Introducing the most extensive overview of contractor rates in Australia

CXC's Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report

CXC’s Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report

Contractor gender pay gap

Contractor gender pay gap

Contractor pay rate by state - Australia

Contractor pay rate by state

CXC’s Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 17, 2021 / — Australia’s leading provider of contingent workforce management and payroll, CXC, has released its first Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report, providing the most comprehensive overview of contractor pay rates in the Australian market today.

Even though contractors make up a third of the workforce, most Australian organisations have a blind spot when it comes to any sort of detailed information around diversity, location, job roles, tenure, age or pay. These workers are often considered an afterthought when compared to their permanent counterparts.

“In today’s war for talent, it’s essential for companies to fully understand the external factors that shape contractor pay. But it’s been nearly impossible to benchmark contractor rates in any sort of consistent or meaningful way. Until now,” said Darren Morris, Corporate Service Director at CXC.

CXC’s Contingent Workforce Salary Benchmark Report looks at:
• How gender, tenure, age and location all contribute to varying pay rates.
• Whether the gender divide is narrowing in contracting at the same speed as permanent.
• How COVID-19 and talent shortages have increased or decreased contractor rates.
• How much the most prevalent contractor roles are paid.

Globally, CXC engages, manages and payrolls 12,000 contingent workers on an annual basis. In Australia, CXC does this on behalf of over 300 Australian companies, like Deloitte, NBN Co., Macquarie Group, EnergyAustralia, Medibank, Transurban and Optus. Through CXC’s contractor management platform, the company has complete visibility over their contractors, allowing them to provide clients with valuable insight into the performance of this workforce.

“Now, we’re opening up this report to the wider market. With this salary benchmarking report, companies can now assess how their contractors are paid against the market as well as benchmark their performance on factors such as diversity and equality,” said Darren. “To our knowledge, this analysis is the first of its kind in terms of scale and depth of insight.”

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CXC enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency and risk, while reducing costs.

Established in Australia in 1992 to provide contractor vetting, compliance and payroll, the contingent workforce market has continued to be our core, with services now delivered in over 50 countries internationally by local specialists. Our corporate offering has evolved over the past decade due to increasing market complexity, regulation, technology and evolving client demand. Taking responsibility for our clients’ entire contingent workforce, we are an extension of their HR and Procurement function.

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