Avdome has a development strategy based on ‘Collapsible container” where size management and employing a smart business model are the leading principles.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent years, rapid economic growth and globalization have led to a substantial increase in container aircraft cargo demand and growing trade imbalances between imports and exports among different regions, resulting in an imbalance between the inbound and outbound flows of full containers. The collapsible DKA’s ULD service not only manage the container but will overcome the im-balancing problem. Meanwhile, DKA develops a “revolutionary” new-generation collapsible container. The collapsible ULD products will be, strong, and flexible. ” Furthermore, one of the main aspects of current plan's is to expand Avdome's fleet of ULDs, and Jae Sang You, CEO of DKA believes that the company can raise income by 80 percent in the next five years. Our manufacturers continue to place a premium on weight reduction through the use of new composite materials. There are also efforts on, to lower the weight and stiffness of pallets, which would lower the aircraft's overall weight. This container can withstand Maximum Load of 1.588 Ton, and when collapsed the container does not meet TSO-C900. However, there'll always be a trade-off between weight loss and a possible reduced life duration and/or higher repair expenses. There have been several advancements in the fields of safety and technology, with a rising interest in fire-resistant containers and smart ULDs. We now have the third generation of this technology, and after several field trials, we will go live with one of our clients utilizing a fleet of 100 demo units to test how it performs in the real world. Avdome wants to focus on 100 demo units, and on playing an active role in aircraft cargo transport. However the company aims to limit its involvement in the other parts of business. Avdome has a development strategy based on ‘Collapsible container” where size management and employing a smart business model are the leading principles.


Our aim is to become number one company and the world best ULD Container maker, specialized in developing and supplying ULD containers. We provide airlines with smarter solutions for the management, repair of their ULD and with significant cost savings and operational benefits over the course of our relationship. We are launching the world first container management business to airlines starting from 1st July by providing 100 demo units and benefits, different from current major players of Unspool, Chep Group, Jettainer etc.


Avdome works with you closely to clarify total cost of ownership (TCO) and give a solution to your network by either providing a ULD pool or by providing a hybrid/dedicated network after an initial cost audit and analysis just like other competitors in the market, such as unilode’s . Initially, the Avdome buys the ULDs fleet and supply new ULDS along with the digital tags. To meet monthly demand, the ULDs fleet are flexible and scalable up and down. In addition, Avdome provides the service of ULDs movements messages and also provides the oversight digitally. Furthermore, Avdome manages ULDs need so that the required stock levels can be met any time 24/7/365. Besides other services, Avdome repairs ULDs across the globe with the help of their global network. This service increase the availability of ULDs, it also saves time and fuel cost as well. To track performance, Avdome also provides a customer dashboard which helps the client’s 24/7. Avdome also buys new ULDs to ensure fast transaction to lighter ULDs and to insure growth and replacements. Avdome charges inclusive fee per ULD per month.


This collapsible container will increase revenue by saving on fuel or by carrying additional cargo. You will get a Smarter ULD Solution for your passenger and freight network when you engage with Avdome. So the airlines have all the reason to choose these containers instead of traditional ones. Avdome, Inc. has definite objectives in order to fulfill its desire to participate and achieve an ever-growing market share of the exciting industry that it is entering.
key objectives of DK Aviation, Inc. and Avdome;
• Through extending ULD related business, achieve over 50,000 container sales by 2022.
• Increase values of the company’s assets by the differentiated technologies of ULDs
• Offer five Years Warranty and maintain best customer satisfaction.
• Increase sales and revenue at the rates projected in this plan
• Expanding Commercial Aviation and Air Cargo Freight Markets


DKA’s 1st target is to produce the first LD3 container, for the revenue. Further manufacturing of all types of ULD containers on market demand and offering wide range of other products LD2, LD3, LD8, and Wireless Black box device. DKA’s production ability is optimum line structure through Process development and 90% Localization of material. There should be flexibility to supply all items for our customers and quick response system of spare parts item supply.


In comparison to conventional ULDs, a lightweight ULD is frequently employed in the aviation sector to give the lowest freight weight and maximum strength to weight ratio. Our Collapsible Container is a modular design concept reducing maintenance and repair costs and developing a lightest weigh of the container by using graphene technologies with maintaining more Strength. We will be manufacturing lightweight ULD combined with high-quality materials. The ULD designed by the DKA helps in the reduction of over 50% weight of the container and further increases the efficiency of cargo operations leading to the high demand for lightweight unit load devices.


DKA is seeking to raise the volume of international trade. Despite the economic challenges in the world economy, containerized transport will keep on growing. Aircraft cargo containers revolutionized the global commerce and the transportation of goods, through a dramatic reduction in cargo costs, time and losses. But they are not problem-free; unless trade is balanced they tend to pile up at one end of the line. In combination with exponential growth of trade imbalances in the world, the issue of rising costs for unproductive repositioning and storage of empty containers will increase accordingly. Empty containers are expensive to move, particularly in the case of repositioning over land. Transporting costs are even more or less identical for empty and full containers. Combined with the global need to reduce CO2 emissions strongly in the transport sector, this adds up to a compelling business case. The DKA Collapsible Container can save about 80% costs for empty container transport.
Transport of empty containers, which arises from the need to reposition containers, is an expensive business. This holds in particular for transportation lines, which are usually responsible for container repositioning and have to bear these container management problem. A collapsible DKA’s ULD, is an interesting option to save costs to collapse an empty containers. This could save transport costs, but also imbalance problems and storage costs. For this purpose a Avdome will provide 100 demo units that plays an important role in size management and imbalance problem. Please contact James Gim at email jgim@avdome.com for free pilot program or further inquiry.

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Collapsible Air Cargo Container – world’s first FAA approved Air Cargo Container.

Source: EIN Presswire