Pulsar Venture Capital conducted a Silicon Valley BootCamp for startups in Silicon Valley

Pulsar VC and Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted a Silicon Valley BootCamp for startups in Silicon Valley at the end of October.

KAZAN, RUSSIA, November 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pulsar Venture Capital and Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted a Silicon Valley BootCamp for startups in Silicon Valley at the end of October. The program for the companies included participating in international conference for venture capital investors Global Technology Symposium (GTS), visiting leading US universities and headquarters of Facebook and Google, meetings with investors and potential partners, as well as networking in leading centers for startups. This year, it is the second BootCamp for its companies conducted by Pulsar VC, and the first one took place in September in Ireland, where the teams learned about the innovation ecosystem of Dublin.

Pulsar VC went to the BootCamp in California with startups ready to enter the international market. The purposes of their visit was to help the companies focused on the global market to find their strengths and weaknesses; find new partners and investors, and offer them an opportunity to make a name for themselves on a top global site for young companies.

At the beginning of the BootCamp, the startups took part in a pitch session for investors and business angel investors from Silicon Valley at GTS 2018, they visited a number of master classes offered by experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and other guests. For instance, Alex Goryachev, a manager of Cisco Innovation Centers, narrated about the changing face of entrepreneurship in the modern world, and Franklin Johnson from Stanford University spoke about tendencies of the technological progress.

"The trip of startups to Silicon Valley provides a huge leap in understanding how large technological companies grow in one of the most competitive environments in the world. Our task is to help startups not only perfect their skills of effective communication with investors and potential partners, but also establish business relations with representatives of the American business circles," Pavel Korolev, CEO Pulsar VC.

During the other BootCamp days the Pulsar VC team visited Stanford University и University of California, Berkeley, and got to know its infrastructure and educational process and met its lecturers. The next stop was to visit the offices of Facebook and Google, where the startups learned the specifics of working in large internationally known technological companies from the inside. The culminating points of each day were mentor sessions and meetings with investors held in such places as WeWork Embarcadero Center and Hanahaus.

The companies that participated in Silicon Valley BootCamp this year:

Mouse – a platform for viewers and performers of live music. This platform addresses two problems at the same time: evaluates where the fans wish to see the performers and provides an opportunity for the fans to track the works of their idols. Last year, Mouse made the list of competition finalists.

Try.Fit – a service for trying on and selecting footwear. With the help of a mobile application the buyers scan their feet and shoes, and the service analyses the data and helps them choose the models that fit.

Switch Sales – a system of managing retail purchases, which is a software solution designed to create buyer identification systems based on any plastic cards, including purchases for cash with the purpose of delivering personal buying service, gather statistics, sell inspiring marketing initiatives and increase the loyalty of clients.

Yorso – a multilingual SaaS database for b2b wholesale fish and seafood market. This system helps suppliers and buyers meet without numerous intermediaries and automate their marketing, sales, procurements and logistics. The system increases client business profitability by 5-15% and reduces operating costs by up to 30%.

BETRIP! – BeTrip is a service for travelers who want to transform a usual trip into an unforgettable journey and bored with long and tedious route planning. Our clients are people who has a desire and time to explore new places in and outside of the city. Those who value new experience and ready to spend a little more time on the road to find beautiful places. Unique technology of social network analysis (posts, comments, images) that we have allow us growth rapidly.

Art Qode – this is tool, which allows you to automatically get code of your design (.psd,.sketch, .fgm) in minutes without the coder. As a designer or product owner, I need to pay too much and wait for 2 weeks to see the webpage in browser. And the quality will not always suit me. On the other hand website builders don't give me enough will for imagination.

IGS Digital – Our customers are cryptotraders and investors. Cryptotrading is a 24/7 game that requires deep knowledge of the market and huge time investments. We help investors save their time and invest in cryptocurrencies by automatically copying professional traders with a proven record. At the same time traders gain extra income by monetizing their following and build their personal brand.

Interactive Platform – The film industry is heading towards technical stagnation. It becomes harder to excite users, capture their attention. The solution is an interactive film, where user can take part in the plot development, interact with characters in it.

ITCV – is an autonomous (don’t require high bandwidth internet connection to operate) traffic flow analysis computer vision system. It is a hardware & software solution that helps understand road traffic, detect and identify object from the transport flow, detect incidents and accidents on the road, gather statistic. The number #1 problem we solve is information. Value Propositions are: intelligent traffic analysis, security, computer vision without complex/costly infrastructure.

SMART STAFFING – value2B is Enterprise hybrid platform with on premise instance for operations and sensitive data and interface to interconnect with public supplier ecosystem. Value2B provides SmartStaffing API to buy/sell IT skills downtime
Pulsar Venture Capital is a venture capital fund for early stages and a business-accelerator. The fund is headquartered in Kazan. Its representative offices operate in California and Dubai. The international acceleration program of Pulsar VC helps Russian innovation teams enter the international market.

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