Peter Fetherston Celebrates 5-years of success in the tech industry

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 / — Peter Fetherston, CEO of Fetherston Technologies, is proud to celebrate its 5th year in business. The company has developed software for hundreds of companies from across industries in the 5-years that it has been in operation. Fetherston Technologies is mainly focused on developing enterprise management software and managing cloud-based applications for its clients. So good are the company’s products that in the last 3-years, it has won multiple awards in the software development space.

As part of its celebration of success in the software development space, the company has announced that it is diversifying its products and will soon be launching a data division offering cloud-based data analysis services. This division’s launch is informed by emerging trends that point to big data as the tech industry’s next growth area. Research shows that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily, and only a small fraction of it is analyzed. The move to get into the data market is also informed by the feedback it has been getting from its customers. Most of its clients have been requesting data-related projects in the last couple of years, and it is only natural to respond to their needs. Fetherston Technologies hopes to capitalize on this opportunity and have data generate at least 40% of total company revenues by 2030. To ensure that its next phase of growth is successful, the company has hired a team of data analysts and machine learning experts. The team is made up of 10 people, but they hope to scale it up as the business grows. Essentially, the company’s entry into the data analytics market is an extension of its core belief in giving customers the best technology services possible.

The company’s continued success has a lot to do with the management prowess of Peter Fetherston. Peter started the company as a solo practice but has since grown it into an I.T entity with a national reach and more than fifty tech employees. Fetherston is a tech guy and graduated among the top students in his computer science class before pursuing a master of science in computer engineering. He also holds an MBA with a focus on strategic planning. After completing his studies, Fetherston went on to work for some of the biggest technology companies in Silicon Valley before launching Fetherston Technologies. His deep understanding of technology and strong management skills have been instrumental to the company’s growth so far and will also be essential to its success going into the future. He can leverage his skills and experience to quickly figure out the next significant steps in technology and craft teams with the expertise to make things happen.

Going forward, the company has some exciting growth plans in the pipeline. For starters, it is looking to get into the fast-growing blockchain technology space. Fetherston is already invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but he believes there is more to the technology than cryptocurrencies. One of the tech applications that the company wants to implement is document security and verification. The company believes that blockchain technology’s immutable nature is an opportunity to come up with tamperproof digital documents and eliminate some of the crimes associated with document tampering. To actualize this move, the company is currently laying the framework to hire full-stack Ethereum developers and kick-start this project in late 2021. Since it still early days in the adoption of blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrencies, the company hopes to capture at least 10% of the blockchain-based documents verification market by the year 2030. This could see it generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues.

The company is also looking into ways to incorporate blockchain technology in the digital identity space. According to Fetherston, the increased rate at which conventional cybersecurity tools are being breached points to a gap in the market. He is already looking into Digibyte based DigiID as a potentially good platform to build the next generation of digital identity systems. The company has already set aside $500k that will go into research and development on how to build such systems and capitalize on the fast-growing cybersecurity market opportunity.

However, the company’s biggest bet in the mid to long-term is using technology to solve climate change. The world is warming up, and the disastrous consequences of the same are being felt already. According to Fetherston, the current situation in Texas and many other parts of the world points to what the future holds unless drastic measures are taken. For that reason, he believes this is the opportunity of the century for tech companies to come up with innovations that could unlock value through new ways of living, while at the same time generating billions of dollars in value for innovators. Fetherston is looking to invest in research, and by 2025, the company will have a strategy to offer practical solutions that can help the world deal with the climate problem. The company is taking some time before launching a potential solution because it does not want to reinvent the wheel. So far, companies like Tesla have focused their energies on the transport industry as a key starting point in the journey towards fighting climate change. Fetherston hopes to tackle other high-impact aspects to this issue that are not yet overplayed but can still make a difference.

Fetherston Technologies is a technology services company based in San Francisco, California. The company offers a wide array of services that range from enterprise systems development, apps development, and cloud applications management services among others. The company offers both customized and standardized subscription services, depending on the client’s needs. To learn more about their services, check them out online. One can also get in touch with the CEO, Peter Fetherston, on LinkedIn for details on large customized projects.

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Source: EIN Presswire