, smart phone, personal digital assistant and customer support.
As customers’ expectations are increasing, organizations are investing huge time and money to improve customer experience. Various e-commerce, banking and healthcare companies are introducing voicebots for daily tasks, such as after-sale customer support. The voicebot market is majorly divided among Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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According to the global smart speaker market records, during the first quarter of year 2018 Amazon hold 43.6% market share down from 81.8% and Google hold 26.5% up from 12.4% compared to year 2017.
Amazon Echo is a smart speaker powered by Alexa voicebot and its biggest competitor is Google Home developed by Google. Both the speakers have appealing design and are available in different color options.Echo supports an unlimited number of users by auto switching to accounts, whereas Google Home can support only six users. Amazon’s music streaming services for Echo are cheaper as compared to Google’s music streaming services. Google Home can stream from phone via Bluetooth or Chromecast, whereas Echo doesn’t support Chromecast. Furthermore, Google Home has the option to block explicit music while Echo doesn’t have such option. However both provide latest news, sports and weather information. Google Home has better answering ability compared to Echo.

Another popular voicebot, Cortana is a personal virtual assistant developed by Microsoft for windows 10, windows mobile, Xbox etc. It is great for storing reminders such as location based reminder, time based reminder, photo based reminder. Siri is giving tough competition to Cortana. Siri is also a virtual assistant developed by Apple for iOS, Mac etc. It uses advance machine learning and can perform various tasks, such as making recommendations, performing phone actions, store reminders etc.

Cortana performs better than Siri while checking flight status and making recommendations. However Siri has a better understanding of composing message, for example Siri will type “comma” as “,” whereas Cortana will type “comma “only. Both are good to store appointments, but with Cortana users need to manually remove the detail once it’s done. Siri will remove the details automatically.

In comparison to chatbots, voicebots are gaining more popularity. With chatbots, the mode of communication is text, whereas voicebots need command through speech which is natural and convenient for users. Furthermore text conversations with chatbots lack human emotion, context, urgency and clarity. However voicebots are fast, precise and provide trustworthy solutions. Voicebots are the future of customer interaction. Some of the popular voicebots are Alexa, Siri and Cortana.

Companies valuing customer satisfaction will find a way to blend digital interactions with voice and will stay ahead of competition. For example, Amazon is working to introduce mix of voice-powered automation and human interaction. Its cloud based software will use natural language processing and speech recognition to improve caller experience. Voicebots are changing the way people used to communicate with digital assistants. It has the potential to transform the communication business.

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Voicebots market report is segmented as indicated below:
1. Voicebots Market – By Technology
1.1. Machine Learning
1.2. Natural Language Processing
1.3. Others
2. Voicebots Market – By End User
2.1. Consumers
2.2. Businesses

3. Voicebots Market – By Type of Market
3.1. Offline
3.2. Online
3.3. In House

4. Voicebots Market – By Platforms
4.1. Apple’s Siri
4.2. Amazon Alexa
4.3. Google Home
4.4. Microsoft cortana
4.5. Others

5. Voicebots Market – By Functions
5.1. Smart Speakers
5.2. Smart TV
5.3. Smart Phone
5.4. Personal digital Assistants
5.5. Customer Support
5.6. Others

6. Voicebots Market – By Market entropy
7. Voicebots Market – By Geography

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