Perch Weight Room Technology Added to More NFL, College Football Facilities

The Maryland Terps are one of the latest football teams in the country training smarter with Perch’s weight room technology.

New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars, Georgia Bulldogs and Maryland Terps among latest users training smarter with 3D cameras and machine learning

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 / — The New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Ole Miss Rebels, Georgia Bulldogs, Maryland Terps and Stanford Cardinal are the latest professional and college football teams to equip their facilities with an MIT-developed technology intended to improve overall performance in the weight room and on the field. They join the New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and LSU Tigers as users of the game-changing technology.

Named Perch, the device uses a combination of 3D cameras and machine learning to monitor movements during exercise and enhance an athlete’s motivation, safety and performance in the weight room – something that co-founder Jacob Rothman says fitness technology has to date failed to address.

“From professional athletes to casual gym users, improving and maintaining one’s fitness is an enduring challenge. For those who lift weights in particular, building muscle is dependent on performing the exercises correctly for any given number of repetitions,” adds Rothman. “Perch is fundamentally changing the way athletes lift by giving them immediate data regarding their quality of movement and keeping players and athletic programs progressing towards their goals.”

So how does it work?

Hardly a foot long and a few inches wide, the Perch device is composed of a 3D camera and tablet that are effortlessly attached to any weight rack. An athlete walks up, logs in on the tablet and starts lifting. While the athlete lifts, the 3D camera tracks their movements and instantaneously displays important metrics such as sets, reps, velocity, and power output on the tablet. Athletes and coaches can then access the data via a web and mobile application after the workout. The data is also stored and saved to best monitor how to approach future workouts.

“What we’re doing is essentially making a weight rack smart,” says Rothman. “We aim to turn every athlete into the best version of themselves. We bring them information about the quality of their movement and what they can do to move more powerfully, efficiently and safely.”

According to Saints Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Dalrymple, the early returns have been very encouraging for the Saints staff. The players have taken to the user-friendly interface, they’ve found new ways to compete (I lifted 400 pounds! Well, I lifted 400 pounds faster!) and, most importantly, their training is fine tuned.

“Now, on a daily basis without having to do much, we can see not only how much weight is on the bar or how many reps the player did, but how quickly and efficiently the bar moved,” he says. “And we can look at that and there’s formulas we can use that tell us, ‘Is that an appropriate load?’”

Perch’s ease-of-install – roughly three minutes – has also allowed for the device’s adoption well beyond football. Other users include the Orlando Magic (NBA), Philadelphia Phillies (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL), Columbus Crew (MLS), Kentucky Men’s Basketball (NCAA), and Virginia Men’s Basketball (NCAA), among many others. Devices have also been installed at various military bases, fitness and performance facilities, and a growing number of high schools across the country.

“Runners never run without data from stopwatches and heart rate monitors to enhance performance. In 5-10 years, gym goers won't want to lift weights without Perch. Our goal is to have Perch units installed in every college and professional sports team facility, and every performance facility, fitness center, and home gym across the country,” says Rothman.

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