Mobi’s AI-Powered Hybrid ANC Earbuds Exceed $50,000 in less than 1 week on Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter

Mobi 1 Hybrid ANC earbuds

Mobi uses cutting edge hybrid ANC technology to maximize its noise cancelling capabilities

Mobi Earbuds Closeup

Mobi Earbuds are thoughtfully & beautifully designed & extremely comfortable

Mobi Earbuds Waterproof

Mobi Earbuds have also gone through rigorous waterproofing tests to ensure they can stand up to the elements

Taking hybrid ANC technology to the next level, Mobi’s AI powered true wireless earbuds launch is off to a great start.

Mobi is born out of a dream to develop true wireless earbuds that can recreate an immersive soundstage similar to what over-ear headphones can produce”

— Kimberly Lane

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, April 14, 2021 / — The Next Generation Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds from Mobi present an innovative solution to one of the biggest challenges facing audiophiles today. The project just raised $50,000 on Kickstarter, and manufacturing is set to begin shortly.

Impressively, the Mobi earbuds hit their initial funding goal in just one hour, virtually guaranteeing that this project would be developed and shipped.

Mobi’s hybrid ANC technology takes things to a new level with a total of 6 feedforward and feedback microphones that can pick up 360 degrees of ambient noise.

The ANC AI controller cancels out environmental noises by producing a corresponding anti-noise signal while also amplifying the sound of music and calls.

Through the use of an extra microphone per earbud, as opposed to the traditional setup, the Mobi is twice as sensitive to low and high frequencies, which, in turn, boosts the detection power in terms of distance and movement.

This all means that the Mobi can deliver exceptional ANC performance and the sort of highly immersive audio experience more typical of over-ear studio headphones.

The state-of-the-art hybrid ANC technology is only part of the equation. Not to be outdone is the Mobi earbuds’ oversized 12mm drivers that can maintain the rich and superior sound quality at very high volume levels.

A clear step over and above the industry standard 4 to 8mm drivers, the Mobi’s incredible 12mm drivers shine in audio range and quality. They can produce some of the best bass you will ever hear in a pair of wireless earbuds.

It is thanks to these drivers that the bass energy can rival that of many over-ear headphones. The 12mm drivers’ large air displacement delivers immensely satisfying beats.

Another most impressive feature is the earbuds’ superb energy efficiency. While traditional ANC technology filters out noise without input, the Mobi’s hybrid ANC technology is adaptive such that it can selectively monitor and block ambient noise. This greatly minimizes energy consumption, in effect increasing battery life twice over compared to rival wireless earbuds.

The Mobi wireless earbuds can last up to 10 hours on a single charge with the ANC mode enabled. The carrying case stores another 90 hours for a total of 100 hours of battery life between charges. Compare and you will find that the Mobi blows the competition away in this area.

The fast-charging technology adds another dimension to the overall ease of use. 15 minutes of charging is enough to give the proud owner six hours of playback, more than enough playtime for daily commutes, long listening sessions, several movies, or hours of intense gaming.

The AI-powered Transparency Mode makes the earbuds highly functional in everyday use. The AI controller can recognize over 6,000 critical sound patterns that you don’t want to block out, including sirens, alarms, calls, Alexa notifications, traffic, and a whole lot more.

These are sounds that the microphones on each earbud will amplify to keep the user aware of what’s happening in their environment when Transparency Mode is active.

It’s an incredibly useful feature when driving, riding a bike, or having a casual conversation. Furthermore, the earbuds do not sacrifice too much audio quality in doing that so you can even keep your music playing in the background.

The Mobi hybrid ANC earbuds also go above and beyond in all-day comfort. The custom-made silicone inserts reduce pressure while creating a near-perfect seal. The ergonomic, compact, and lightweight build minimizes ear strain and fatigue.

The developers used hundreds of ear canal models in designing these incredibly form-fitting and comfortable earbuds. This is a pair of earbuds that will not cause itching, discomfort, or headaches.

The IPX6 waterproof rating makes these some of the most durable earbuds around. The Mobi will work in any weather and feel perfectly at home during intense workout sessions.

Rather than buttons, the Mobi features intuitive touch commands. Users can use touch commands to control everything, from manipulating playlists to summoning Siri and switching ANC modes.

About the Company
With a presence in both Austin, Texas and Hong Kong, "Mobi is born out of a dream to develop true wireless earbuds that can recreate an immersive soundstage similar to what over-ear headphones can produce" said Mobi spokesperson, Kimberly Lane. "The goal was to do it without bulking up existing designs and making the end product uncomfortable."

Although the Mobi's current crowdfunding success is a strong indicator that these earbuds fill a clear need in the market.

In the past few years, the team behind Mobi worked on perfecting the company’s hybrid ANC technology to create an “invisible noise-canceling barrier.”

The work eventually led to the use of six feedback and feedforward microphones in total to achieve that target, with the oversized 12mm drivers also lending a hand. It could be said that the designers outdid themselves in surpassing their initial design goals after perfecting the 360-degree frequency detection and AI-powered hybrid ANC technology.

The end result is a pair of earbuds capable of delivering a highly dynamic yet intimate listening experience that’s unlike anything else on the market.

The generous return policy and manufacturer’s warranty further demonstrate the company’s quiet confidence in these state-of-the-art wireless noise-canceling earbuds.

Be among the first to own the first pair of hybrid ANC true wireless earbuds by backing Mobi’s highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign. The AI-powered hybrid ANC tech is set to revolutionize its niche and satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles, and you can have your own pair before most consumers and at an unbeatable price. Get yours today at


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Mobi Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

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