Beingpreneur Announces Its Online Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 “Disrupt It”.

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Official Logo of Beingpreneur

Our journey of providing the exposure should not pause. Doesn't matter if its online this year, we've always put the best of us and we will always, says team.

INDIA, April 13, 2021 / — Accepting the current situation of the country due to Covid-19, Beingpreneur has decided to push the summit online. The summit would be held in the month of August, the dates remain undisclosed yet. Disrupt It Summit expects to have 12,000+ footfalls. The summit would be led by 30+ speakers from various industries from all across the globe and will have 15+ result-oriented workshops keeping a primary focus on developing and polishing the skillsets of every participant. The whole workshop series will provide the participants with an advanced level certification. The registrations for the summit are expected to start with the launch of the website from the first week of the next month. This time the team looks forward to leveraging every participant with an integrated e-learning platform that will include multiple free and paid courses from the industry leaders.

Adding to the information, Adarsh Sharma, the Ceo of Beingpreneur spoke: "In order to reach out to more enthusiasts, we look forward to partner with many educational institutions, organizations, communities & groups. We'll leave no stones unturned to provide the best exposure. The exposure should not be stopped for the people who imbibe a lot of potentials."

Whereas adding to the potential of the Entrepreneurship Summits, Shaily Toppo, the Coo of Beingpreneur conveyed: "Nobody can deny to the fact that Entrepreneurship Summits have an immense power to pull out the leaders of tomorrow. We as the organizers have always thought of the summit from a participant's eye and this is why we've always been able to put in front something best every time."

All of the details regarding the summit would be flashed on Beingpreneur's social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter.

Beingpreneur organizes one large-scale entrepreneurship summit every year with a mission of providing a great platform to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, believers, and achievers who wish to stand ahead of the curve. On its journey of empowering entrepreneurs, Beingpreneur has worked as partners with a few premier institutions including the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay under the flag of their "Entrepreneurship Development Partner".

Carving out the best of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, the organization highly determined for ideals and enthusiasts who have a vision, risk-bearing attitude, and will to empower themselves and society.

Beingpreneur — Empowering Ideas is not just an ecosystem creator but an entrepreneurship developer and accelerator which primarily focuses on entrepreneurial education and awareness via various innovative approaches. Beingpreneur inspires, motivates, educates, and mentor the youth, believers, and doers to Start-Up their own ventures in a most simple and innovative way, Beingpreneur is also working on the domain of creative marketing, building strategies, and web digital services to let organizations and start-Ups reach their maximum potential.

The young organization has also joined hands with elite institutions which include the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to promote Entrepreneurship in the country and empower the existing young entrepreneurs.

Beingpreneur has marked its efficiency by various means be it holding the proud status of “Entrepreneurship Development Partner for the state of Chhattisgarh with IIM Bangalore” for the past three years and “Entrepreneurship development Partner for the state of Chhattisgarh with IIT Bombay” in the year 2018 with utmost responsibility alongside which various campaigns and projects is being originated in the niche of Beingpreneur few of such initiatives are “United Institution for entrepreneurship development” and Entrepreneurship tours” and many other they are creating pathways to help enthusiasts, ideals, dreamers, believers, doers and entrepreneurs to touch the starlight zenith. The organization is devoted to bringing the smartest ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of Start-Ups, incubators, innovation hubs, and accelerators who together are the shining future. The team envisions bringing the startup culture and ecosystem revolution and associating most startUps with the organization and strengthening and empower their vision Beingpreneur hosts its flagship mega event named,” Out of the Box” with the tagline Dream Believe and achieve. Out of the Box is the largest connecting platform of entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, artists, believers, and masters from various fields. The zealous team not only brings opportunity for everyone to learn and experience but it also makes sure that the experience of attending the summit ‘Out of the Box’ is memorable by their various innovative approaches. Out of the Box true to its name brings you everything from various niches to a single platform creating a buzz of Learning, and Experiencing making it an Out of the Box experience. Out of the Box as the name suggests not just brings you world-class keynote sessions and workshops from leading industrialists and brands but provides you an opportunity for one-to-one interaction with the speakers and makes you Transcend the ordinary.

As Dr. Jawahar Surrisetti states,

“Beingpreneur is a rare breed of youngsters, who are extravagantly enthusiastic and extremely vibrant and are a rare combination of disciplined and adventurous and the energy that they emanate is addictive and that is what Beingpreneur reflects. The organization composes of all youngsters eager to learn and bring changes the team is vibrant, highly dedicated with never to say no attitude.”
The team Beingpreneuer believes that this entrepreneurial journey has provided them with a lot of exposure to entrepreneurial practices and the journey would go on as the learning part never ends.

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