Clapper Launched Live and Unique Group Features to Help Video Creators Better Monetize Their Content



“Be heard. Be seen. Be valued.” Message Resonates with Creators on Ad-Free, Equal Opportunity, Short-Video Social Media Platform

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, OH, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2021 / — Clapper, the ad-free, equal opportunity, short-video social media platform, today announced the launch of new live, unique group features that enable video creators to better monetize their content. With Clapper, content creators can now earn income from their own live content without being pushed aside for bigger creators. The platform also debuted a new slogan: “Be heard. Be seen. Be valued.” Clapper is the fastest-growing short-video social platform focused on providing local and global videos to all people. Users can see the latest trends and people’s real lives as they unfold, as well as people’s opinions and talents.

“On Clapper, you can feel like yourself,” said Edison, CEO of Clapper. “Chances are, you want to express your authentic self—your beliefs, your views and your real life. On Clapper you can be heard, be seen, and be valued.”

Today, social media tends to push most traffic towards big creators, while creators in the middle and normal users do not get the opportunity to showcase their lives and opinions and have the possibility to be seen. Clapper feels that everyone’s lives should have a chance to be seen, Clapper uses equal opportunity algorithms to show ordinary, real, and diversified communities of people through the sharing of short videos and livestreams.

Clapper is a fan-driven, subscription-based platform rather than an ad-based platform that does not sell user data. The platform has a paid subscription feature called Clapper FAM. With Clapper FAM, creators of good content, who have followers, can earn money from their supporters. Creators can accomplish this goal using Clapper’s best-in-class tools. There are no limits on the abundance of content variety that can be produced. Users are expressing their enthusiasm for this approach.

With monetization, Clapper now offers a practical path for content creators to sustain themselves on an ad-free, short-video social media platform. Content creating users get access to an easy and intuitive interface that makes using the app simple and effortless.

“We at Clapper believe that Gen Y to Baby boomers can be content creators because content is showing the real life around you. We believe that your content should not be to pleasing everyone, but should be for you and people like you,” Edison added. “At Clapper, you do not have worry about edits and sound effects.”

At Clapper, users can see people that TikTok does not notice—the ordinary but often remarkable real lives of most people. What a truck driver saw and heard on the road; a small family farm founded in 1908 and the farm owner showing you how to feed beef cows; hunters from Texas; foodie lovers; boxing instructors; home flip workers; fitness instructors; cowboys; country singers. Anyone can find themselves being heard, being seen, and being valued on Clapper.

For more information visit or Clapper's pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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Biiibo Logo

Biiibo Logo

Biiibo Inc. delivers construction materials to your job site within two hours with the click of a button.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 31, 2021 / — Biiibo Inc., a Toronto-based digital construction marketplace, is expanding to the Vancouver metropolitan area.

Biiibo launched its digital platform in early 2020 and has helped thousands of customers in the Greater Toronto Area source construction materials on demand. Through their e-commerce platform, Biiibo improves efficiencies in the construction supply chain for homeowners, builders, contractors, and retailers.

As of Feb 1st, Biiibo is excited to expand to the Vancouver metropolitan area.


On-Demand Delivery
Customers can choose between delivery options like scheduled, same-day, or express two-hour delivery.

A User-Friendly App and Website
With Biiibo, contractors and individuals can order any material they need from lumber, flooring, drywall to trim and doors.

Pro Membership Benefits
BiiiboPro members will enjoy an unlimited number of free same-day deliveries, 50% off 2-hour express deliveries, accounting reports, and exclusive offers.

“We’re excited to be bringing our marketplace and services to Vancouver this year,” said Roger Sabat, Biiibo Founder and CEO. “Customers in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area can now rely on Biiibo to procure their construction materials and have them delivered on demand. We are confident that our technology will enhance the customer experience and improve supply chain logistics.”

