Technaxx Introduces FMT1200BT Transmitter with Wireless Charging Function in the USA

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, October 31, 2019 / — Technaxx, a German consumer electronics manufacturer known for offering affordable products such as car accessories, audio products, video surveillance equipment, smart fitness trackers, smartphone and tablet accessories, today introduced their flagship transmitter with wireless charging function to the US market. The new product is called FMT1200BT and is a vehicle FM transmitter for audio streaming that offers wireless charging. The wireless charger is capable of being used on any motor vehicle with a cigarette lighter box.

The smartphone charger comes with a variety of smart functions that include FM transmitting for audio streaming, Bluetooth technology allowing high-quality handsfree functionality, and 10W induction charging technology offering high-speed wireless charging. FMT1200BT has over-voltage protection and temperature control and has two LED lights for charging indication. The product is easy to use as it requires only one hand operation to get a smartphone attached or detached.

The new member of the Technaxx family can be used with any smartphone as it is equipped with clamp construction. The flexible goose-neck and suction cup make sure that the FMT1200BT can be placed in any place desired. Audio streaming has never been smoother with the music playback functionality via the vehicle’s radio. It comes with an LED display, microphone, and USB charging function. The device is compatible with almost any smartphone capable of being charged wirelessly.

“FMT1200BT is a real-lie proof that the latest consumer technology could be successfully implemented in everyday products such as a regular car charger with FM transmitter,” said Pascal Pekcan, CEO of Technaxx. “The product comes equipped with one of the latest versions of the Bluetooth technology and has integrated smart functions that allow consumers to take advantage of the wireless charging capabilities of most modern smartphones. The product was well accepted in Europe, and I do not doubt that the North American consumers would appreciate it too.”

The package includes the FMT1200BT transmitter with wireless charging function, cigarette power adapter to micro USB with 2.4A USB power adapter, spare fuse, and user manual. The device MSRP is $49.99 and is readily available on Amazon and Walmart.

More info about the product can be found on

About Technaxx
Technaxx Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, also known as Technaxx, is a German manufacturer of affordable consumer electronics products. The company focuses on everyday consumer goods such as car accessories, audio products, video surveillance equipment, smart fitness trackers, smartphone and tablet accessories. Techhnaxx is proud to produce easy-to-use affordable products with an attractive design and high technological quality. The company’s latest line of offerings encompasses more than fifteen years of experience collaborating with carefully selected production facilities. Designed in Germany, company products are sold in tens of countries across the globe. The company was established back in 2003 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Expert NVIDIA GPU Integration for HPC Technology offered by Nor-Tech

Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson

Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson

Nor-Tech, the leading experts on HPC solutions, offers significant NVIDIA value adds such as engineering expertise and a portfolio of HPC support solutions.

Paired with our engineering expertise and industry-leading customer service, the HPC technology we build, integrated with NVIDIA products, is enabling incredible innovation.”

— Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., U.S., October 31, 2019 / — Nor-Tech, the leading experts on high-performance technology solutions and an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, offers significant NVIDIA value adds such as engineering expertise, a portfolio of HPC support solutions and their famous no-wait-time support.
Nor-Tech Executive Vice President Jeff Olson said, “NIVIDA products are game-changing in every sense. Paired with our engineering expertise and industry-leading customer service, the HPC technology we build, integrated with NVIDIA products, is enabling incredible innovation.”
Nor-Tech earned elite “Preferred NIVIDIA Partner for Accelerated Computing” status by meeting advanced competency criteria for technical and sales engineers and exceeding sales thresholds. As a Preferred Partner, the company has access to higher level sales support and training. Among the leading-edge NVIDIA solutions Nor-Tech offers are:

