JFYNetWorks Offers 'Connected Learning' Support For Online Teaching And Learning

JFYNetWorks, Blended, Hybrid and Distance Learning provider in Massachusetts.


Adopting a remote or hybrid model, teachers need methods, materials for online courses. JFY has developed a library of resources for math and English teachers.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Online content and data will serve as the anchor of instruction and accountability.

JFYNetWorks, the Boston-based nonprofit pioneer of online education, is offering middle and high school teachers support in the practice of online instruction.

With every school district in Massachusetts adopting either the remote or hybrid model, teachers will need methods and materials for online courses. JFYNetWorks has developed a library of resources for math and English teachers in grades 6 through 12.

JFY’s “Connected Learning” resource bank includes standards-aligned curriculum for math and ELA, training videos and PowerPoint decks, and specialized strategies for English Learning and Special Education to help teachers meet the challenges of learning loss, achievement gaps, and high needs student groups. It also offers curriculum resources for science and social studies.

JFYs Connected Learning resource bank puts a spotlight on the following areas:

• Teacher Training
• Direct Student Support
• Curriculum Development
• Alignments
• Concordances
• College and Career Readiness
• Resources
• Special Ed/EL
• Data

JFY’s resources are backed up by training and support from JFYNet Learning Specialists. Live online training sessions for groups of teachers are customized to fit into professional development schedules. Schools can choose to focus on English Language Arts (ELA), math, English Learner (EL), Special Education (SPED), Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS), or other topics. Fees are flexible to accommodate strained school budgets.

The JFYNet online program has been in operation since 2000. It is approved and monitored by the state of Massachusetts and the Boston Public Schools’ PartnerBPS, the Partnership Platform for Boston Public Schools.

JFY’s “Connected Learning” web page https://jfynet.org/jfynet-connected-learning/ offers a selection of the agency’s resources. Teachers and administrators are invited to email info@jfynet.org to discuss designing a professional development program for their staff.

About JFYNetWorks
For more than 40 decades JFYNetWorks has served the most vulnerable populations of Boston, Massachusetts and beyond by developing and delivering education and job training programs that improve the lives of disadvantaged young people by equipping them with the skills to earn a self- and family-sustaining living. JFYNet’s methodology, AIMS—Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support—guides students towards the two goals that are most critical to their future: high school graduation and college entry at the credit earning level. JFY’s ongoing professional development and in-class support help teachers use student performance data to drive continuous adjustments in instructional strategies.

JFYNet is the online learning program of JFYNetWorks, a nonprofit state-approved provider of online academic support to Massachusetts schools with a two-decade track record of improved student achievement.

Even as operational models shift in the course of the year, online content and data will serve as the anchor of instruction and accountability. The stability of the JFYNet online environment provides continuity of teaching and learning no matter what changes might come.

JFYNetWorks provides blended learning that combines online and teacher-led instruction in the classroom. Combining online resources with teacher direction gives students a wide range of materials to learn from and teachers a wide range of teaching tools to select from.

JFY’s academic support begins with high school MCAS prep and continues through the most critical leverage point in the education–employment continuum, the transition from high school to college. It has produced measurable results in high school achievement for 19 years and in college and career readiness for 8 years.

Gary Kaplan, the Executive Director of JFYNetWorks would be glad to discuss options for fall implementation with you. Please send him an email at gkaplan@jfynet.org so that we can arrange a phone or video conversation.

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