YouTube Channel Let's Teach addresses current affairs, history, and more

USA, June 15, 2021 / — YouTube channel "Let's Teach" provides viewers with the opportunity to feed their curiosity. With a focus on just about every topic- viewers can learn new things while sharing what they know.

Today, more people have access to technology and video-sharing sites; YouTube is being used for many things by people worldwide; Let's Teach is a modern solution for stimulating and satisfying our appetite for knowledge.

Let's Teach was founded by Andrew Bonaparte, a former educator. He served as a teacher, administrator, educational consultant, and currently an instructional specialist in his 21 years of experience in the field.

He uploaded his first video on January 17, 2016, but unsatisfied with the number of views that the videos were getting, he took a break and relaunched it in 2020. The first video was uploaded on his revamped channel on May 18 of that year and marked the new journey for the channel.

After careful reflection during the hiatus, Bonaparte devised a plan to help Let's Teach reap more success and create more impact. He now has a more business approach to his channel and streamlines the process by making a content bank, hiring content writers to help research and write content.

The name Let's Teach was chosen to reflect Bonaparte's belief that we learn as a team. He does not believe that he has all the knowledge, and he is of the view that everyone can teach someone else something they never knew before.

Let's Teach is ideal for people of all age groups and also can make a great study guide for students looking for a quick summary on a topic. The videos, which usually are under 10 minutes, touch on the issues to suit everyone's interest.

One of his latest videos is about Black Wall Street. Black Wall Street also brings to mind the 1921 Tulsa Massacre. The unrest on Black Wall Street began on May 30, 1921, when a 19-year-old Black shoe shiner named Dick Rowland was accused of the assault and attempted rape of a teenaged White elevator operator named Sarah Page.

Other videos on the channel include the French Revolution, the Mexico City Metro, the French Revolution, Boba Tea, internet cookies, and the gall bladder's role in the body.

His latest video to gain a lot of traction is "Who Was Jim Crow?" which focuses on the discriminatory laws enforced by the US to impede the rights of Black people. This video brought over 5000 new subscribers of diverse groups to the channel to learn about Jim Crow laws.

Bonaparte has some advice for content creators looking to start their channel. He says they should make a list of all the things that make them anxious and then address them individually. He also explains that content creators can explore how they can make good videos without showing their faces.

Bonaparte is on a mission to bridge the gap between curiosity and knowledge. He believes questions are more powerful than answers and hopes Let's Teach will be a safe online space where people learn about various topics and share their knowledge, thoughts, and opinions.

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