Svitch Bikes Finally Reveals Their Global Expansion Date

INDIA, June 21, 2021 / — Svitch Bike’s most awaited global launch is here. This Indian Electric Bike Manufacturing Brand is all set to launch its first-ever crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo on (Tuesday) June 22nd, 2021. The brand has already achieved 150+ of Pre-booking orders as early adopters from every corner of the world are eagerly waiting to witness Svitch’s E-bike series. To make the global launch more interesting, the brand is launching a Limited-Edition electric bike “Svitch SXE”, that is specially tailored for the international market. The brand has a history of dominating the market with their new releases & the same scenario is expected this time with Svitch Bike’s Global Launch.

Svitch Bike comes in 4 different models: MXE, XE, XE+ & SXE, with some variations in each model that gives out the individual utility of their own. With Svitch Bikes one can cruise the streets with ease and style while enjoying the breeze along the way. When it comes to the features for Svitch bikes then the brand surprises the riders with their unique offerings and utility of the product.

Each model contains some similar attributes while giving customers the option to choose a bike that is in line with their needs. Each Svitch Bike model is suitable for everyday use, such as commuting to work or venturing through the city. The Bike has been designed with many daily use features like Throttle Drive System, 5 Modes of Pedal Assist, Regenerative Braking System & Front Lockable Suspension to make it a long-lasting and preferable ride for daily-use purposes. In addition, it features a 250-500Watt Powerful Motor, 14.5 Ah battery, up to 8 gearsets from SHIMANO. Svitch Bikes are compatible with off-roading & thrilling adventures as it boasts an Aluminium 6061 frame with a dual suspension system, along with mechanical disc brakes and 20×4 Inch Big fat tires for a sturdy & safer ride. Svitch bikes are multi-purpose & multi-terrain riding bikes. The product gets more convenient with its flexibility when travelling long distances. Svitch Bike’s Unique Foldable Feature eliminates all the travelling limitations. One can simply fold the bike, put it in the car’s trunk, and carry it away on any road trip more freely and relaxed. Overall, Svitch bikes are durable and comes with high-quality components that are an excellent alternative to driving or walking.

When it comes to Svitch Electric Bikes, the whole new door of riding possibilities gets wide-open. One can use the bike to achieve workout goals without hassles. By just pedaling down the bike, the rider experiences 5 modes of Pedal Assist that give an electric boost to the journey in-between and one can ride long distances without getting tired during the ride. Svitch Bike also provides full cruise mode with their 'Throttle Drive System', where one can just cruise at 20mph over places and commute to any desired destination quickly and safely. The Bike goes up to 80 miles range, enough to achieve 10 miles cardio challenge for 7 Days a Week on a single charge. The bike comes with a Lithium-ion battery that works as a crucial juice for all the other bike components. Electromagnetic Gyro sensors placed behind the chain wheel coupled with Regenerative Braking grabs all the Extra Produced Energy & put it back into the battery to give the rider a little bit of backup charge. It helps the rider to get an instant increase in the riding range.

To make everyone taste its adventurous adrenaline rush, the company offers FLAT 50% OFF to all the Indiegogo Backers on every Svitch Bike Model. In addition, the company offers extra incentive to all the VIP MEMBERS who reserves their Svitch Bikes during the PRE-LAUNCH campaign period. Every VIP member is entitled to receive a customized box of Svitch goodies worth $100, and goodies involves Svitch Official Merchandise & Svitch Bike Accessories to enhance the bike and riders-look in one go.

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Svitch Bike
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Source: EIN Presswire