AirVape USA – The vaporizer company, that is leading the way toward a sustainable future

Airvape Legacy

Airvape Legacy

AirVape is a market-leading vaporizer company, that gained its reputation by raising the standards with its unique design, technology, and performance.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — AirVape USA is a market-leading company that gained its reputation by raising the standards with its unique vaporizers, which are the perfect mix of advanced technology, performance, and design. They are not just setting an example with their quality products, but the choices that are leading their business model are also something without precedent.

AirVape puts a significant effort into giving back to the Planet. They keep incorporating environmentally friendly materials in their products and joining forces with other eco-friendly brands to take steps toward a better future.

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 01, 2021 – Apollo's AirVape was born of the powerful idea of a couple of vape enthusiasts who were passionate about bringing affordable luxury into the portable dry herb vape industry.

From day one, the company stands behind its products—nothing shouts quality more than Lifetime Warranty. Once you become an AirVape owner, you also become a part of a big family where you are cared for. Besides Lifetime Warranty, there are other perks of becoming an AirVape Ninja (AirVape family members), like eligibility to their unique upgrade program, not even mention exclusive offers and benefits.

'We are dedicated to seek out and develop the most advanced technologies; that is our mission statement, but it gives us the utmost pleasure to be able to create design masterpieces.', says Laszlo, one of the product developers of AirVape.

AirVape is also highly dedicated to its customers. It is not just about appreciating them and giving great benefits, but also including them in the process of product development. These guys are not afraid of feedback; in fact, they welcome it. You can see in many of their YouTube videos or on their social media platforms that they encourage customers to speak their minds.

A great example of this is their flagship model, the AirVape Legacy.

After receiving numerous reviews, they went ahead and updated the vaporizer to make sure it meets their customers' needs, and they keep doing so.

The AirVape Legacy was inspired by numerous reviews the company has received from the previous AirVape models. Their first groundbreaking vaporizer was the AirVape X, which is nicely designed, and the thinnest vape on the market. In 2019 and 2020, the X was the highest-rated vape by Wirecutter, a New York Times publishing company.

Futuristic, elegant, technologically advanced, ahead of its time, just a few things that come to mind when you are holding the best portable vaporizer of 2021, the AirVape Legacy. Apollo put two years of work into this device. Countless revisions and design twists lead to the birth of AirVape's flagship model.

"The name suggests both the technological Legacy of AirVape and the environmental one of what we leave behind. 'We always had a concern about environmental impact, and in 2016, we finally had the chance to start making our first steps towards a more eco-conscious future. We started proper recycling of old vapes – even models from other brands. It was a small step, yet we always believed they would add up, initially' says Roland, the CEO.

In the past few years, AirVape started to take steps in the manner of reducing its ecological footprint. They introduced recycled paper in their packaging, and by the year 2019, they set the intention to design the Legacy to be a milestone of this movement. Incorporating eco-friendly materials was one of their main goals. The Legacy features vegan leather, hemp textile, glass, and black ceramic.

At the begging of 2021, AirVape made an announcement about partnering up with like-minded companies: Eart & Co. and OneTreePlanted and released a Special Edition of the AirVape Legacy. The new model comes in 2 colors, and every sold unit sponsors the planting of 10 trees. These units are already shipped in entirely plant-based bubble wrap envelopes.

About the Company.

AirVape USA is an eco-conscious vaping company. They set a new standard in design and technology and cooperate with conservationists in saving the Planet. They plant ten trees after each Special Edition Legacy order.
A team of vape enthusiasts founded AirVape USA, determined to bring affordable luxury into the marketplace, where high-end dry herb vaporizers are overpriced.
'Their initial goal was to finally fit outstanding performance in a truly portable, small body which yielded the AirVape lines- the thinnest true vaporizers for the best pocket-fit.'

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Airvape Legacy – The most innovative Portable Vaporizer of 2021

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