Local IT Company Gives Companies Three Ways to Decrease Their Risk of a Cyberattack


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Local Technology professional at Mindcore gives 3 ways for companies to decrease their risk of a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity is something I bring up with companies everyday because when it comes to the future of their business, nothing is more important for them to get right.”

— Matt Rosenthal, CEO of Mindcore IT Services

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Local technology expert and CEO of Mindcore, Matt Rosenthal, helps companies across the country strengthen their cybersecurity so that they can decrease their risk of cyberattacks.

“Cybersecurity is something I bring up with companies everyday because when it comes to the future of their business, nothing is more important for them to get right” says Rosenthal. Still, thousands of companies go out of business each year because they fail to take cybersecurity seriously.

The Impact of Cyberattacks is Real

Nearly two-thirds of organizations have reported experiencing cyberattacks in the last two years. About half of these included attacks from hacking, while approximately a third came from phishing and malware strategies, respectively.

This can result in a loss of private data, costly recovery expenses and weakened client trust. What’s worse, the average breach lifecycle is nearly a year.

To combat these losses, Rosenthal lists out three ways for a company to get ahead of the threats.

3 Ways to Decrease The Risk of a Cyberattack

Invest in cybersecurity services.

Not all solutions have to be complicated. With cybersecurity, the first step is to invest time and money into giving companies the protection they need. It starts by realizing that this investment is far cheaper than the cost of recovering after a breach.

Understand that data breaches will happen.

Staying proactive is key to the fight against cyber threats but it’s just as important for companies to invest in their resilience. This starts with accepting the fact that breaches will happen and focusing on how to minimize the actual downtime.

Hold yourself responsible.

Ignoring cyber threats is grossly irresponsible for today’s business leaders. They need to accept responsibility not just for themselves but for the future of their company, their staff and customers. Investments in security awareness training now can result in exponential savings in the future.

Thousands of companies are already beginning to take these steps and as a result, they are more competitive, efficient and productive. It makes a compelling argument for cybersecurity not only being at the core of a company’s IT strategy but the core of their business strategy.

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