Propelfolio, an eCommerce and Woocommerce Design Company Serving Boca Raton & West Palm Beach, Announces New Content

website, ecommerce, and Woocommerce design

Propelfolio is a top-rated eCommerce and Woocommerce design company based in Boca Raton and serving the West Palm Beach metro area.

We are excited to showcase our eCommerce and Woocommerce capabilities with new content.”

— Luis Cartaya

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / — Propelfolio, a best-in-class website maintenance and web design company serving Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and nearby South Florida communities, is proud to announce new content focused on eCommerce and Woocommerce website design for Florida and beyond. With the massive shift towards the Internet, the company is seeing more and more small business owners who are interested in launching, or upgrading, their eCommerce capabilities. Woocommerce is the fantastically popular eCommerce upgrade for WordPress websites.

"We are excited to showcase our eCommerce and Woocommerce capabilities with new content," explained Luis Cartaya, owner of Propelfolio. "Businesses in South Florida that want to leverage the Internet can do so by reading the content and then reaching out to us for a no obligation consultation on their eCommerce design needs.."

Interested persons can visit the information page on eCommerce and Woocommerce design services at That page explains the basics of the service offerings of Propelfolio and how Florida-based businesses from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, Jacksonville to Miami, and everywhere in between are leveraging the company's best-in-class website design capabilities. Industries served include charter boats, air charter services, and others that are common in the tourism-based economy of South Florida. Others that are more focused on eCommerce include medical supply companies. Many B2B offerings such as medical or healthcare supply rely on Internet-based ecommerce transactions. Woocommerce is but one of the key ways that this can be enabled for a WordPress website. Persons interested in the medical supply industry can visit the information page at


The new page showcases eCommerce capabilities. Many small business owners, however, are fond of the WordPress platform for their websites. In this way, they leverage the vast community of open source plug-ins plus a huge ecosystem of design consultants and WordPress designers not just in South Florida but across the world. Sometimes, however, a stumbling blog occurs. The original WordPress website design company is not familiar with Woocommerce. This is where the new content page can be helpful. A business owner, whether in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, Jacksonville or Miami, or anywhere in Florida can learn that the design of a Woocommerce website is a specialized skill. They then read the new content and potentially reach out to Propelfolio for a no obligation consultation.


Propelfolio is a best-in-class website design company at, serving South Florida cities such as Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale as well as Jacksonville and Deerfield Beach. Their team of top-rated web designers work with your business, small or large, to create a best-in-class website based on WordPress or Woocommerce. Indeed, Propelfolio is a team of not only WordPress website designers but also experts in Woocommerce website design. Industries served include B2B website design as well as small businesses including HVAC, medical supply, and restaurants. Further along, the web design company creates jewelry websites as well as charter boat, retail, tutoring and even air charter or manufacturer website design.

Jason McDonald
JM Internet Group
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CAKCEK Announces Technology Ring Websites for Thin Client, Retail Automation, Smart City, POS, KIosk & Patient Check-in

Learn about request for proposals, budgeting, deployments and activity in the market for Thin Client, Retail Automation, Smart City, Point-Of-Sale and more.

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — CAKCEK is proud to announce our "technology ring network" of websites covering latest technology such as thin client, retail automation, self-service, smart city, Point-Of-Sale and Patient Check-In kiosk technology.

"Several of these sites have been operated for many years and have a sizable following", said Craig Keefner manager of the technology ring.

The formally released web portals include: — Since 1999, has been reporting the thin client computing market as well as the ChromeBook, Zero Client, Android clients, VMware, Dell, Wyse, HP, Pi Raspberry Clients, ChromeOS and even the Thick Client market. Generally, the cloud computing market since it started with companies such as Citrix back in the late 80s. – Emerging technologies such as robotics, lockers, digital signage, vending and automated vending lead the way. Amazon and Google revolutionize physical delivery. OuterWall has another great idea (or not). – The intent of this site is to provide solutions, news and RFPs related to the Smart City market. At any one time there are at least 10 major projects in progress across just the U.S. The Global Smart Cities Market was valued at USD 624.81 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach a value of USD 1712.83 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 18.30% over the forecast period 2020-2025. The increase in adoption of green technology will drive the market in the forecast period. — We are an independent group which monitors many segments related to self-service and one of those segments is Point-Of-Sale. During the course of normal scanning we encounter many RFPs from local, city, county, state and federal for point-of-sale solutions. We also monitor contracts, expiration dates as well as provide a full contact database. We have several participants who sign up for alerts and the full documents related to RFPs. — News and events for patient kiosk check-in. The patient check-in kiosk increases efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency departments, waiting rooms and ambulatory settings by expediting the patient identification process, capturing patient insurance information and overall improving the patient experience.