• Tesla Data Center GPUS for Servers: In applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning, Tesla delivers the highest performance and user density for virtual desktops, applications, and workstations.
• Volta: NVIDIA Tesla powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture allows data centers to achieve up to 40 percent higher compute capacity in each rack while maintaining the existing power budget.
• GeForce: GeForce is NVIDIA's flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture. Nor-Tech has also developed other proprietary research and enterprise applications for this GPU that dramatically reduce the cost of cluster computing.
• DGX-1: The DGX-1 is the world’s first purpose-built system optimized for deep learning, with fully integrated hardware and software that can be deployed quickly and easily. Its revolutionary performance significantly accelerates training time, effectively making it the world's first deep learning supercomputer in a box.
• Grid Cards: NVIDIA GRID is the industry's most advanced technology for sharing virtual GPUs across multiple virtual desktop and application instances. The platform offers the highest level of performance, flexibility, manageability and security.
• Quadro: Quadro is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform; with the most advanced ecosystem of hardware, software, tools and ISV support.
• Quadro RTX: NVIDIA Quadro RTX is driving product design workflows: from identifying design flaws earlier in the process with VR; to modifying, simulating, and optimizing designs faster with more CUDA cores; to utilizing AI-augmented tools to explore alternatives.
• Quadro Volta: The NVIDIA Quadro GV100 is reinventing the workstation to meet the demands of next-generation real-time ray tracing, AI, simulation and VR-enhanced workflows. It is powered by NVIDIA Volta, delivering extreme memory capacity, scalability and performance.

For more information about Nor-Tech’s HPC technology integrated with NVIDIA products visit:
Nor-Tech is on CRN’s list of the top 40 Data Center Infrastructure Providers along with IBM, Oracle, Dell, and Supermicro and is also a member of Hyperion Research’s prestigious HPC Technical Computing Advisory Panel. The company is a high performance computer builder for 2015 and 2017 Nobel Physics Award-contending/winning projects. Nor-Tech engineers average 20+ years of experience. This strong industry reputation and deep partner relationships also enable the company to be a leading supplier of cost-effective Lenovo desktops, laptops, tablets and Chromebooks to schools and enterprises. All of Nor-Tech’s high performance technology is developed by Nor-Tech in Minnesota and supported by Nor-Tech around the world. The company is headquartered in Burnsville, Minn. just outside of Minneapolis. Nor-Tech holds the following contracts: Minnesota State IT, GSA, University of Wisconsin System, and NASA SEWP V. To contact Nor-Tech call 952-808-1000/toll free: 877-808-1010 or visit Full release at: For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.

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GoodFirms Employee Engagement Survey Shows: Globally Around 56.68% of Workers are Satisfied with their Current Jobs

GoodFirms_Employee Engagement Survey

GoodFirms_Employee Engagement Survey

According to the recent Employee Engagement Study confirms, when employees are motivated the job satisfaction level rises.

The majority of employees are satisfied with their jobs for enthusing them by the realism of what they are working and how important is the project.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2019 / — Currently, across the globe, all the employers are in huge competition to find the best employee for their business. Employers are paying more attention to the staff gratification levels to retain high performing workers. For the same reason, today, most of the organizations have implemented Best HR Software to assist the human resources team in improving the employee experience, make a better decision, and schedule the tasks, activities to be performed, etc.

These days, it has become crucial to keep the employees motivated to increase productivity and also allow the companies to meet their business objectives. Here a recent report by GoodFirms revealed surprising statistics that across the worldwide around 56.68% of workers are satisfied with their current job, which includes 24.78% of those who are super-satisfied and 31.90% who are somewhat satisfied.

In this Employee Engagement Survey, about 750+ full-time employees participated from all sizes of organizations globally, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada, Poland, Singapore, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, and others. The study was conducted by asking multiples questions to the employees about workplace ethics, perks, fair compensation for a lower salary, job contentment, company background, bullying at the workplace, and the main reasons to quit the jobs. Thus, GoodFirms was successful to unlock the stats and insights to give a clear idea to the employers to know what the employees are looking out of their jobs.

