Portable AWG allows signal-generation for up to 16 channels

Spectrum DN2.65x series of generatorNETBOX

Spectrum DN2.65x series of generatorNETBOX

Ideal for automated or remote applications using Ethernet/LXI

GROSSHANSDORF, GERMANY, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spectrum Instrumentation’s latest line of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) is based on the LXI instrumentation standard and has been created for engineers and scientists that need to simultaneously generate up to 16 precise electronic signals. Small and compact, the units are ideal in automated testing or remote-control type applications. With six new instruments being released, users are offered a wide choice of configurations and performance levels. All the units feature the latest 16 bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) technology and combine this with low-noise flexible outputs; allowing them to generate almost any test signal in the DC to 60 MHz frequency range. Furthermore, full remote control is achieved through a simple Ethernet connection to any PC or local area network (LAN) making them easy to integrate into virtually every test system.

The new DN2.65x series of generatorNETBOX instruments are available with 4, 8 or 16 fully synchronous channels and offer output rates of 40 MS/s or 125 MS/s. Signals with a programmable output swing of up to ±6 V into high impedance or ±3 V into 50 Ω can be generated. The units also include large on-board memories of up to 2 x 512 MSamples that can be utilized in a number of different operating modes to allow the generation of long and complex waveforms. This includes Single-Shot, Loop, FIFO, Gated and Sequence Replay modes. Signals can even be generated while new waveform data is being loaded to the on-board memory.

For perfect waveform generation, each channel of the AWG is clocked using a phase locked loop (PLL) control system that can be generated internally or from an external clock or reference. Four different filters are available to optimize the output signal quality and help ensure excellent dynamic performance. For example, Noise Spectral Density (NSD) is as low as -142 dBm/Hz, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is down to -74 dB, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is as high as 90 dB and Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) is up to 97 dB. It’s a total performance level that allows users to generate the highest quality test signals.

The AWG's flexibility is further enhanced by front-panel multi-purpose I/O connectors that allow access to synchronous digital (marker) outputs, trigger output, run and arm status, the PLL reference clock or asynchronous I/O lines.

Ideal for remote and mobile applications
Weighing as little as 6.3 kg, the generatorNETBOX products are easily portable and can work almost anywhere: freestanding on a test bench, rack mounted with other equipment or even mobile (when powered by the optional 12 or 24 V DC sources).

The instruments are fully self-contained and come with all the tools necessary to generate an unlimited variety of waveforms. Simply connect them to a host computer (e.g. laptop or workstation) or anywhere on the corporate network and start up Spectrum's SBench 6 Professional software. SBench 6 comes as standard with every unit. It lets you control all the operating modes and hardware settings from a simple, easy-to-use, graphical user interface. The software also has a host of built-in features for waveform creation, data analysis and documentation. These include the EasyGenerator function for producing standard wave shapes such as sine, rectangular, triangle, saw-tooth, SINC and DC. Waveforms can also be created from equations, imported from other devices (such as digitizers and oscilloscopes) or other software programs. SBench 6-Pro even allows data import and export in the most popular formats such as ASCII, binary and WAV.

Extensive software support
The units come with drivers, so that users can write their own control programs in almost any popular programming language. This includes C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, J#, Delphi and Python code. Third party software support is also provided for LabVIEW, LabWindows and MATLAB.
The generatorNETBOX products are available with immediate delivery. All units are shipped factory tested and include an industry leading five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Technical support, including software and firmware updates, is available free of charge.

The press kit can be downloaded at https://spectrum-instrumentation.com/sites/default/files/download/20190814_portable_awg_with_up_to_16_channels.zip

About Spectrum Instrumentation
Spectrum Instrumentation, founded in 1989, uses modular design to create over 500 digitizer and generator products as PC-cards (PCIe and PXIe) and stand-alone Ethernet-units (LXI). In 30 years, they have gained customers all around the world, including many A-brand industry-leaders and practically all elite universities. The company is headquartered near Hamburg, Germany, and known for their outstanding support that comes directly from the design engineers. More information about Spectrum can be found at www.spectrum-instrumentation.com

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Spectrum Instrumentation
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Announcing the XR Showdown™. College Students Creating VR/AR/MR in a LiveStream TV Show Presented by ExxonMobil

XR Showdown poster

XR Showdown™ involves college students creating VR/AR/MR simulations and games for enterprise use

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED SATES, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — What do you get when you mix ExxonMobil, college students, and an enterprise VR/AR/MR development opportunity with a livestream show? Hosted within Station Houston, the XR Showdown™ involves college students creating VR/AR/MR simulations and games for enterprise use, followed by a review by potential employers — all featured in a livestream TV show with presenting sponsor, ExxonMobil.    