Check-In-Kioskcom — The check-in kiosk is the most popular of all kiosk and self-service models. It comes in the widest possible range of formats from your mobile phone to a small tablet to conventional self-service terminals to large format self-service terminals. They are indoor and they are outdoor. Are you checking out a bike rental kiosk? That’s checking in.

Digital Business — https://DigitalBusiness.US is an independent company located in Colorado which provides a full portfolio of services to the kiosk industry as well as the customer/deployer side of equation. We also form relationships with other consultants and together we can offer consulting services to fit your situation.

These network sites are supported by members of which is a market to itself but very much related to these ancillary markets.

For more information you can contact Craig Keefner at email

Craig Allen Keefner
+1 720-324-1837
email us here

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Rochester's First: Dox Designated as a Registered Provider Organization for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

With this achievement, Dox spells out cybersecurity risks—especially for defense supply-chain companies. That means safer data for everyone.

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Cybersecurity is more connected to Main Street than ever. Private industries and companies, even some of the smallest, need data connectivity that’s safe and secure to keep their bottom line as healthy as possible. Which is not so easy lately. They rely on something many of us might not have thought about 10 months ago—supply chains.

Dox knows how variables, like morphing covid issues and massive computer hacks at the highest levels, can create havoc with companies that need unfettered access to raw materials and other finite resources. These things need to flow seamlessly to function well in any year. So if you suddenly find yourself dealing with ransomware when you need to do order fulfillment, it could be game-over. For a city like Rochester, and countless others like it, businesses that are inching ever closer to the edge of extinction need all the help they can get to keep products moving out the door.

“I think now [supply chain risk] is a topic that has transitioned from esoteric to exoteric as it's more accessible to the public. COVID has made supply chain a dinner table conversation topic, so it's a combination of organizations learning more about third party risk and operational risk, and realizing the consequences of not attending to that risk could be devastating.”
–Joyce Correll
Assistant Director, Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate, National Counterintelligence and Security Center, Office of National Intelligence

As Rochester’s first Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Registered Provider Organization (RPO), Dox Electronics, Inc. is uniquely positioned to serve Department of Defense supply chain contractors as an advisor or as a Managed Service Provider. Yet, it’s also just as capable, maybe more so, to assist local manufacturers to keep their systems up and running. Especially if they’re doing some work downstream from a local primary defense contractor.

What’s CMMC All About?
It depends on who you ask, but for the governing bodies in charge of certification it means complying with very specific Federal cybersecurity requirements. Assessing whether a company is on track or not demands a specially trained eye to spot (sometimes literally) holes in infrastructure and systems used for protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). An oxymoron if there ever was one.

Dox shows suppliers the gaps that exist for safeguarding information they work with that meets Federal CUI criteria—often having to point out that it's CUI in the first place. For those doing business with the Government, it is an absolute necessity to maintain nearly 200 controls CMMC imposes over this information. Many experts are hard-put to explain the rules because they’re far from being finalized. Nevertheless, the government is moving forward with hard deadlines to be ready for assessment. The pressure has led to widespread inaction over the confusion, which has triggered much consternation.

Clarification is desperately needed. Dox goes onsite to scrutinize absolutely every possible vulnerability, whether physical or digital, to help impacted contractors and sub-contractors prepare before time runs out. Even food vendors and janitors need to be properly vetted and follow the appropriate requirements in case they're around CUI.

And Dox Helps How?
As the first in Rochester to achieve the RPO designation, Dox delivers a non-certified, yet authoritative advisory service informed by training on the CMMC Accreditation Body’s standard. Traveling cross-country to perform these intense multi-day inspections, Dox has traveled (with all the safety protocols possible) more or less constantly as new rules and news emerge. When crossing borders isn’t a public-health hurdle, they’ll even head to Canada.

Wherever the companies reside, they each receive a detailed assessment of where the organization stands in the form of a massive book documenting every issue. Whether its leadership puts the advice into practice is up to them. These days no one can really afford to take a chance on their cybersecurity, or take the risk of losing their contracts.

