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Mutual Capital Analytics

Mutual Capital Analytics

Kevin Finn, President and CEO, Mutual Capital Analytics

Kevin Finn, President and CEO, Mutual Capital Analytics

Mutual Capital Analytics Offers Proof Positive

It is not enough to find a partner who can build new predictive solutions. You need an Advanced Analytics partner who understands the mutual insurance space.”

— Todd Salsman

FARMINGTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 / — The explosion of data and advanced analytics has fueled the need for the Property and Casualty industry to transform the way in which they conduct business. These opportunities are not just for the largest companies, but for companies of every size.

While the pandemic has heightened the sense of urgency to transform, mutual insurance companies have struggled to fast-forward their data and analytical capabilities while still maintaining their distinct competitive advantages. Smaller companies have lacked affordable solutions. Others have attempted to partner with siloed Insurtech solutions. Still others have ventured to take on the burden of transformation in-house. The biggest challenge is not the availability of options, but finding the expertise and experience in the application of these capabilities to actually improve business performance.

“It is not enough to find a partner who can build new predictive solutions,” states career insurance professional Todd Salsman. “You need an Advanced Analytics partner who understands the mutual insurance space.” Mr. Salsman, who leads three Pennsylvania insurance companies as President is a believer. “We knew we needed these tools and services, but we also knew that modeling for modeling’s sake does not solve business issues.”

That’s where Mutual Capital Analytics comes in. “The biggest plus is that they are insurance people…and they only serve the mutual insurance industry. We didn’t need tech guys. We needed teachers.”

Mutual Capital Analytics is an advocate for the mutual insurance industry. Based in the Hartford, Connecticut market, Mutual Capital Analytics helps mutual insurance companies compete using facts, not intuition. And because their roots are in the industry, there is no learning curve. They understand that a mutual insurance company’s success is based on relationships. Those relationships are gold…with each one adding to the decades of data just waiting to build a profitable future.

But what about expense? Mutual Capital Analytics has made data and analytics integration possible for all mutual insurance companies. “With a focus on return on investment, our goal is to solve specific business challenges to drive our clients’ profit and performance,” states Mutual Capital Analytics President Kevin Finn. “We recognize that no mutual is the same. Each is remarkably different in terms of strengths, weaknesses, priorities and needs. We work side by side with our partners to meet specific company goals.”

After a stint as COO of a mutual insurance company which operates in seventeen states, Lisa Bage, Ed. D. was named her company’s CEO in February of 2021.

Armed with 30 years of insurance industry experience and an enviable growth and development skillset, Dr. Bage wanted the expertise of an analytics team without the overhead.

“To have access to the level of talent provided by Mutual Capital Analytics saved us time and money. We needed a business partner with insurance expertise and a set of capabilities that met our expectations. We had MCA work on a nagging business challenge and were quite impressed with their process—and even more with our results.”

While the mutual insurance industry may appear to have arrived a little late to the data and analytics party by some observers, Mutual Capital Analytics leadership disagrees.

“Mutuals are in the most enviable growth position,” states Kevin Finn, “because while the world has been spinning out of control, mutuals have been doing what mutuals do best—caring for their customers. We know that when it comes to customer focus, mutuals come out on top. It’s in their DNA. That’s why Mutual Capital Analytics is committed exclusively to the mutual insurance industry.”

“We embrace the strength of that mutual legacy and are proud to bring the power of data and analytics to our partners,” adds Kevin Finn. Stay tuned. The proof is in the performance.

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