Interview Opportunities Available with Biiibo Founder & CEO Roger Sabat

Daniela Sabat
Biiibo Inc.
+1 647-960-0758
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REIMAGINE Blockchain Conference Re-Launch Celebrates the New Year with REIMAGINE 2021 V.6

REIMAGINE the future of blockchain technology during the largest crypto Virtual Conference presented by MouseBelt & REIMAGINE 2021

The REIMAGINE virtual conference series is back to ring in 2021 with all new interviews from never-before-seen guests such as Anthony Pompliano and Tim Draper.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / — MouseBelt Blockchain Accelerator–an ecosystem supporting students and startups in the blockchain industry–along with their event sponsor, EasyFi, announced today they will be releasing version 6.0 of their virtual conference series, now relaunched as REIMAGINE 2021, on Jan 30. The event will follow a New Year theme: “BUIDLing Crypto REsolutions”. After a tough year with Covid-shutdowns, economic downturns, and socio-political conflicts this version of the series seeks to focus on the future. Interviews with top technologists, business executives, students and educators alike will focus on their goals in the new year, the recent trends they are most excited about and all their predictions about where blockchain and crypto is headed in coming months.

RSVP Here.

The previous five events in the REIMAGINE series have featured over 300 interviews with 240 hours of content from speakers in 22 countries. Notable speakers include:

Crypto leaders: Erik Voorhees, Brock Pierce, Andreas Antonopoulos, Justin Sun, Charles Hoskinson, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, Mark Yusko, Dan Held,Michael Saylor and many others.

Industry: Coca Cola, AB-Inbev, Fed EX, Unicef, ING Bank, Rolls Royce, and 20+ others

DeFi: Chainlink, KAVA Labs, MyEtherWallet, eToro, SyntheticX, Ampleforth, SKALE Labs, Bison Trails, BinanceX

Universities: 30+ universities including UC Davis, Loyola, University of Michigan, Morgan State, Duquesne, Marquette, Toulouse Business School, RMCAD, University of Arkansas, UConn and more – V1.0, V2.0

The newest series will feature all-new content produced with the support of the Blockchain Education Alliance partners and sponsor EasyFi–a Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol. New speakers include celebrity venture capitalist Tim Draper, Anthony Pompliano, Arthur Breitman (founder of Tezos), Pamela Clegg (CipherTrace), Sergej Kotliar (founder of Bitrefill), and Emilano Grodzki (CEO Bitfarms). Returning speakers include Mark Yusko, Craig Wright, Justin Sun and Patrick Collins (Chainlink). Student blockchain organizations from MouseBelt University–an educational platform for students from 100+ schools in 24 countries, will also participate.

The virtual conference and networking event is designed to connect blockchain talent to infrastructure and industry. The goal is to welcome enthusiasts far and near to share their experiences and education. The team hopes these stories can serve as both entertainment and advice for the students and professionals alike tuning in. “It feels like the first month of a brand new world. Interest and development in crypto is higher than ever and there’s no limit to where it can go.” said Ashlie Meredith, Head of Education at MouseBelt and Co-Director of REIMAGINE 2021.

About MouseBelt
MouseBelt is an ecosystem promoting blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development of the emerging projects and leaders in the industry. The leaders they support are:

Startups – MouseBelt accelerator supports early-stage companies with capital and in-kind investments;
Builders – MouseBelt Engineering supports developers and projects with open-source tools and a development shop; and
Community – its media and university projects encourage newcomers to get involved with blockchain.

Ashlie M Meredith
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Childhood friends training the unemployed for free snag Jefferson Awards 2021 Silver Medal

Job Hackers Logo

Job Hackers Logo

Jefferson Award Photo

Jefferson Award Photo

Jefferson Award Medal

Jefferson Award Medal

For those of you who may be wondering if one person can make a difference, look no further than the Jefferson Awards.”

— David Rawlings

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / — Over three years ago, Larry Apke and Dave Rawlings, friends since childhood, founded The Job Hackers, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the unemployed, providing a free training program that would normally cost thousands of dollars per person. Since then, they have provided over $2 million of free training. Through their experience, they are helping the unemployed find work and bring diversity to the tech world. For their efforts they were given a Silver Medal from the Jefferson Awards in a virtual ceremony on January 27 and are now in the running for a national award.