Ken Michael
Dox Electronics
+1 585-329-7766
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The Web Guru Has Officially Declared ASPIRED Its Winner as Guru of The Day

Aspired - Guru of the Day

Aspired – Guru of the Day

Web Guru Awards - WINNER

Web Guru, the Web Development and Service, has officially rendered Aspired as the Winner of its nomination for Guru of the Day in December 2020.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Aspired is honored and humbled of being recognized for its development platform by the Web Guru in December 2020. It has partaken in substantial efforts in maintaining the core values of its platform development agency since its inception. Aspired is well versed in understanding the impetus surrounding the need to enter the globalized market and expand its reach across ethnic, religious, and geographical lines. It has shattered the glass ceiling in terms of removing boundaries between team members and has actively recruited a diverse range of developers that continue to excel in their respective prospects. While many enterprises reached an impasse, Aspired has embraced the Post-Pandemic environment with a vengeance and has set out to acclimate to its relatively new surroundings at an accelerated pace.

It has achieved this by assimilating in the virtual world and ensuring that its recruits and employees engage in a virtual holistic partnership in their remote positions. The impetus with which it has advanced has taken its critics by surprise and garnered widespread acclaim. The crux of Aspired’s values lies in the essence of competence, accuracy, and expertise that we embed within our developers and recruits. Aspired has established an effective hiring mechanism that firmly vets its recruits and hires them based on their technical, psychological, and mental evaluation. It leaves no stone unturned until they perfect the abilities of their developers and unlock their market potential.

Aspired disseminates a fervent adherence to constructing a sense of collaborative and cooperative spirit within its employees who have reflected those values in every business they have partnered with. The modus operandi of this agency places its Clients' Interests as its primary focus in the sense that it experiences an absence of any conflict of interest. It perpetuates a zealous ideology among its developers in removing any form of doubt that may cross their minds and use practical tools to tackle any pressure or challenges that come their way.

Aspired has emerged as a triumphant entity in the duration of this pandemic and promises to broaden its horizons and surprise all of its critics and competitors the same way. It is committed to shattering expectations in terms of excellence, innovation, and satisfaction. It will retain its momentum in the coming years and organize its infrastructure accordingly.

+1 800-973-0714
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Belle Isle, Florida Begins Photo Enforcement Program

Photo of Red light camera enforcement on side of road monitoring traffic as cars drive by

NovoaGlobal provides Belle Isle, Florida Red Light Photo Enforcement. Warning Period begins now.

NovoaGlobal Inc photo enforcement Creating Safer Communities Logo

NovoaGlobal Creating Safer Communities Logo

Belle Isle, Florida Seal which is circle with bird and lake in the background

Belle Isle, Florida Seal

January 1 – January 31 drivers who violate traffic laws receive a warning to change driving habits, then payable enforcement begins February 1, 2021

We look forward to bringing our latest technology to the City of Belle Isle in order to educate road users, enforce traffic laws, creating a safer community for Belle Isle’s families and visitors.”

— Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — The City of Belle Isle, Florida begins its red-light camera program to encourage safe driving at dangerous intersections. NovoaGlobal worked with City officials to install cameras at the most dangerous red-light intersections. The red-light camera enforcement program will begin with a warning period from January 1 to January 31st. This will give motorists time to change their driving habits before payable notices of violation begin February 1st with a fine of $158.

While enforcement is the best way to get drivers to comply with any law, it is impossible for police to be at every intersection. In 2018, 846 people were killed, and an estimated 139,000 were injured in crashes involving red-light running. IIHS found that about half of red-light running crash deaths involve pedestrians, cyclists and occupants in vehicles struck by the red-light runners.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that when properly implemented, red light cameras reduced the fatal red-light running crash rate of large cities by 21% and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at signalized intersections by 14%.

Accidents from red-light running are preventable. Belle Isle contracts with NovoaGlobal, working with City officials, to install cameras at the most dangerous red-light intersections. The following dangerous intersections in Belle Isle will be monitored:

• Hansel Ave @ Oak Ridge Rd NB
• Hansel Ave @ Fairlane Ave NB
• Hoffner Ave @ S Conway Rd EB
• Oak Ridge Rd @ Hansel Ave EB

Signs “Photo Enforced” will be clearly posted at intersections and monitored all day, every day beginning January 1st with advanced photo enforcement technology from NovoaGlobal. The monitoring system captures photos and videos of vehicles that run a red light at the intersection.