GoodFirms is a globally renowned B2B research, ratings and reviews platform. It helps to build a path for the service seekers to get connected with the most excellent companies. The squad of GoodFirms follows the research methodology and conduct a thorough assessment. It consists of three main crucial factors that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

These components are segregated into several parameters to assess each company deeply. In the research process, the analyst team determines the past and present portfolio to know the background of the company, years of experience in the domain area, online market penetration, and client feedback. Focusing on the overall research method, GoodFirms provides the scores to every firm out of total 60. Thus, considering the point’s index, the service providers in the catalog of top companies.

Presently, GoodFirms has curated a list of Best HR Outsourcing Services, which help the organizations to meet the experienced employees as per their business requirements to help them achieve the company's goals.

Furthermore, GoodFirms supports the service providers to engage in the research process and present the work they have done successfully. Therefore, get a chance to be listed for free in the catalog of the best software, top development companies, and other organizations as per their categories. Appearing in the list of GoodFirms, you will be more perceptible as well as be a magnet to attract new prospects across the worldwide.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a Washington, D.C. based research firm that aligns its efforts in identifying the most prominent and efficient IT development and software companies that deliver results to their clients. GoodFirms research is a confluence of new age consumer reference processes and conventional industry-wide review & rankings that help service seekers leap further and multiply their industry-wide value and credibility.

Get Listed with GoodFirms.

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GfK will nurture auto tech innovation in hackathon competition for undergraduates

Student teams will combine marketing, data science as they vie for $5,000 prize

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2019 / — According to GfK AutoMobility, more than half of those who intend to buy a new car say that in-vehicle technology could affect their selection. To give aspiring data scientists and marketer researchers hands-on experience with this fast-growing category, GfK is challenging undergraduate teams to create business plans – from design to marketing – for their own “smart car” innovations.

In the second NextGen Data Science Hackathon Competition, GfK will award a $5,000 grand prize to the team that develops and presents the most convincing plan for a new in-car device or service.

Watch a video about the NextGen Data Science Hackathon Competition

During a 10-day hackathon in March, GfK will give students access to data sets from a variety of sources, encouraging the teams to use these and other insights in creating 5-minute presentations for their ideas. GfK insights experts, as well as marketers and researchers from client companies, will act as mentors and, ultimately, select the winning team.

Interested students should contact

Before the hackathon, students — working individually or in groups – can collect insights to focus their projects and provide background for their final presentations. Undergraduate students in any major can take part in the event, working from any location.

“Smart technology has revolutionized the auto marketplace – from in-car entertainment systems to self-driving vehicles – and we know there is much more to come,” said Tom Neri, Commercial Director at GfK North America and leader of its AutoMobility research team. “The potential for breakthrough innovation is still huge, and we know that the NextGen teams will bring a powerful curiosity and creativity to this category. We also see this as a valuable opportunity to connect today’s product designers and marketers with the next wave of innovative thinkers.”

The NextGen Competition began in 2011 with a focus on traditional research methods and goals. Over the years, the contest has evolved to reflect the changing toolkit and role of market researchers and data scientists. In 2018, GfK made a hackathon the centerpiece of the competition, with a team from the College of Staten Island (City University of New York) taking first place for its innovative development and marketing plan for a new smart speaker.

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Another Feather in the Cap – Shufti Pro Now Offers AML Screening for Businesses

AML Screening for Businesses Anti Money Laundering List

Shufti Pro Offers AML Screening for Businesses

Shufti Pro has extended the scope of AML screening to businesses. Discover if your prospective business affiliates are blacklisted.

Anti Money Laundering screening for businesses is powerful and extremely rewarding. The reason for offering this service was to enhance trust and reliable business relationships among companies.”

— Victor Fredung, CEO Shufti Pro

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 31, 2019 / — (London, UK) – DATE – Shufti Pro, the global identity verification service provider, has now extended the scope of its AML screening services to businesses. Get to know if your prospective business affiliates are on a blacklist anywhere in the world, by verifying them against 1700+ data sources.