In his acceptance speech, David Rawlings, Head of Operations, stated “For those of you who may be wondering if one person can make a difference, look no further than the Jefferson Awards. Each week KPIX profiles someone who is making a difference in the world. Everyone of these individuals is deserving of this award which is why we are even more humbled to be chosen.”

For his part, Larry Apke, Chief Agile Officer, emphasized the Job Hackers community, “While we might be the faces that the public sees, the Job Hackers is a thriving community of over 2000 individuals – volunteers, partners and participants. We accept this award on their behalf.”

The core offering of the Job Hackers is a class commonly referred to as “the Agile MBA”, a course that teaches students Agile and Scrum. It also prepares students to pass the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Certification exam. According to LinkedIn, Scrum Masters are well paid and it is one of the fastest-growing professions.

Scrum Masters lead Scrum Teams for the delivery of projects ranging from software development to marketing. Apke volunteers his time to teach the course by Zoom and it has received raved reviews for being insightful, helpful and well put together.

The course normally costs up to $2,000 but is available free of charge to anyone around the world. In lieu of payment, students are asked to give back to their community by volunteering their time.

“We estimate that we’ve given away about $2 million in free training to more than 750 students and added thousands of hours of volunteer time,” said Apke.

Graduates also have access to job listings, resume review services, networking to with a Slack community of nearly 2,000 people and other resources that support a job search.

“Even during the pandemic, about 40 percent of our graduates find a job within 90 days,” said The Job Hackers explained Mr. Apke. “Many find management jobs, with some earning a six-figure income. Registration is open to everyone around the world and there’s no prerequisite.”

The average age of their students is 43, roughly half are minorities, and 60 percent are women, many returning to work after taking care of parents or children. One of the reasons there are a lot of women is because they partner with many women’s groups.

The Job Hackers can also help companies become more competitive by offering the same training in a two-day program. The unique curriculum covers Agile, Scrum, Quality, Product Design and Flow, Systems Thinking, Employee Motivation and more.

The Job Hackers mission is to help candidates find employment. It does this by providing valuable knowledge about Agile and Scrum to prepare them for real-world jobs and working with them and employers to ensure the proper placement of participants.

Nobody at The Job Hackers gets paid. Their mission is accomplished with a corps of volunteers and on a shoestring budget of about $10,000 per year. You can support The Job Hackers cause by making a donation, becoming a partner or shopping at its online store.

“If you need a job, no matter where you are, sign-up for our course. It costs you nothing and it could be the best decision of your life,” said Apke.

To find out more about The Job Hackers see their website. You can also contact Larry Apke at

Larry Apke
The Job Hackers
+1 480-313-4241

Jefferson Award Broadcast

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New Technology Changes Landscape of Live Chat with OnoLiv – A Single Live Chat App for Any Website

OnoLiv Screenshot

The live chat app for users enables users to access live chat support from any website.

MUMBAI, INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — OnoLiv. is pleased to announce it is changing the way mobile device users access live chat support with its single live chat app.

OnoLiv is a patented problem-solving technology that enables website visitors to capture a complete live chat market on over 20+ million websites. With over 2+ billion live chat users, OnoLiv’s single mobile app transforms website-based chat services to a seamless live chat experience that helps consumers to easily connect with businesses from around the world.

According to OnoLiv’s founder, Yogesh Rathod, OnoLiv solves the age-old problem of mobile users lack of access to integrated live chat features found on many websites. Typically, when a mobile user attempts to use the live chat feature from the website on their browser, they experience crashing or freezing of their browsers, leading to much frustration and inability to access help when they need it most.

“In addition to these browser issues, many online businesses and websites are tricking their visitors by employing different channels for marketing and supporting customers,” says Rathod. “As such, customers are left in long lineups if they are simply seeking service support and not looking to spend extra money. With OnoLiv, however, we’ve created a new channel of communication which supports precious visitors and converts them to paying customers, too.”