After February 1st, if a driver runs a red light, the driver receives a Notice of Violation from the Belle Isle Police Department sent to the car’s registered owner. Photo evidence will be on the Notice of Violation and all photo and video evidence will be available online at for the driver to review. During the warning period, drivers will receive the same violation notice but “Warning” will be stamped across the violation.

“We look forward to bringing our latest technology to the City of Belle Isle,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of NovoaGlobal, “in order to educate road users, enforce traffic laws, thus creating a safer community for Belle Isle’s families and visitors.”

About NovoaGlobal

NovoaGlobal is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced traffic management, photo enforcement and intelligence solutions designed to improve traffic safety, reduce road injuries and fatalities and help law enforcement reduce/solve crime in their communities.

For more information on NovoaGlobal visit

Matina Vourvopoulos
NovoaGlobal, Inc.
+1 401-999-7909
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NovoaGlobal® Florida-Based Photo Enforcement Solutions Provider

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Dr. Ambareen Siraj, Founder Of WiCyS, Named 2020 Cybersecurity Person Of The Year

Cybersecurity Ventures bestows third annual award on professor, researcher, and community organizer

WiCyS was established in 2012 and it has blossomed into one of the most important organizations in our industry due in large part to Dr. Siraj’s guidance and spirit”

— Steve Morgan, founder of Cybersecurity Ventures

SAUSALITO, CA, USA, December 31, 2020 / — Cybersecurity Ventures announced that Dr. Ambareen Siraj, professor of Computer Science and founding director of the Cybersecurity Education, Research and Outreach Center (CEROC) at Tennessee Tech University, has been named 2020 Cybersecurity Person Of The Year.

Dr. Siraj is the founder and a board member at WiCyS (Women in Cybersecurity), the only non-profit membership organization with international reach that is dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring.

“WiCyS was established in 2012 and it has blossomed into one of the most important organizations in our industry due in large part to Dr. Siraj’s guidance and spirit,” says Steve Morgan, founder of Cybersecurity Ventures and editor-in-chief at Cybercrime Magazine. “Dr. Siraj is selfless and never wants to take credit for anything, but she deserves to be recognized for giving us WiCyS.”

The popular WiCyS annual conference was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t deter Dr. Siraj. She and her team pivoted and spearheaded a successful virtual conference. The next WiCyS conference is scheduled to be held in Denver, Colo. on Sep. 8-10, 2021.

A resident of Tennessee, Dr. Siraj endured a difficult year including storms that ravaged the local and surrounding areas. But she persisted and tended to her students at Tennessee Tech, and the WiCyS community.

Dr. Siraj’s effort to educate students and enhance the cybersecurity field of study goes beyond classes, research and outreach projects, workshops and conferences. She has authored or co-authored more than 40 journal and conference articles while taking an active part in promoting cybersecurity training throughout the nation. She is also a frequent speaker in various cybersecurity conferences nationwide. Dr. Siraj was a recipient of the ­Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education Exceptional Leadership in Education Award in 2018.

In 2018, Cybersecurity Ventures named Sylvia Acevedo, Girl Scouts of the USA CEO, its first Cybersecurity Person Of The Year. In 2019, Craig Newmark, billionaire philanthropist and founder of Craigslist, received the award.

Malcomb Farber
Cybersecurity Ventures
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Artisia Promises NY2021 Art Project and Leverages the Use of Blockchain for the Preservation of Humanities Treasures

ArtisiaToken art collecting.

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, December 31, 2020 / — The art industry has been an arena for the rich and famous with sales reaching over 64 billion dollars annually. The art industry without a doubt represents the passion of many but a solid and noble investment for just a few.

Considering that art does not respond to mood swings of the financial market or to economic or political crisis; many wealthy investors, including worldwide top brands and the largest corporations, began art collections investing large sums of money in acquisitions. It is all great; except, when each piece of art was created by the artist, it was certainly made with the intention to pass on a message. It was meant to tell a piece of history, to share a feeling, or to raise a social debate or protest. Artists were allowing admirers of such artworks to connect with the masterpiece, allowing the art to generate an emotion or to form an opinion in each individual. However, the spark and connection have been eliminated little by little, and today there are hundreds of investors buying pieces of art without actually having a personal viewing. No love, no passion, just mathematical and common-sense calculations “cost vs worth” to a point where many buyers, not all, just care about the value and stability represented by the new asset. They look forward to their R.O.I. Emotions or artistic expressions have passed to a second place in what has become a very expensive game at a higher-table.


