New Technology Changes Landscape of Live Chat with OnoLiv – A Single Live Chat App for Any Website

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The live chat app for users enables users to access live chat support from any website.

MUMBAI, INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — OnoLiv. is pleased to announce it is changing the way mobile device users access live chat support with its single live chat app.

OnoLiv is a patented problem-solving technology that enables website visitors to capture a complete live chat market on over 20+ million websites. With over 2+ billion live chat users, OnoLiv’s single mobile app transforms website-based chat services to a seamless live chat experience that helps consumers to easily connect with businesses from around the world.

According to OnoLiv’s founder, Yogesh Rathod, OnoLiv solves the age-old problem of mobile users lack of access to integrated live chat features found on many websites. Typically, when a mobile user attempts to use the live chat feature from the website on their browser, they experience crashing or freezing of their browsers, leading to much frustration and inability to access help when they need it most.

“In addition to these browser issues, many online businesses and websites are tricking their visitors by employing different channels for marketing and supporting customers,” says Rathod. “As such, customers are left in long lineups if they are simply seeking service support and not looking to spend extra money. With OnoLiv, however, we’ve created a new channel of communication which supports precious visitors and converts them to paying customers, too.”

OnoLiv’s unique, innovative, and newly patented technology ensures efficient service and seamless communication between businesses and consumers. The app primarily focuses on enhancing customer support within one single app when compared to multiple web-based live chat services frequently found on websites. With OnoLiv, both businesses and consumers will experience a host of useful benefits, including:

● Single mobile app for users to chat with available agents on any website

● In the event of click or tap on “OnoLiv” button in currently visited one or more websites, users can automatically view the names of all current websites in their OnoLiv app and can select any website and connect with associated agent

● Unobtrusive, standardized interface with saved logs to enable access to past conversations

● Accessible from multiple devices, including mobile, desktop, smartphone and tablet

● Chat with multiple online businesses at once

● Ability to chat with agents based on the website’s menu options

● With just one tap, users can share selective user information with live chat agents

● Frequently updated interface which can utilize local storage, GPS, cameras, and different types of media

● And so much more!

To utilize OnoLiv, websites simply need to integrate the app button. Visitors, customers, or users of the website merely need to tap on the OnoLiv button to open or install (if not installed) the OnoLiv app.

For more information about OnoLiv, please visit or view the video below.

About OnoLiv

A robust competitor of WhatsApp Business, which completely lacks OnoLiv’s revenue oriented useful patented features, OnoLiv also offers all of the interactive features of an instant messaging app and in addition it provides an innovative single place to connect with an available agent of any website in real-time, enabling businesses and consumers to connect seamlessly and with ease.

Yogesh Rathod
+91 98218 98140

Source: EIN Presswire