OnoLiv’s unique, innovative, and newly patented technology ensures efficient service and seamless communication between businesses and consumers. The app primarily focuses on enhancing customer support within one single app when compared to multiple web-based live chat services frequently found on websites. With OnoLiv, both businesses and consumers will experience a host of useful benefits, including:

● Single mobile app for users to chat with available agents on any website

● In the event of click or tap on “OnoLiv” button in currently visited one or more websites, users can automatically view the names of all current websites in their OnoLiv app and can select any website and connect with associated agent

● Unobtrusive, standardized interface with saved logs to enable access to past conversations

● Accessible from multiple devices, including mobile, desktop, smartphone and tablet

● Chat with multiple online businesses at once

● Ability to chat with agents based on the website’s menu options

● With just one tap, users can share selective user information with live chat agents

● Frequently updated interface which can utilize local storage, GPS, cameras, and different types of media

● And so much more!

To utilize OnoLiv, websites simply need to integrate the app button. Visitors, customers, or users of the website merely need to tap on the OnoLiv button to open or install (if not installed) the OnoLiv app.

For more information about OnoLiv, please visit or view the video below.

About OnoLiv

A robust competitor of WhatsApp Business, which completely lacks OnoLiv’s revenue oriented useful patented features, OnoLiv also offers all of the interactive features of an instant messaging app and in addition it provides an innovative single place to connect with an available agent of any website in real-time, enabling businesses and consumers to connect seamlessly and with ease.

Yogesh Rathod
+91 98218 98140

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Avoid Geo-blocking Online with a Free VPN

Kiss geo-blocks goodbye and access the internet wherever you are in the world.

INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — It’s kind of annoying, isn’t it? How you can’t access some of the content online even though it’s clearly up on the world wide web? It’s happened to me quite a few times before, I was googling a certain Netflix movie list and the results came out great so I clicked on the link. To my dismay, it took me to nowhere but the homepage. I tried manually typing the movie title on the search box but still to no avail. Why? Well, I didn’t know about it too until earlier this month.

There’s this thing called Geo-blocking. Basically, it is a system used to restrict access to a specific internet content based upon the user’s geographical location. Big companies adapt to this practice to protect their digital assets and to make sure that they are giving away their information or content only to their target audience. By putting up geo-blocks, streaming sites such as Netflix can stay in control of all their online releases. This is why some users can’t access certain Netflix libraries even though they are subscribed to the same service.

It’s understandable, but when you diligently pay your subscription and you aren’t able to enjoy what the other users do, it can get kind of annoying on your part. Thankfully, there are ways, legal ones, to help you bypass all these geographical restrictions so you can continue the online fun, wherever you are in the world. One of which is by installing and activating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service on your mobile device or laptop.

By using a VPN, you can change your virtual location to make it appear like you’re streaming from a different country than your own. For example, you live in India and you want to watch a show from the US Netflix library, all you have to do is pick any US server location, connect, and you can kiss geo-blocks goodbye. But, is it safe? Of course. Changing your virtual location means masking your real IP address, thus making your streaming activities hidden from an unwelcomed guest. You can stream all you want, risk-free and restriction-free.

To get into it, you can start by downloading a free VPN service like GoingVPN. With nearly twenty server locations around the globe, you can surely find one that can help you bypass geographical locations to enjoy a Netflix marathon wherever and whenever you like. Learn more by clicking here:

You may download the GoingVPN app from the Google Play Store for free.
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Setting up a Free VPN Connection

For added security and privacy online, connect to a trusted VPN service.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — In a modern society where the majority of the population rely on the internet, some groups of people take advantage of this wondrous innovation. There are cyberthieves that steal personal information of internet users, website cookies that track each user’s online activities for targeted advertising, and other online third-parties that trace internet users’ browsing activities for their own purposes.

Whatever these third parties’ reasons may be, it is quite unsettling that there are people who can see what you do online. It feels like an invasion of privacy.