With millions of businesses around the globe, the introduction of this service opens up new avenues of growth for Shufti Pro so that it continues to deliver the best service quality.

Money laundering is increasing and business relations (B2B, partnerships, affiliations, etc) are a source of huge risk that has surfaced recently. With recent changes in AML regulations and rise in fake business entities, legitimate businesses are grappling with this newly identified risk. And what better way than online AML screening of businesses could serve this need completely?

The newly introduced service will include AML screening of businesses against global watchlists of high-risk entities. At Shuti Pro, AML screening of businesses is conducted in a swift and seamless manner as the all-in-one API utilizes an unparalleled system backed with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HI (Human Intelligence). Not to mention the exhaustive databases maintained and updated by Shufti Pro for AML screening of businesses and individuals.

By introducing services for AML screening of businesses, Shufti Pro has moved one step closer to achieving its vision of rising as a leader in the industry. Previously it offered identity verification of individuals living anywhere in the world. Now, the service has been extended to all types of entities operating in 230+ countries and territories. Shufti Pro matches businesses in real-time, against regulatory watchlists updated every 15 minutes.

Shufti Pro always remains up-to-date with changes in the compliance and fraud environment around the world, and continuously upgrades its services to maintain an unrivaled service level. Introducing AML screening of businesses at this crucial point is a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers and its long-term vision. To request a demo, visit

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an identity verification service provider that offers KYC and AML solutions to worldwide clients. Using a hybrid approach of AI and HI technology, Shufti Pro delivers results within a minute with accuracy as high as 98.67%. Having verified users in over 232 countries, Shufti Pro is a pioneer in IDV services to cover a large number of countries in just two years.

For more information, contact:

Damien Martin
Marketing Executive
Shufti Pro
1st Floor, 35 Little Russell St, Holborn,
London WC1A 2HH, UK

Damien Martin
Shufti Pro Ltd
+44 1225 290329
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LC Technology International Inc. Releases Update To Their Award-Winning Utility, VIDEORECOVERY 2019

LC Technology International Inc, the well-known provider of data recovery products & utilities, has released an update of their award-winning VIDEORECOVERY 2019

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2019 / — LC Technology International Inc., one of the most well-known providers of data recovery products and utilities, has released a new variant of one of their award-winning utilities, VIDEORECOVERY 2019.

The features to this new utility are designed to support newer high-end video formats used in action cameras and devices like GoPro and DJI drones, as well as movie production cameras like ARRI, RED, Blackmagic and Magic Lantern.

VIDEORECOVERY uses the same easy-to-use interface as LC Technology's PHOTORECOVERY® program, with a focus on video files. The utility allows for recovery from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, external storage, USB sticks and other storage devices.

Movie formats that are currently supported in VIDEORECOVERY 2019 include:

3GPP – 3rd Generation Mobile System
3GPP2 – 3rd Generation Mobile System
AVI – Microsoft Video for Window movie
ASF – Windows Advanced System Format
MOV – QuickTime Movie
MOD – MOD Video
M4V – M4V Video
MLV – Magic Lantern Video
MP3 – MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3)
MP4 – MPEG Advanced Audio Coding
MPG, MPEG – Video+Audio
MXF – Material eXchange Format
R3D – Redcode/RED camera format
RM – RealAudio video file
WMV – Windows Media Video

Trial versions are available online, so users have the ability to try the product before they buy. End user pricing begins at $59.95, with the professional version priced at $249.95.

The professional version includes a specialized utility, Digital Media Doctor, for maintaining and testing memory devices to ensure they are functioning properly.

The software is available in 22 different languages for both Windows and Mac OSX systems.
Check out VIDEORECOVERY 2019 on LC Technology's website to purchase.

The newest version of VIDEORECOVERY, version, includes updates for new cameras, new file types and some minor bug fixes.

