Sally French and Nate Zorich Sit and Discuss with Fotis Georgiadis

Sally French, executive vice president of First American Title Insurance Company

Sally French, executive vice president of First American Title Insurance Company

Nate Zorich, founded Avail Divorce

Nate Zorich, founded Avail Divorce

Sally French, executive vice president of First American Title Insurance Company. Nate Zorich, founded Avail Divorce

I often tell young leaders that they have to let go to grow when I see them making mistakes similar to the ones that I made earlier in my career.”

— Sally French, E. VP of First American Title Insurance Company

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Sally French, executive vice president of First American Title Insurance Company
What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why. (Please share a story or example for each.)

Trust my gut instinct more. I didn’t always trust myself in the beginning of my career. I soon realized that it isn’t always easy to be out in front and leadership can be daunting. When introducing new strategies or new innovative technologies, like our ClarityFirst platform, which is unique to the industry, you have to take the time to build a coalition around the idea; create a strong foundation; sell the vision with a focus on communicating the “why” around the concept. Once you have that support, the team will help you carry the ball and celebrate with you as you cross the finish line because it’s their victory, too.
Take the leap, even if I don’t feel qualified. Some people are more likely to apply for a position or a promotion that they may not feel quite qualified for and, as a result, more often reap the rewards. I’ve learned along the way the benefits of putting your name in the hat for new opportunities and having the confidence to take the risk. Even if you don’t end up being selected, there is a benefit to going through the process.
Formal education vs. life education. I had the incredible fortune to go to college and probably have a better understanding now of what a gift it was. Obviously, so many others are not afforded that same opportunity. But I can say that I have worked alongside many talented and skilled individuals throughout my career who don’t happen to possess that “piece of paper” indicating a formal degree, but for whom I have deep respect and admiration. At my first job out of college, I worked for a real estate developer and was often surrounded by people with undergrad and graduate degrees, but I found our secretary, who had a high school education, to be the smartest person there. Life degrees are important and of equal value. Promote people based on contribution, not on resumes.
Your brand is your equity. You build your personal and professional brand over the length of your career. Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room, and it can build equity over time if it is a positive one. Protect it like your own personal credit. I’ve learned the value of understanding why brand matters, both in my own career and in watching others.
You don’t have to know everything. I often tell young leaders that they have to let go to grow when I see them making mistakes similar to the ones that I made earlier in my career. Part of the reason I couldn’t let go was because I thought I had to know everything about every aspect of our business in order to be responsible for it. It’s not possible. The reality is […]

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Nate Zorich, founded Avail Divorce
In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes people make after they go through a divorce? What can be done to avoid that?

The most common mistake after going through a divorce is not revisiting co parenting plans on a regular basis. Family dynamic, schedules, and income will change on both sides of the house. Scheduling an annual check in to accommodate your life as it adapts can prevent what might be seen as a threat if it comes out of the blue after years of neglect. Other issues are:

1. Parentification- of a kid to participate and manage the younger children.

2. Enmeshment- where the child has to check with the other parent before doing anything.

3. Parental Alienation- Excessive hate of the other parent.

4. Estrangement- When the child is aligned with one parent.

5. Gatekeeping- Limiting the other parents’ access to the children.

People generally label “divorce” as being “negative”. And yes, while there are downsides, there can also be a lot of positive that comes out of it as well. What would you say that they are? Can you share an example or share a story?

The flip side of the grief of losing your identity as a husband is creating your identity as a single person. Through trial and error, many dates and an unfortunate attempt at skinny jeans, I now know who I am, my style, my strengths and my intentions. This practice of staying in tune with yourself as you grow was the greatest gift of my divorce.

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