Good thing is, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) guarantees internet users of their security and privacy. A VPN organizes a connection between the user’s device and the internet. By connecting to a VPN, the data traffic of the user is encrypted through a “virtual tunnel” powered by the VPN tool. As a result, the user will have a newly curated IP address so that the real IP address would be masked and invisible to the third parties.

Choosing the Right Free VPN

VPN is becoming more popular these days and it’s getting more difficult to choose what kind of VPN is suitable for every user as there are several VPN tools to choose from- from paid VPNs to free VPNs. As for the users who don’t want to shell out some cash or are just new to the idea, that is VPN, a free VPN could be worth the try.

A little tip: the best free VPN services have tight encryptions that allow BitTorrent traffic. As for added features, free VPNs that offer unlimited bandwidth is also a great criteria for the users’ online browsing pleasure.

Also, while doing research on what free VPN tool is the most suitable for one’s browsing needs, he must carefully read the VPN’s privacy terms. One must make sure that the VPN does not collect any online users’ data. Also, find time to notice if the terms of service section is written clearly and easy to understand. To test out a free VPN, check out this free VPN tool.

Establishing a Free VPN Connection

Once an internet user has chosen a VPN tool, he has to download that certain VPN service. After the download, open the VPN service then choose a server location. Press the “Connect” button found in the middle of the main interface and wait for the connection to be established. Once the VPN is done connecting to the device, exit the app and one may enjoy online browsing with added security and privacy.

Safety Precautions

Although a VPN is helpful in many ways, an internet user must understand that this tool also has its limitations.

While some of the VPNs have malware or ad blocker, the majority have no features like these. To add security on one’s device, it is better to install an antivirus software to further protect one’s devices from malware attacks. It is also advisable to change one’s passwords every now and then.
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Analysis: Biden to take a tough stance on Big Tech policy

Joe Biden 46th U.S. President

Joe Biden 46th U.S. President

Inside Telecom

Inside Telecom

Biden will take a more specific stance on reigning in tech than his predecessor Trump, who only complained about those aspects of that affected him politically.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 30, 2021 / — Many of Big Tech’s expected future regulatory challenges are a result of their own making – as in the case of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

These companies are being charged by some countries with monopolistic tendencies, prompting some of the regulators in states to send warnings to these firms so they can get their act together.

The role of social media on influencing the extraordinary storming of the U.S. Capitol building and tech’s subsequent last-minute efforts to curb disinformation and hate speech has put Big Tech under the spotlight.

Among other unprecedented moves were Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that banned outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump from their platforms because of the danger his postings represented to public safety.

Clearly a line had been crossed within the sanctity of free speech, putting Trump in essentially the same pitch as terrorists and child pornographers who are usually banned from using any social media.

Trump’s tweets were deemed as repeatedly trafficking in disinformation about the U.S. election that evolved into statements that inherently inspired widespread violence.

With the suspension of the former president and various fellow travelers from Twitter and Facebook, the amount of misinformation has dropped markedly.

However, it is important to note the calamity of Trump’s exodus has narrowly slipped by U.S. regulations of archiving presidential tweets and postings on various other platforms under the Freedom of Information Act.

Also, Facebook and Twitter have eliminated thousands of accounts related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which wove a dark series about the “DeepState” and child-kidnapping world leadership and expunged the earlier exploding “#StopTheSteal” movement – which claimed massive vote fraud without a shred of evidence.

These moves at cleaning house by Big Tech are first time such action in the political space and illustrate the change of mood and perception from the social media policies in the last few years. This has sparked a worldwide debate over technological jurisdictions on what and whom Big Tech can police on a global stage – especially that countries are leaning towards localizing data extracted from their respective citizens, as Turkey has previously done.

On the U.S. front, Biden will take a much more specific stance on reigning in tech than his predecessor Trump, who only complained about those aspects of that affected him politically, — i.e., Section 230 – which for years has acted as a liability shield for tech separating what is posted on or through these Big Tech services from the services themselves.

Newly sworn-in Biden has promised to get tougher on this particular aspect of Big Tech, such as Facebook for allowing rampant disinformation and has said he will back efforts to repeal of Section 230, which has long served to protect the industry in often controversial cases.

