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Cloud Robotics, V2X, and Mixed Reality supported by 5G Infrastructure and Vo5G Market

The 5G Infrastructure and Vo5G Market is the Foundation for Next Generation Apps and Services”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — Aided by Mobile Edge Computing and other supporting technologies, the fifth generation (5G) of cellular will usher into existence a robust framework for enhanced mobile services, massive Internet of Things networks, and support of mission critical communications for latency-sensitive apps and services.

Wireless networks will need to evolve to support certain applications and services that are much more data-intensive than others, meaning they are characterized as requiring high bandwidth, generate a substantial amount of operational data, and are more latency sensitive than other apps and services. Examples include robotics, connected automobiles (including and especially self-driving cars), unmanned aerial vehicles, and virtual reality.

This evolution will be enabled by a few key capabilities including improved spectrum management and Radio Frequency (RF) equipment, albeit at the expense of a massive Radio Access Network (RAN) build-out required due to RF propagation issues with 5G New Radio (NR). This RAN expansion will take wireless network density to a whole new level. There will be many antennas found in many places as a requirement for 5G NR. This massive network build-out is required for many purposes including back-haul, front-haul, and 5G as an ISP and WiFi alternative. Ultra-dense, 5G enabled cellular networks will also provide critical support for new and enhanced apps as well as Voice over 5G (Vo5G).

Mind Commerce predictions for data-intensive apps and services supported by Vo5G include:

(1) Tele-robotics and Cloud Robotics will reach $16.1 billion globally by 2023
(2) Virtual Reality will realize global revenue growth at 55% CAGR from 2018 to 2023
(3) Mixed Reality for hardware, software, and services will reach $65.8 billion by 2023
(4) Vehicle to Everything (V2X) will grow globally at 17.4% CAGR, reaching $62.7 billion by 2023

During the course of its Vo5G market research, Mind Commerce identified the ongoing role and importance of voice in next generation communications, applications, and services. One of the troubling findings for legacy carriers is the value of voice as a stand-alone service is rapidly approaching a floor. It is not going to zero value, but the new level for carriers means relentless revenue erosion, which is a big problem despite improved margins due to improved CSP network efficiencies.

However, voice will have great value in a post-5G future, but not necessarily how one might think. Voice will continue to be very important for certain functions, such as speech control of robotics (e.g. tele-robotics) via Teleoperation technologies and solutions.

Indeed, voice will continue to be important as a means of communications via Vo5G, but in a diminished role for person-to-person communications. Instead, voice will supplement next generation user interfaces, such as Haptic Internet, for many latency-sensitive and data-intensive applications such as the Cloud Robotics market.

Mind Commerce sees 5G being relied upon for major metropolitan hubs and transportation arteries. This is will be very important for certain apps and services such as the V2X market, which is anticipated to grow globally at 17.4% CAGR from 2018 to 2023, reaching $62.7B USD by 2023. This will only be realized if capacity is available when and where needed, hence the need for continued evolution of LTE and wise prioritization of 5G.

Mind Commerce sees the global Mixed Reality market for Hardware, Software, and Services reaching $65.8B USD by 2023. In terms of the Virtual Reality market , Mind Commerce sees global VR revenue growing at CAGR of nearly 55% from 2018 to 2023 with more than 50% of new VR investments dedicated toward development of apps to solve industry-specific problems.

Voice over 5G (Vo5G) Market: 5G Voice support for Smart Phones, Wearable Technology, IoT, Virtual reality, Robotics, and Teleoperation 2018 – 2023 evaluates the Vo5G market including companies, technologies, strategies, and solutions. The report assesses the market potential and outlook for many Vo5G supported and enables applications and services including enhancements to existing solutions as well as completely new user experiences and use case scenarios. The report also evaluates how 5G will support various next generation immersive apps and services such as Virtual Reality and Cloud Robotics.

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