International Companies' Request for Ultra-Secure Communications In High-Risk Areas Met By Mercury's Stealth Mode


Mercury Powered by Secured Communications

Secured Communications’ President, John Parkinson

Mercury Powered by Secured Communications, the Ultra-Secure Corporate Communications Platform, Offers Stealth Mode™ Option to Users For Ultimate Security

Corporates and agencies can be confident that when they use Mercury, their video calls, file transfers, messages and audio calls can never be identified or intercepted.”

— John Parkinson, Secured Communications President

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — Secured Communications, the global leader in safeguarding corporate communications, announces the release of Stealth Mode™ for ultimate user privacy.

Stealth Mode™, one of the latest features within the Mercury private ecosystem, powered by Secured Communications, allows users to keep all communications and notifications within the fully-encrypted Mercury platform for ultimate security. The company’s continuing cooperation with law enforcement, private companies, and counterterrorism agencies around the globe drove the development of the new Stealth Mode™ technology.

Mercury provides the full suite of completely encrypted corporate communications capabilities that allow users to host HD videoconferences, send
messages, transfer files and make secured phone calls without disruptions or leaks of sensitive information, helping businesses to minimize the risk of losses through information hacking, reputational damage and data breaches. Though the company boasts end-to-end AES 256 encryption, dedicated redundant servers in the US, UK and AU, 99.9999% uptime, and HIPAA, FIPS, GDPR and Privacy Shield certifications, Secured Communications continually innovates to make Mercury as functional and as simple to use as possible for all businesses.

Most communications platforms alert users of a meeting or that a file has been shared with them using email, which carries the risk that those communications could be intercepted, and in some cases, puts users at risk. With Stealth Mode™, all meeting invitations and notifications remain completely within Mercury’s protected and encrypted communications ecosystem, removing any possibility that anyone would be able to know when or even if a meeting occurred, or that a file had been transferred.

John Parkinson OBE, President of Secured Communications, said, “The privacy of our clients’ data is always our top priority and we are constantly innovating to provide the highest levels of security available for our clients and their online communications. Our industry leading Stealth Mode feature takes this to next level. Corporates and agencies can be confident that when they use Mercury, their video calls, file transfers, messages and audio calls can never be identified or intercepted. This gives business leaders assurances that not only is their sensitive information safe from the risk of information hacking and data breaches, but their staff are safe from compromise too.”

The Mercury platform is simple and easy to use and can integrate seamlessly into organizations of any size. It is comparable in cost to lower-quality and less-secure platforms and does not require users to install software thus increasing security. Unlike other companies, Secured Communications will never harvest or share user data, or trade its clients’ privacy protection for a larger user base.

About Secured Communications

Secured Communications is the global leader in safeguarding communications. Developed in partnership with former senior FBI and global law enforcement leaders, the company’s suite of products protects information with the most advanced and intuitive encrypted solutions. Its platform is trusted by counterterrorism professionals, public safety agencies and vetted corporations worldwide.

Mercury is Impenetrable. Period. Powered by Secured Communications, it allows users to host secured HD video conferences, make secure calls, send messages, and share files seamlessly, all within a single application interface.

Secured Communications views its clients as partners and offers first class concierge support in addition to providing customization services and integrations to help them manage their most sensitive communications and stay in control of vital information.

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Overview of Mercury powered by Secured Communications – John Parkinson, President explains

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