Promulgated more than 20 years ago as part of the Communications Decency Act, Section 230 is a mere 26 words long, but has had a huge impact in protection of Big Tech from liability.

This small codicil was included to allow leeway on freedom of speech, put tech services on similar footing with the U.S. Postal Service, which comparably, is not responsible for the letters people write.

The section opened Pandora’s Box in that tech did not self-police the other side of the issue – the posting of hate speech, disinformation, or inflammatory posting designed to cause violence.

Section 230 reads as follows:

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

Former President Barack Obama continued to endorse this and other “freedom of speech” policies, along with tax rules and financial incentives embraced by the-then younger tech industry in hopes of fostering growth.

From the Obama administration viewpoint this was for purposes of encouraging innovation to a still maturing sector.

Now 12 years later, following Obama’s double term and Trump’s one, forecasts are that Biden will change course on Section 230.

This expected move is not only because the industry has matured, but additionally to all but the most laissez-faire observer, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and comparable services have grown to encompass many modern communications, which encompass a large spectrum of posting and their often-malignant result. (Please paraphrase this paragraph to make it clearer).

“The era of permission-less innovation is over,” said Darrell West, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who studies tech policy in an interview with U.S. public radio, NPR. “There’s going to be more public engagement, more public oversight and public regulation of the technology sector.”

“Biden will be tougher on the tech sector than Obama was because the party has moved to the left on tech policy,” he said, including the reform of Section 230 known as techs liability shield.

This section of the Communications Decency Act – which at the time, absolved various companies of primary responsibility for what was posted through their services – gave an apt cover from lawsuits, but ultimately is facing stiff and growing opposition from the GOP, Democrats, and Europeans, albeit for very different ideological reasons.

As the new administration was sworn in on Jan. 20, the world can set its watches on the speed of change that will take place by regulators and by the tech industry itself, on this and other key regulatory issues.

While Biden is seeking to revoke Section 230 in the near term, he has neither called for immediate cancelation, nor has the upcoming administration proposed comprehensive replacement for the law.

U.S. vs Google
For monopolistic Big Tech, the potential regulatory snowball has started rolling downhill already and will only increases under the Biden administration.

Just days before the Nov. 3 general elections, the U.S. Justice Department filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google. This legal action against the search giant is to date the federal governments largest such anti-trust gambit but follows closely in similar actions that have been under way in the European Union.

[…] Read the full article on Inside Telecom.

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Song fi re-invents social media and takes on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with MOS-21

MOS-21 re-invents Social Media

MOS-21 re-invents Social Media

MOs-21 integrates seamlessly with Android and IOS Operating Systems

MOs-21 integrates seamlessly with Android and IOS Operating Systems

MOS-21 Photo-pro provides state of the art photo editing without having to download expensive and complicated photo editing programs to your computer because it is available on every Song fi members page.

MOS-21 Photo-pro provides state of the art photo editing without having to download expensive and complicated photo editing programs to your computer because it is available on every Song fi members page.

All Song fi member have access to the revolutionary MOS-21 online video editing suite that allows all the videos from your phone and other locations to be editing and produced into high end productions for personal and business use.

All Song fi member have access to the revolutionary MOS-21 online video editing suite that allows all the videos from your phone and other locations to be editing and produced into high end productions for personal and business use.

Every Song fi member has on-demand video conferencing for desktop and mobile applications with built in teaching aids to assist parents with in home learning.

Every Song fi member has on-demand video conferencing for desktop and mobile applications with built in teaching aids to assist parents with in home learning.

Founder Stevie Marco delivers the world a "robust and respectful social media solution"

Song fi is not a political platform but rather a home for the “Arts” and the “People” with music, video, film and robust social media that is about respect and free speech.”