Throughout the six-week long showdown, selected students from various universities including the University of Houston, The Art Institute of Houston, Houston Community College, and more, will be creating simulations and video games to assist in enterprise marketing, education, research or training efforts.

“ExxonMobil is leveraging XR to create a safer and more effective workforce,” said Kyle Daughtry, immersive technology design lead at ExxonMobil. “We believe we are just hitting the tip of the iceberg with the technology and want to help drive it forward. XR Showdown™ represents an opportunity to continue on this journey together, while helping universities build the skills needed for the future of serious games.” 

Non-profit supporters include Houston VR, the Houston VR/AR Association, and AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Association).  

A livestream TV show about the creation process will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook each Friday from 7:00-9:00 PM central time throughout the event. After the event, the show will be released on Amazon Prime video. Improv comedian host, Scott Gibbs, is joined by audience hostess, Ink Rose (Art Institute of Houston student and YouTube Creator with over 100,000 subscribers). The live online audience will be able to rate and review the students and involve themselves with in-show participation moments. At the end of the month-long internship, each student team will showcase their sponsored project to their team sponsor in the hope that they land a job at the finale event on Friday, March 13th from 7:00-09:00 PM. 

Why mix an internship focused on VR/AR/MR simulation and video game development with a livestream show? 

“There are more educational degrees and programs for video game careers than ever before. With that rise comes a swell of graduates who will need jobs,” notes Karen Snyder, Creator of the XR Showdown™, Managing Director of TYM Studio, and Adjunct Professor of Digital Media at the University of Houston. “Helping students see value in serious games and simulations is critical so that they realize there is more work to be found beyond entertainment studio positions.”  

The production team includes a mix of professors from various educational institutions (University of Houston, Texas A&M, Houston Community College, The Art Institute of Houston, St. Edwards University, SMU Guildhall), professional game and technology mentors, and Emmy® award-winning broadcast producers. The collective goal of the event is to see digital media and technology students find work doing what they love best — creating solutions to problems using innovative means. 

“The livestream show format is ‘Conan O’Brian’ meets ‘The Apprentice’,” said Jon Lindgren, an award winning producer who is acting as a co-producer of the showdown. “It’s a refreshing take on simulation production, and it’s all about pushing the students through the ultimate internship while creating a serious game in the hopes they land a job.” 

The event currently has a room for more team sponsors. 

“We welcome more companies to sponsor a student team,” said Dennis Mathews, CEO of Revelation Interactive and Software Mentor in Residence for TYM Studio™. “We are always open to seeing value brought to sponsoring companies even as we train up students in best practices to bring to their future employers.”  

The event includes a highly diverse group of video game professionals and instructors who will act as student mentors. Their efforts will be augmented by professionals offering their advice and expertise. 

Interested parties can assist the showdown by:
– Sponsoring a team or advertising in the show
– Co-Streaming the show on Twitch, Mixer, (and in certain instances, YouTube)
– Being a show ambassador and spreading the word on campus
– Watching the show and participating online, or at the finale event   
About XR Showdown™
Hosted within the Station Houston, the XR Showdown™ involves college students creating VR/AR/MR simulations and games for enterprise use, followed by a review by potential employers — all featured in a livestream TV show with presenting sponsor, ExxonMobil.    

The show is being produced by TYM Studio™, a B-corp pending transmedia student internship studio.

For more information visit: www.XRshowdown.com

About the TYM Studio
TYM Studio™ connects companies with technology and media college students through internships that drive innovation, talent development, and efficient project pipelines.

For more information, http://TYM.studio

About ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is one of the largest refiners and marketers of petroleum products, and its chemical company is one of the largest in the world. For more information, visit www.exxonmobil.com or follow us on Twitter.

