Serokell Blog about Functional Programming, ML, and Computer Science Celebrates its Third Anniversary

Using Functional Programming in Production

ESTONIA, November 22, 2021 / — Serokell is a software engineering company that primarily uses functional programming languages to implement its scientific-based solutions. Functional programming is a methodology that differs in many ways from more popular object-oriented languages, such as Python or Java, and it's not very well-known among a wider audience.

Serokell strives to change it because Haskell, Elixir and other functional languages prove to be the most helpful in overcoming the issues in functionality and performance and making the software more reliable and stable. These languages are the most beneficial for developing solutions for Fintech or Biotech, where the software should be particularly fast and secure. Serokell engineers build scalable and reliable advanced solutions in Haskell and Elixir and partner with academic institutions internationally to share their experience with other developers and popularize industry usage of functional languages.

Being passionate advocates of using functional programming in production, three years ago, Serokell team members decided that only creating products with FP was not enough and established a blog( as a part of their corporate website.

The Serokell team has been consistent in promoting functional programming in the blog, and recently, it has been listed as one of the top Elixir programming blogs, according to FeedSpot.

Serokell provides custom software development for startups as well as large companies. Their case studies include developing a new cryptocurrency, building various financial platforms, and designing new programming languages.

Some services Serokell provides
Blockchain and smart contracts
The Serokell team has been providing custom blockchain software development for more than five years and is experienced in distributed systems and cryptography. They create:

● public blockchains
● enterprise DLT solutions
● smart contracts
● decentralized financed platforms
● custom blockchain platforms
● NFTs

Fintech software development
Experience in functional programming, mathematical modelling, cryptography, and data protection allows Serokell developers to create innovative fintech software that is both efficient and secure. Among such solutions are:

● mobile fintech applications
● payment systems
● exchanges
● trading platforms
● transaction processing systems

Biotech Software Development Services

Serokell develops advanced solutions for pharma and biotech companies using machine learning and cloud computing technologies to create biotech data management software. They can build, for example:

● scientific data management systems (SDM)
● laboratory information management software (LIMS)
● electronic laboratory notebook systems

Software audits
Engineers and scientists from Serokell have a lot of experience building complex systems using functional programming, and they are ready to help others with their functional journey. To do so, they provide various forms of audits of freshly developed projects or WIP projects to help uncover weak points of software architecture and source code and mitigate risks that otherwise might lead to software security breaches. They provide audits for the following areas:

● functional programming infrastructure
● fintech infrastructure
● algorithms
● smart contracts.

More About Serokell

Serokell is an outsourcing company that utilizes advanced scientific approaches to resolving real-life business problems. It is a software engineering company with more than five years of experience in various industries. They have strong knowledge of functional programming development and use Haskell, Elixir, Rust, Nix, and other technologies to provide stable and efficient solutions to their customers.

Serokell specializes in large scale-development and complex system engineering. They cover every technical aspect of their clients' software development and provide all the needed audit forms to ensure that the solution is reliable and secure. They aim for developing complex software solutions for different industries.



Source: EIN Presswire