— Stevie Marco

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2021 / — How can a company like Song fi ever compete with Big Tech and expect to become successful? Not only can we compete, we can bring about a paradigm shift in consumer technology that is focused on the “Arts” and the “People”. This mandate is reflected in the founding documents of the company wherein the first 100,000 members of Song fi own 10% of the gross profits of the company. Musicians, writers and filmmakers who post their original content on the Song fi Broadcasting Network "SBN" also collectively receive 12 % of the gross revenue of the company which creates meaningful long term compensation for the arts. holds a competitive advantage over Big Tech because they provide services piecemeal, while Song fi provides those same services collectively through our Multimedia Operating SystemMOS-21”. A good analogy would be Home Depot, where consumers visit one location and get everything they need for their home. The same is true with Song fi, but for technology. Not since Steve Jobs has such astounding innovation to graphic interface technology been achieved.

The world is now hip to the motives of Facebook, YouTube and the other tech monopolies because the novelty has worn off as we realize we have been duped by the sting of “relentless targeted ads and intentionally compromised personal information”. We are being surveilled everywhere we go, like a jailer’s ankle bracelet, in the form of a cell phone with the internet becoming a giant shopping mall that won’t leave us alone.

The point is Facebook and Google are not the product, we are, because our data is being sold to the highest bidder as we are harassed by texts, phone calls and pop-up ads. Equally concerning is where our personal data is going as Facebook and other Big Tech sell it to third parties without our knowledge or consent. In order for Song fi to become the next great technology solution, we have eliminated the hijacking and resale of personal data as a requirement for success. Song fi also delivers a far better product and service compared to Big Tech, while at the same time protecting the public and the youth from harm. With the release of MOS-21, combined with bulletproof privacy protections and reinvented social media, a great new company will rise.

Song fi is all about social media done right. American laws that apply to society also apply to the internet. It is therefore a crime to threaten someone with bodily harm, publish child pornography or participate in other conduct that violates the law. If such content is posted, Song fi has a legal duty to remove it, and we will. It is not up to Song fi however, or any other internet service provider, to become a fact checker of truth relating to politics or other subjective matters of free speech. Once censorship starts, online platforms become the publisher and lose their liability protections under 47 U.S.C. § 230, of the Federal Communications Decency Act.

A key asset of Song fi is that we are not a political platform. Song fi is rather focused on music, video, film and other forms of entertainment with a robust social media component that is about respect and free speech. You can talk politics if you want, no problem, but politics do not remotely define Song fi. This fact sets the company apart and delivers a powerful and positive message through music and the arts with a robust and respectful social media component. Everyone agrees that a line in the sand must be drawn between free speech and violations of law and Song fi will be the leader in striking that balance with social media reform and a Terms of Service in the best interest of the "Arts" and the "People".

“Song fi believes in organic person to person social media communications and refuses to create artificial intelligence algorithms that take you down a potentially dangerous path”, said Song fi founder Stevie Marco. Something that most people don’t realize is that a major percentage of Facebook ad revenue comes from users promoting their pages. For example; a Facebook page with bad intentions can buy limitless ads to promote their page. This activates algorithms that distribute targeted ads to as many people as their advertising dollar will buy. This is a major problem that leads to brainwashing and outlandish conspiracy theories spreading like wildfire. Song fi solves this harmful and divisive Facebook policy by way of our “ad free subscription model" that is affordable to everyone. Song fi members, albeit individual or business, cannot buy ads to promote their pages so the potential for brainwashing and dangerous rabbit holes is forever eliminated by a fundamental policy shift. Song fi social media is organic and person to person involving friends, family, business associates and others, but never driven by an ad model computer algorithm designed to lure someone into a potentially dangerous place", said Stevie Marco

Song fi's Multimedia Operating System MOS-21 also changes the game with robust content integration allowing members to click on any photo in their gallery and be taken into advanced editing mode where photos can be cropped, mirrored, overlaid and merged together with text, art inserts, opacity, gradients and many other state of the art graphic interfaces that can be integrated with music, voiceover, video and art to create “Musi-gram” and “Viddy” productions. Song fi messenger also has new assets currently not available in any other messaging service for content creation, security, sharing, organization and storage. MOS-21 also delivers video conferencing on every Song fi members page with teaching aids to assit parents with in home learning.

