New Social Media Marketing Platform “QuikTok” Launches With A Network Of Over 400 million Followers Comprehensive


“Instantly promote your music or brand on TikTok with the click of a button.”

The goal of the platform is to bridge the gap between artists, brands, and content creators. We decided to focus on transparency and simplify the process of influencer marketing overall.”

— Tanner Kesel (Co-Founder)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / — [LOS ANGELES, C.A. Saturday, 30 May] – “QuikTok” is a social media marketing platform specializing in TikTok music & sound brand deals. “QuikTok” is user friendly to all types of users ranging from “The Average TikToker” To ‘The TikTok Celebs” in the game. In addition to influencers being able to easily sign up on their own basis (within seconds), “QuikTok” has also given the opportunities to talent agencies and management companies to seamlessly sign their talent to the platform with no strings attached.

Using “QuikTok” is as easy as typing in your information and connecting a bank account (For Payment to the influencer). After you have gone through the verification process you will be able to see the deals available to you. From there you can see what deals are available to you and will have between one [1] and Seven [7] days to complete the offer available by posting a custom-tailored TikTok using the sound/s offered by an artist and or record label. When the influencer is all finished with their TikTok they will receive their cut of 80% and “QuikTok” respectively receives their 20% cut for bridging the gap between the artist/record label and Influencer. This is a quick and easy way for “TikTokers” to monetize off their followings.

“QuikTok” has and continues to work with leading industry record labels including Alamo Records, Warner Music, and many others. In addition to working with some of the top record labels in the music industry, “QuikTok” also works with some of the top “TikTokers” in the game including just a few of the following; Ashley Newman, Alex Ojeda, Glimher Croes, Katie Feeny, Nick Bencivengo, and over 400 more influencers with a total combined network of 400 million followers

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