About LC Technology International, Inc. Founded in 1997, LC Technology is a global leader in file system utilities and file/image recovery technology products and is based in Clearwater, Florida, USA. LC Technology products are available direct or through several major manufacturers of Flash Memory products. LC Technology products are available worldwide and published in over 22 different languages. For more information, visit

Michael Steverson
LC Technology International, Inc.
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Zenus selected as finalist for IBTM Tech Watch Awards

Zenus analytics camera

Zenus analytics camera

The Zenus analytics dashboard

Zenus analytics dashboard

Zenus selected as finalist for IBTM Tech Watch Awards, again.

Our analytics service is extremely powerful and protects people’s privacy…It provides truly superhuman analytics.”

— Panos Moutafis, Ph.D. – CEO of Zenus

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2019 / — Zenus, a leader in machine intelligence and face recognition solutions for the events industry has been selected as one of seven (7) finalists in the IBTM Tech Watch Awards to be held in Barcelona, Spain this November 19 – 21.

Last year, Zenus won the IBTM Tech Watch Award with its face recognition check-in application. This year, the company is demonstrating its AI-powered Analytics Service, which can provide a range of demographics and audience engagement information. All, anonymously.

“Our analytics service is extremely powerful and protects people’s privacy. Event planners receive a count of attendees, their aggregate sentiment, demographics breakdown, and even their level of attention,” said Panos Moutafis, Ph.D., CEO of Zenus. “This provides immediate feedback of attendee engagement to an event planner or trade show exhibitor. It provides truly superhuman analytics,” said Moutafis.

Although recently released, Zenus’ analytics service has already been successfully deployed at several events in Europe and the United States. Key partnerships with GO WEST 2020 and Digital Now 2020 will let event professionals experience the full gamut of Zenus’ offerings.

About Zenus, Inc.: Zenus powers the world's fastest check-in and superhuman event analytics. The company’s award-winning service has supported hundreds of events in over 30 countries. Number of attendees across all events have ranged from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Zenus implements privacy by design to protect end user information, offer peace of mind, and drastically improve the attendee experience.

To learn more connect with Zenus via email at

Gavin Garvey, Ph.D.
Zenus, Inc.
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Neurotech Startup Potential X Launches FocusBuds, The World's First Productivity Boosting Smart Earbuds

Potential X FocusBuds

FocusBuds used by student studying

Potential X FocusBuds

FocusBuds used by young professional working

FocusBuds Airpods

FocusBuds compared to other products on the market

Potential X launches the world’s first pair of productivity boosting earbuds that actively helps users focus, posing a threat to Apple’s latest product

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2019 / — Apple's AirPods have been a huge success within the fast-growing wearables market, with the original AirPods being their second-best-selling product to date. Given how much demand has increased, the tech giant wants to maintain the momentum with their latest AirPods Pro, which includes active noise cancellation.

This shouldn't be surprising – active noise-cancelling headphones remain a strong contender in the market against Apple's AirPods, most notably from Apple-owned Beats, but also names like Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser. Yet Apple will also be using 'focus mode' as a means to unlocking the next 'iPhone moment' with the AirPods Pro, something the Apple Watch didn't quite succeed with.

Interestingly, Potential X, with offices in both Palo Alto and London appears to be taking the trend a step further in the wearables market with it’s latest product, the FocusBuds. These smart earbuds from the Neurotech Startup are set to be Apple Airpod Killers.

These earphones do not feature active noise-cancellation, although they do include passive noise isolation. Instead, the differentiating factor behind these Bluetooth earphones is that they feature embedded sensors capable of capturing EEG activity emanating naturally from the brain.

Using their patent-pending proprietary software, the FocusBuds is capable of detecting and tracking the user's level of focus over a given period of time using approximately 400 metrics derived from EEG data. These insights are then displayed in real-time in the company's application and relayed back to the user via audio cues.

The earbuds themselves use medical-grade silver chloride sensors to acquire sufficiently high-quality signals, which are then processed by the company's proprietary machine learning algorithms to predict how focused the user is. Although EEG data is comparatively noisy compared to other neurological data, it is also non-invasive. Advances in machine learning are claimed to compensate for the noisiness in the data, as well as giving better real-world accuracy in predicting a user's level of focus than traditional methods.