For the average passionate and caring art lover, unless they hit the jackpot, to acquire or be part of an important art collection it’s nearly impossible. Fortunately, with the arrival of Blockchain Technology, huge industries and monopolies are being dismantled; empowering the general public with more options to be included in great projects and movements. Now art lovers can acquire the right of ownership as part of a decentralized group of owners. For the artist, Blockchain is providing new opportunities to sell and secure their rights and authenticity of the artwork. Together, as a community, they are building what is the foundation of the new art-collecting that connects the future disruption of art and the way one can invest.


The good news is that Blockchain counts today with several art projects that offer good opportunities for participation. One of the projects in 2021 to look-out for is ArtisaToken.

Artisia is offering solutions such as:

– Rescuing art from dusty places with the mission of putting them back on display for the general public’s enjoyment.

– Granting access to any art lover to support a project that gives the rights to co-own, (as part of the largest decentralized group of art owners), a very exclusive art collection.

– Implementing a very strong C.S.R. program that enables one to support other projects in need of funding as long as they are artistic, ecological, or charitable.


Artisia is a project that was born in 2019. People implicated in the company are businessmen who share their passion for art and philanthropy, trying to make the world a better place. They have created a caring community that carries their own payment token called “ARTZ.” Artisia is considered “The Beautiful Caterpillar of the Blockchain World”.

Additionally, ArtisiaToken is creating a virtual and interactive museum where over 5000 pieces of art will be placed for exhibition opening in March 2021. The digital platform also has in the making an upcoming marketplace for exhibition and sale. It will include a digital members-only auction house as an alternative to big houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and others.

Everyone looking to invest and support the international art community is now provided with the opportunity to do so with ease. Every art lover and financial disruptor can be part of the innovating future of art collecting.

For more information, visit


Isaiah S. Price
+1 866-951-0311
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DocPath – Repaso anual 2020 y nuevos proyectos 2021 en soluciones documentales

DocPath - Repaso anual 2020 y nuevos proyectos 2021

DocPath – Repaso anual 2020 y nuevos proyectos 2021

DocPath logo - A step ahead in document software

Pese al parón mundial, DocPath ha seguido trabajando para ofrecer una mayor variedad de herramientas, desarrolladas en la tecnología documental más puntera

Pese al parón que se produjo en la economía mundial, DocPath ha seguido trabajando para ofrecer una mayor variedad de herramientas, desarrolladas en la tecnología documental más puntera”

— Juan Carlos Olivares

TRES CANTOS, MADRID, ESPAñA, December 31, 2020 / — DocPath, compañía multinacional con cerca de 30 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de software documental, quiere aprovechar esta nota de prensa para enviar todo el apoyo y fuerza a las familias afectadas por la crisis sanitaria de este año, tan duro para todos.

Pese al parón que se produjo en la economía mundial, DocPath ha seguido trabajando para ofrecer una mayor variedad de herramientas, desarrolladas en la tecnología documental más puntera.

Repaso anual 2020
Con las mejoras realizadas en la herramienta de diseño DocPath® Designer v.6 y su potente motor de generación DocPath® DocGeneration Engine v6 ahora los clientes pueden cumplir con la Orden ECE 1263/2019 de Servicios de Pago que entró en vigor el pasado 1 de julio de 2020.

También se han producido avances en DocPath ZippyDocs. Esta es la solución perfecta para aquellas empresas de logística que desean mejorar sus procesos documentales, evitando demoras innecesarias, confusiones y errores. Además, permite tener un mayor control sobre el paquete a entregar, así como automatizar e informatizar el flujo todo lo posible.

En cuanto a software legacy, este año se ha trabajado en proyectos de migración de Jetform e Infoprint Designer. Para el reemplazo de Infoprint Designer se han realizado grandes avances en la herramienta de migración de formularios, llegando a convertir más de 3,000 templates en minutos, sin necesidad de modificar nada.

Por último, cabe destacar el inicio de la colaboración de DocPath con la compañía Valpatek Technology Group, queriendo aumentar la distribución e implementación de las soluciones de software documental de DocPath entre sus clientes. Valpatek realiza análisis constantes de las distintas soluciones y tendencias en el mercado, para así ofrecer a sus clientes un mejor servicio.