Song fi comes to market March 21st 2021 with prelaunch beta-testing beginning February 21st 2021.
Welcome to Song fi.

Stevie Marco
Song fi LLC
+1 240-432-3265

The Social Dilemma

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How the BLINK Art Group is Making the Art World More Transparent and Accessible to Everyone

Founder of the BLINK Art Group shares how art is becoming more accessible and transparent for everyone through online exhibitions.

LA, USA, January 29, 2021 / — Abstract artist, Astor Milan Salcedo (51), is the founder of the BLINK Art Group, an online platform connecting artists, art lovers, and art collectors. Suiting the current worldwide pandemic, which has most countries in lockdown, limiting the number of people who can enjoy an art exhibition in person, the BLINK Art Group aims to make the art world accessible and transparent to the rest of the world.

As of the 1 July, 2020, the BLINK Art Group announced their partnership with the ‘Federal Association for Independent Art Consultants’ (BVUK), an independent interest group sustaining the reputation of qualified art consultants based in the German art market. All BVUK members adhere to a code of ethics to maintain the standards associated with art consultancy and how art advisors communicate with art collectors, importantly, maintaining a level of trust and transparency in the art market.

BLINK Art Group offers anyone with a love of art and a desire to collect art pieces assistance in finding what they are looking for by consulting with an art advisor who caters to a particular, desired, art style. Art collectors are assisted in two ways, either by finding their individual approach to start a private collection or by finding a piece they need to add to their established collection.

Online Exhibitions

The BLINK Art Group has a selection of contemporary artist's work on display and secondary market pieces. Some of the contemporary artists on display, including Astor Milan Salcedo, are Verena Schöttmer, Armin Völckers, Daniel Hörner, Jelle Wagenaar, and Max Dunlop. Each artist above has a personal profile accessible on the website where more information about their individual art pieces is available.

Sharing Knowledge, Skills, and Creativity

As part of the main vision for the BLINK Art Group, to cultivate the world’s knowledge and appreciation of all forms of art, Salcedo also chose to put a group of artists together to share their wealth of knowledge, skills, and creativity with fellow artists. This is provided by means of a Newsletter and News, which explores the current art climate and goes into more depth about various artists and their selected works. Art lovers can join the Newsletter from the BLINK Art Group website.

Astor Milan Salcedo is a Spanish-born artist, but has been all over the world showcasing his unique artistic expression – he’s exhibited in prominent cities like London, Hamburg, and Palm Beach in the United States. He started his artistic career as a portrait and fashion photographer, and before that, he delved into the world of documentary filmmaking (winning a prestigious ‘Deutscher Fernsehpreis’ award for a documentary on the atomic bomb as the creative director).

Salcedo can be regarded as a multifaceted artist, claiming his seat at the table of contemporary art. His compositions depict his discovery and exploration of the sensual nature of colours, mainly using oil paints, and textures on different surfaces like primed canvases, photographs, paper, prints, unprimed canvases and his personal favourite, linen.

Describing himself as a visual documentarian, he finds inspiration from the world around him, his ‘watchful interest’ is focused on the spectrum of human emotions and expression he finds in the people he meets, nature, music, politics, history, and his own quest to find ‘existential equilibrium of the physical, mental, and spiritual’.

Salcedo is also the co-founder of Yacht Art Management (YAM), managing high-end art collections for Mega Yachts. He works alongside Tilman Kriesel, whose family founded the Sprengel Museum, one of Germany’s best museums in Hannover. Salcedo’s art pieces can be found on his personal website and on the BLINK Art Group, where he also offers maritime art advice for art collectors, additionally, his services with the Yacht Art Management are available online.

About BLINK Art Group

The BLINK Art Group is an online platform for art lovers, artists, and art collectors to meet and mingle to share knowledge, skills, and creativity about art in all its forms. Their vision is to make the art world more accessible and transparent to everyone.

Adriaan Brits (Press Agent)
BLINK Art Group
+44 20 3287 1724

Source: EIN Presswire