FlapChat Digital Community Raises the Bar for Social Media Platforms

FlapChat Digital Community

FlapChat promises to "Free Social Media" with a strong stance against corporate censorship. Integrates popular features of many existing platforms.

Our platform is what social media should have been from the start…”

— Patrick Bass

LITTLE ROCK, AR, USA, October 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — FlapChat LLC, a privately held software company announced today the general availability of its Digital Community platform. The FlapChat Digital Community, commonly known as "FlapChat" integrates the most popular features of FaceBook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Craigslist into a cohesive site.

"We saw widespread abuse of power most notable on Facebook and Twitter," said Dr. Patrick Bass Ph.D., Founder and Creator of FlapChat. "I knew we could do social media better — from both ethical and technological perspectives. Our platform is what social media should have been from the start" commented Bass. "Of particular concern is how many social media sites held a strong bias against conservative viewpoints. Our Community Standards are very clear and we support and endorse conservative and other ideologies. We will never censor someone just because we may not agree with them" said Dr. Bass.

"We have a very robust development schedule that includes many exciting enhancements and upgrades over the next several weeks and months. Because we are a small and agile company, we can integrate many of our member's ideas and requests into future releases" remarked Bass.

While the FlapChat digital community is comparatively small, the system is designed to scale seamlessly as its membership base grows. FlapChat Mobile, already available for the Android platform of phones and tablets is currently available for download on Google Play. The iPhone/iPad version of FlapChat Mobile is currently under review by Apple and should be available in the coming weeks.

FlapChat is free to use. The FlapChat Digital Community is accessible by visiting https://flapchat.io.

Caesar Wolfe
FlapChat LLC (https://flapchat.io)

Source: EIN Presswire