Proyectos prometedores para 2021
Entre todos los proyectos que DocPath tiene para el año 2021, destacan los siguientes:

DocPath Stylo se ha desarrollado para mejorar los flujos actuales de gestión de documentos y la comunicación entre departamentos. Stylo™ ofrece un mecanismo online sencillo de edición de formularios que se adapta a diferentes perfiles de usuario, los cambios en los documentos se basan fundamentalmente en la edición manual de los textos fijos, así como la composición de nuevos documentos usando plantillas y clausulado existente.

Esta herramienta es extremadamente útil para aquellas empresas que hagan uso de documentos legales, así como campañas de marketing. Los propios componentes de estos departamentos podrán realizar cambios en las plantillas, pero siempre manteniendo un total control sobre quién la modificó, qué cláusula o subformulario modificó y cuando lo hizo. Esto es vital cuando se trata de documentos críticos para el negocio, donde un error puede causar pérdidas muy grandes para la compañía.

DocPath Sinclair ofrece la posibilidad de visualizar y controlar la operación de sus sistemas de generación de documentos. Se trata de la solución deseada por el responsable de gestión de los recursos, ya que su amplia capacidad para proporcionar información lo convierten en la herramienta clave para la gestión del sistema. DocPath Sinclair ofrece ahora la capacidad de crear "configuraciones salvadas" en las que se pueden definir todas las opciones de configuración de las que disponen los motores. Estas configuraciones salvadas pueden aplicarse a los motores bajo demanda y de forma remota.

DocPath ActiveSpooler Enterprise cuenta con las funcionalidades básicas para imprimir, enviar por correo electrónico, enviar mensajes de texto y almacenar en directorios remotos cualquier archivo de salida (documento), entregándolo en cualquier destino definido previamente. Además, cuenta con una interfaz web donde se podrá definir usuarios, impresoras, directorios y en general los recursos que fuesen necesarios para la correcta operación de cada cliente. ActiveSpooler proporciona también al cliente la capacidad de efectuar reintentos de un envío cuando ha existido un problema evitando tener que repetir el proceso de generación.

Desde DocPath solo queda garantizar que sigan trabajando muy duro para perfeccionar el servicio que ofrecen a su clientes, ya sea con un alto nivel de Soporte o mediante un continuo desarrollo y avance tecnológico en sus soluciones de software documental. Y, por supuesto, desean un feliz 2021 a todos!

Juan Carlos Olivares
Chief Operation Officer

Acerca de DocPath
DocPath es una empresa líder en la fabricación de software documental empresarial, que ofrece a sus clientes internacionales la tecnología que les permite complementar su ERP e implementar procesos avanzados de Document Output Management, Customer Communications Management y software documental de spooling. Fundada en 1993, DocPath tiene sedes en Europa, los EE. UU y América Latina y está presente con sus Soluciones en compañías de todo el mundo. Entre sus clientes figuran bancos de reconocido prestigio y corporaciones de primera línea, a los que facilita la difícil y compleja tarea de diseñar, generar y distribuir sus documentos críticos de negocio. DocPath mantiene un fuerte compromiso con el I+D+i, área a la que destina una buena parte de sus ingresos y en la que radica una de las claves de su éxito.

Aviso legal: DocPath es una marca registrada DocPath Corp. Todos los derechos reservados. Otras marcas registradas mencionadas son propiedad de sus respectivos dueños.

Nele Goderis – Communications Manager
+34 918 03 50 00
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Software documental adaptado a las necesidades de su negocio

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New Interface for Outcome Tracking to Enhance Individual Service Plans of Long-Term Services and Supports

ISP Programs are one of the many Person-Centered Planning Tools which Therap has to offer as a comprehensive solution for Person-Centered Services.

WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Therap offers Person-Centered Planning Tools to accommodate the essential problem-solving process which can be used to assist individuals in Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) settings. This process is significant for individuals as it can determine the level of support required to recognize, describe and construct the desires of an individual so that they may achieve purpose and meaning in their life. One of Therap's many Person-Centered Planning Tools, the ISP Program module is designed to equip LTSS providers with the accurate tools and criteria that are necessary to train individuals with disabilities according to the requirements of particular goals or valued outcomes to be achieved. Each ISP Program can be utilized to specify detailed information regarding key elements such as the long term objective, criteria for completion, frequency of documentation and goal to be achieved upon completion.