Media Contacts
Karen Snyder, MFA

Karen Snyder
TYM Studio
+1 818-937-3326
email us here

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First Performance Announces Participation in the 19th Annual CLAB2019 Financial Technology and Innovation Conference

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — First Performance, a global provider of digital-first payments technology, announced today that the company will participate in the 19th Annual CLAB2019 Financial Technology and Innovation Conference held September 4-6, 2019 at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida.

CLAB2019 is LATAM’s largest technology and innovation event featuring networking and learning platforms for the financial industry. The three-day event enables participants to hear from innovators through powerful keynote sessions, panel discussions, and intensive targeted breakouts covering the latest, most compelling, and relevant digital financial industry topics. The conference provides the tools needed to address new threats, adopt emerging technologies, and connect with industry leaders.

The global digital banking market is forecasted to reach $9 trillion dollars by 2024, with 8% annual growth. Consumers have many digital options and are demanding consistent, channel-optimized experiences with the utmost convenience. Partnering with First Performance enables banks and processors to meet the immediate and future demands of these consumers.

“We’ve been partnering with Latin American banks and processors, delivering the next-generation of card controls and digital engagement with great success," said Ben Psillas, First Performance Chief Executive Officer. “Today, there are more alliances and synergies between banks and fintechs, than competition. The conference enables us to showcase the platform’s newest digital capabilities that help to increase cardholder engagement, improve the user experience, and reduce costs. Visit First Performance at Booth #197 to view the power of our platform.”


About First Performance
First Performance is an enterprise software company developing the next generation of card controls and digital engagement as a turnkey white label solution for global processors and banks. Our API platform empowers cardholders to use, manage, and control their finances digitally, in real time. The platform integrates with institutions’ existing digital channels and works across all card portfolios. www.FirstPerformance.com

About FIBA
Founded in 1979, the Florida International Bankers Association is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing international banking and financial services professionals throughout the world with high quality industry education and accreditation, unparalleled networking opportunities through premier industry events and conferences, and effective legislative advocacy at the state and federal levels. www.fiba.net

The Federation of Latin American Banks is a non-profit entity founded by banking associations and other agencies from 19 Latin American countries in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1965, and it includes over 500 regional banks. www.felaban.com

Mary Brandon
First Performance
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CLE Companion Brings Affordability and Convenience to Lawyers to Help Them Complete their Continuing Legal Education

Executive Director of CLE Companion

Kristin Davidson

Affordable way to complete CLE requirement

CLE Companion

CLE Companion announced today that it is offering dozens of approved legal courses to help lawyers complete their Continuing Legal Education Requirement.

We created pricing that would work for all attorneys, while delivering cutting-edge, interesting content that would not only help them meet their CLE requirement, but serve them in their practice.”

— Kristin Davidson

AUSTIN, TEXAS, US, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — CLE Companion, a fast-growing legal technology company that is changing the CLE industry by offering an affordable and easy way for attorneys to satisfy their CLE requirement, announced today that it is offering dozens of approved legal courses that are now available on-demand. Many more are in the pipeline and will be live-streamed and then archived on the website in the coming weeks.

The service is priced in three tiers – individual courses starting at $49, state compliance bundles at $159, and unlimited packages at $199. CLE Companion also offers each customer their first course for just $29.

“We wanted to create pricing that would work for all attorneys, while delivering cutting-edge, interesting content that would not only help them meet their requirement, but also serve them well in their practice,” said Kristin Davidson, the Executive Director of CLE Companion. “To that end, each course is hand-selected based on current litigation as well as attorney feedback, creating a compelling library of courses.”

Davidson interviewed thousands of attorneys, while building the platform. They urged her to make taking the courses as convenient as possible, advice she took to heart in creating CLE Companion.

“Courses can be completed anytime, anywhere from any device,” said Davidson. “This contrasts with taking CLE at a conference, which is a major inconvenience.”

Attorneys are already taking note.
“CLE Companion is a powerful resource that I know I can turn to when I need it,” said Fletcher Brown, a partner at Waller Lansden Dortch & David LLP.

Carla Varriale, a partner at New York City-based Havkins Rosenfeld Ritzert & Varriale, added that “my CLE Companion unlimited membership is a great value and a powerful tool for diving deeper into subject matters. The courses are always current and relevant to my practice.”