Extended usage of these wearables reinforces the users’ focused states of mind, a process termed EEG neurofeedback. Additional insights from the mobile software are used to indicate when and where the user is most focused. These augmented personal insights credibly back the company's claim that it offers a 'true focus mode' in contrast to Apple's AirPods Pro.

While EEG Neurofeedback technology is not new, Potential X’s key innovation is making it accessible by putting it into a wearable device. It would appear that the wearables market looks set to be profoundly changed by these futuristic earbuds.

To learn more about these earbuds, check out the company's launch page on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The Potential FocusBuds are now available on Indiegogo at over 35% off their retail prices.

Chris Le
Potential X
+1 631-240-4843
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Registration has opened for the 2020 edition of Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe

Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe

Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe 2020

SMi Group reports: Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe returns for it’s 5th successful year in March 2020

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, October 31, 2019 / — SMi Group presents the 5th annual Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe, taking place in Budapest, Hungary on 3rd and 4th March 2020.

As the need for armed forces to enhance and maximise their logistical capacity continues to grow, and with the current political climate in Europe, it is now more important than ever that senior military officials meet to discuss planning, joint operations and allied interoperability, as well as engaging more closely and efficiently with industry. Increasing reliability, reducing costs, and exploiting new developments and the growing links between militaries, remains at the forefront of defence logistics as a means of providing critical operational advantages, and increasing allied effectiveness across the region.

The 5th annual Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe 2020, for the first time commencing in Budapest, Hungary, will bring together the key military logisticians from across the Central and Eastern European region and beyond. The conference aims to discuss new trends, crucial developments, and the methods, strategies, and procedures armed forces are increasingly pursuing for optimal logistics efficiency.

Key fundamental topics discussed at the two-day conference includes: Regional Updates, Heavy Lift (rail & air), Fuel Logistics, Supply Chain Management Solutions, International Operations and Solutions, 3rd party logistics, Future Trends, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and more!

Download the brochure at

Colonel Istvan Fricz, Land Force Systems Development Branch, Hungarian Defence Forces Command
Colonel Janos Poloskei, Command and Control Systems Development Branch, Hungarian Defence Forces Command
Colonel Laszlo Nagy, Air Force Systems Development Branch, Hungarian Defence Forces Command

Major General Allan Day, Director of Logistics Operations, Defense Logistics Agency, US DoD
Major General Stefan Muransky, Director Support Division, Czech Armed Forces
Brigadier General Zbigniew Poweska, Chief of Logistics Division, J4, Polish Armed Forces
Brigadier Jo Chestnutt, Commander 104th Logistic Support Brigade, UK MoD
Colonel Jeffery Carter, Deputy Chief of Staff, G4 Logistics, U.S. Army Europe
Colonel Henning Weeke, Executive Officer Implementation "Network of Logistic Hubs in Europe", German Armed Forces Logistics Command
Colonel Stale Rudilokken, COM, Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization
Colonel Ferdinand Murin, Chief of Staff for Support Operations, Slovak Armed Forces
Colonel Franc Kalic, Commander of Logistic Brigade, Slovenian Armed Forces
Colonel Ramunas Baronas, Commander, Logistics Command, Lithuanian Armed Forces
Colonel Daniel Zlatnik, Director, MLCC
Brigadier General (ret'd) Vladimir Halenka, Former Director Support Division, Czech Armed Forces, Director, STV GROUP
Mr Peter Venoit, Logistics Vision and Enablement, NATO

Mr Johann Braun, CEO, BR International Consulting Services GmbH
Mr Jason Trubenbach, Director, Business Development, Crowley Government Services
Mr Gunner Couce, Director of Manufacturing and Sales, Bullet ID Corporation
Mr Jan Gerhard-de Vries, Business Development Manager, GOFA Gacher Fahrzeugbau GmbH
Mr DeLeon Rich, Commercial Project Manager, Thielmann WEW GmbH
Mr Graham Grice, Military Account Director, World Fuel Services Europe Limited