The new user interface of the ISP Program has been designed to enhance user experience while ensuring that the user is equipped with numerous newly added features. The module is presented in an organized manner with all the sections in a comprehensible order such as scoring details, task(s), teaching method(s), and others as they appear to function within the process. The new section, 'Schedule and Frequency' includes dropdowns which allow a user to specify when programs should be worked on. The new 'External Module Connections' section includes important fields like the 'EVV Supporting Document', 'Billable ISP Program' and 'Participate in Data Driven Outcome (DDO)' fields. The added 'End Date' feature within the module allows users to insert a future date up until which data collection needs to be completed. Additional features such as help buttons, 'Jump to' buttons and Individual Demographic Form (IDF) as well as Individual Home Page links allow easy navigation within the module and provide more guidance to the users.

About Therap
Therap Services provides secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to over 7000 Home and Community Based Service providers, including state contracts and state disability agencies across the United States.

Learn more at .

SOURCE Therap Services

Related Links

Michelle Saunders
Therap Services LLC
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Jianpu Technology(NYSE:JT) Issues Report to Fuel Green Finance Growth in Huizhou

Jianpu Technology Issues Report to Fuel Green Finance Growth in Huizhou

Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT)

BEIJING, 中国, December 31, 2020 / — Chinese fintech leader gauges banks on green growth, charts path forward for development of 'dual circulation' economy in southern Guangdong city

China's leading independent financial product discovery and recommendation platform Jianpu Technology (NYSE:JT) (henceforth referred to as "the Company") recently released the "2020 Huizhou Bank Green Finance Report" that documents the development of green finance in Huizhou, a city in southern China's Guangdong Province.

This report came as Huizhou sets itself on a path toward greener growth, meaning that it aims to develop the economy while remaining keenly aware of the need to protect the environment. This quest begins with tapping green finance and accelerating the transition toward a more environment-friendly manufacturing sector.

Located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Huizhou is at the forefront of China's reform and opening up. As the city pushes to double down on investment efficiency, focus on major industrial projects and promote greater openness in its economy, it is committed to contributing to the "dual circulation" development strategy. This has been borne out by the city's efforts to nurture a green economy. Huizhou authorities encourage businesses to shift toward a more environmentally friendly mode of manufacturing and growth pattern in a new era.

In compiling the report, the Company's research team looked at five dimensions of green finance, including the construction of a green finance system, management methods, products and services, capacity-building and environment-friendly workplace and charity. Employing a quantitative evaluation approach, the report's authors assessed the performance of a dozen banks in Huizhou on the aforementioned five key indicators.

The report finds that the banks in question score exceptionally well in construction of a green finance system. They also show relative strength with regards to classified management of green finance, environment-friendly workplace and charity. Nonetheless, banks in Huizhou exhibit shortcomings in green finance products and services and capacity-building. These issues are in dire need of attention and solutions.

What's more, the report also concludes that the surveyed banks' overall performance mostly ranges between "passed" and "sound." Only three of them are given a "sound" rating. And the banks' performances vary wildly, with state-owned banks generally scoring better than shareholding commercial banks and rural commercial banks.

The "2020 Huizhou Bank Green Finance Report" compares data horizontally and vertically and sets quantitative standards for local financial institutions to follow in areas such as improving mechanisms for green project information disclosure and sharing, strengthening grassroots entities' capabilities in green finance, and establishing a complete variety of green finance products and services. Meanwhile, the report also selects a few banks with outstanding performance in green finance and draws up a list of outstanding cases. These practices add depths to the report from a qualitative point of view.

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The latest report from the Company is yet another example of its deepening collaboration with the parties concerned and its commitment to facilitate industry growth. Under the guidance and auspices of the People's Bank of China's Huizhou Branch and the Huizhou financial administration, the Company's research team joined hands with the Southern Metropolis News and chose Huizhou as the subject of their joint study. They came up with a report based on investigation and evaluation of local banks.

Going forward, finance as a backbone of the economy is set to face new opportunities and challenges, which will likely present major issues for financial professionals to address. The Company will continue to bolster its cooperation with regulators, industry research institutes, colleges and mainstream media in a bid to generate more influential research and offer intellectual support for high-quality growth of the finance industry.

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