The New Standard for Extended Reality Enterprise Solutions

Unity updates, performance improvements, new XR device support, and advanced security features enable an enhanced experience for success in the metaverse.

CARLSBAD, CA, USA, July 23, 2021 / — Cavrnus, Inc., a leader in extended reality solutions for enterprise, announces today the production release and general availability of Cavrnus™ 2021.2. The release of Cavrnus™ 2021.2 adds vital features while also providing a new technology foundation with an update to the latest version of Unity. Additional support for the latest XR devices, enhanced enterprise-grade security, hundreds of performance improvements, as well as the launch of Cavrnus™ RT (beta), places Cavrnus in a strong position to continue to grow and deliver the best software for building and experiencing the metaverse.

Anthony Duca, CEO and Co-Founder of Cavrnus, Inc., commented, “I'm proud to release this next major version of Cavrnus. The team managed to keep the simplicity while enhancing stability and reliability across all devices. There’s a lot of power in this tool for companies ready to bring their brands and workflows into the metaverse.”

Nick Gebbie, CTO and Co-Founder of Cavrnus, Inc., added, “2021.2 allows us to continue on our roadmap in providing the most resourceful and intuitive platform to create extended reality experiences.”

Unity Upgrade
This release upgrades the Cavrnus technology stack to Unity 2020.2.7 and OpenXR for unparalleled XR functionality and the ability to continue supporting the latest XR devices. Additionally, the introduction of Cavrnus UI builder 3.0 leverages Unity Input Manager for faster iteration and product development. The upgrade also brings along improved device performance, especially for mobile devices, and the ability to switch XR device providers in the Windows application.

Performance Improvements
Cavrnus™ 2021.2 delivers new image and .pdf thumbnails to make it even easier to insert 2D and 3D data. Plus, data ingestion pipelines improvements mean faster space and object load times. And new spatial loading progress indicators create a welcoming entry into every space.

AR Mode now has the rear clipping plane set to 2 km for industrial-scale mixed reality. And the AR Mode multi-tracker system now switches between trackers at different angles and different heights to help place objects spatially in the metaverse.

New .holo scripting features and functions are included with examples in the SDK.

New XR Device Support
2021.2 brings new support to these cutting-edge MR, VR, and AR devices:
HP Reverb G2
Tilt Five (beta)

Enterprise-Grade User Authentication
Continuing the commitment to delivering an enterprise-grade platform, this release adds another level of security with new integrations for user authentication and identity verification:
Active Directory (AD)/LDAP Single Sign-on
Okta/SAML Single Sign-on
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Cavrnus™ RT (beta)
A beta-version of Cavrnus™ RT, designed for highest-fidelity rendering built on top of Unreal Engine, is now available with full accelerated ray-tracing and native pixel streaming capabilities to any client, including the web browser. The Windows version of Cavrnus™ RT helps to create authentic representations of products and experiences in extended reality. And with cutting-edge pixel streaming out-of-the-box, Cavrnus™ RT provides real-to-life web-based experiences across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

About Cavrnus, Inc.
Cavrnus, Inc. is an extended reality technology company, focused on allowing enterprises to build immersive mixed reality experiences across teams for connected growth. The company’s lead product is Cavrnus™, a robust platform with features that enable transformative and multi-functional experiences in extended reality. For more information, visit

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