For those who would like to attend, there is a £400 early bird discount for bookings made by 29th November 2019. Registrations can be made at

Gold Sponsor: BR International Consulting Services
Sponsored by: Bullet ID Corporation, Crowley Government Services, GOFA, KH Inc, WEW Container Systems, World Fuel Services

Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe
3rd-4th March 2020
Budapest, Hungary

For details on tailored sponsorship and branding packages, please contact Sadia Malick on +44 (0) 207 827 6748 or email

For any delegate enquiries contact Jamie Wilkinson on +44 (0) 207 827 6112 or email

About SMi Group:
Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Trizsa Ardael
SMi Group Ltd
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Alpaca and Passiv Partner, Enabling Anyone to Build Their Own Personalized Robo-Advisor Service

Alpaca works with Passiv

Alpaca works with Passiv

Alpaca logo

Passiv logo file

Passiv logo file

Alpaca Accelerates Its Community-Driven Approach to Create a Developer-First Investing Infrastructure

Passiv building a robo-advisor product with Alpaca API proves our unique community-driven approach and brings us one step closer to our vision of creating a developer-first investing infrastructure”

— Yoshi Yokokawa

SAN MATEO, CA, USA, October 30, 2019 / — Alpaca ( is announcing its partnership with Passiv (, an index investing platform that helps self-directed investors build and manage personalized portfolios at online brokerages. Alpaca’s users can now build their own personalized indexes or replicate their robo-advisor portfolios and invest at the commission-free API-first stockbroker without having to write a line of code. Securities are offered through Alpaca Securities LLC, a FINRA registered broker-dealer.

“We’re very excited to see Passiv building a robo-advisor product on top of our platform. This proves Alpaca’s community-driven approach and brings us one step closer to our vision of creating a developer-first investing infrastructure,” added Yoshi Yokokawa CEO, Alpaca. “We plan on working closely with Passiv in the future to further support their feature development on Alpaca’s infrastructure.”

With major US online stock brokerages like Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, and Fidelity dropping their trading commissions, it raises the question of how these brokerages plan to differentiate themselves. Lee Young believes that having open APIs and faster processes for vetting and partnering with companies like his could be one part of the solution.

“It’s really hard to get access to online brokers’ APIs and not all APIs are of good quality. In my opinion, brokerages will need to get better at partnering, improving their APIs and also curating the right tools for users if they want to compete,” said Lee Young. “Our developers were elated by how easy it was to integrate with Alpaca. Personally, I was impressed by their responsiveness and openness to making significant improvements to their API to accommodate us.”

Traditionally, investing at online brokerages required their customers to use spreadsheets to help them manage their investments and go through a manual process when buying and selling shares. In the case of Alpaca’s users, they use self-coded algorithms to help them manage their investments. Now Alpaca’s users who don’t want to write code can safely link their accounts to Passiv via Alpaca’s API, build their portfolios and use Passiv’s software to help them keep their portfolio balanced.

To learn more, contact Alpaca at

About Alpaca.
Alpaca ( is a Silicon Valley based developer-first API stock brokerage that modularizes the world’s investing activities. The company’s products enable anyone to build and connect applications and algorithms to buy and sell stocks with zero commissions. The company is backed by some of the top investors in the industry globally including Spark Capital, Social Leverage, Y Combinator, and Portag3. Securities are offered through Alpaca Securities LLC.

About Passiv
Passiv ( is a Canadian fintech startup headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada. Passiv specializes in building easy-to-use portfolio management tools for self-directed investors. The company’s mission is to empower more people to manage their wealth at online stock brokerages. The company is currently partnered with Alpaca and Questrade, a Canadian online brokerage.

Yoshi Yokokawa
AlpacaDB, Inc.
+1 669-257-2221
email us here
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