Among those being live streamed in the coming weeks include:
• Attorney Ethical Obligations in Consumer Bankruptcy Practice, Troy Fox;
• Attorney Online Advertising + Ethics, Francine Tone, 9/18 at 12pm CT
• Title Law, Matt Ayocok;
• Mental State Issues in the Representation of Criminal Defendants, David Mugridge; 8/25 at 10 am CT;
• False Domestic Violence Charges: What you need to know, Joseph Thully; and
• ERISA, Paul Sullivan, 8/20, 11 am CT.

Among those already housed on the site are:
• Intro to EB-5 and E-2 Immigration Investment Structures, Rachel Ji Young Yoo
• The Corporate Secretary, Jen Randolph Reise
• Chronic Stress + Ethics, Francine Tone
• Sexual Harassment, Michael Pospis
• Introduction to Sports Law: Stateside and International structures and internal regulations, Mark Conrad
• Transferring Intangibles: Buying and Selling Technology Companies, Jim Chester
• Technology Ethics for Lawyers, Joe Corsemeir
• Keeping Clients Trust: Even when things go wrong, Francine Tone
• Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Agreements, Paige Dygert
• Insurance Basics for Lawyers, Paige Dygert
• Negotiating commercial Leases, Paige Dygert
• Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, Michael Pospis
• Legal Tech Landscape now and innovations in the future, Colin Levy
• E-Sports The differences between Athletes and Entertainers in Dealmaking, Jeremy Evans

About CLE Companion
CLE Companion starts everyday with its simple mission statement: To be the easiest, most cost-effective resource to complete your MCLE online. With a multitude of offerings in both Live Stream and On Demand formats, CLE Companion sets the bar for Continuing Legal Education in all areas of practice. Find out more at https://clecompanion.com/

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CLE Companion

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Ultra Wideband‎‎‎ Market 2019 Global Key Players, Size, Applications & Growth Opportunities – Analysis to 2024

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On -“Ultra Wideband‎‎‎ Market – Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2019 – 2024”

PUNE, INDIA, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Ultra Wideband Market 2019

A recent report on WiseGuy Reports (WGR) has provided a brief overview of the industry with an insightful explanation. This overview mentions the definition of the product/service along with several applications of such a product or service in different end-user industries. It also includes the analysis of the production and management technology employed for the same. The report on global Ultra Wideband market has given an in-depth study in some new and prominent industry trends, competitive analysis, and detailed regional analysis for the review period of 2019-2025.

Request Free Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/3711736-global-ultra-wideband-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

Key Players
The report also inculcated detailed profiling of numerous distinguished vendors prevalent in the global Ultra Wideband market. This analysis also talks about different strategies adopted by various market players to gain a competitive edge over their peers, build unique product portfolios, and expand their reach in the global market.

The key players covered in this study
TDC Acquisition Holdings
Texas Instruments
Starix Technology
General Atomics
Johanson Technology
Pulse Link

Drivers & Constraints
A comprehensive analysis of the report of the Ultra Wideband market is provided, which includes the global presence of crucial driver and constraints that are working in the proliferation of the Ultra Wideband market. The study based on constraints and drivers include gross margin, revenues, future aspects, historical growth, sales, and volume. According to these parameters, the opportunities are introduced in the Ultra Wideband market that would escalate the growth during the forecast period. Along with opportunities, there comes challenges, risks, and barriers that could affect the Ultra Wideband market during its growth period. All these parameters with this provide an in-depth understanding of the Ultra Wideband market.

Regional Description
The Ultra Wideband market report’s pivotal part also includes the regional description that provides a complete analysis of its growth at a global level. The number of critical regions for which the Ultra Wideband market analysis is done in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. These are the top-grossing regions that have observed the maximum development in every aspect of technology, businesses, population, industry and more. Therefore, the result of the Ultra Wideband market region-wise portrays the outlook with the latest trends, opportunities, and future aspects in the given assessment period of 2024.

Method of Research
The methodology Ultra Wideband market is done with the help of a compilation of the market information that is explained through known parameters of Porter’s Five Force Model. The current data analysis is also performed to produce an accurate and authentic forecast of the market. The research procedure is tagged as extensive, which is categorized into steps such as namely primary and secondary researches. With the help of such analysis, the possibility of a better understanding of the market is obtained through a competitive landscape in terms of parameters of strength, opportunities, weaknesses as well as threats related to the industry. This will, hence, bring out the future aspects to the business leaders worldwide. The Ultra Wideband market report also focuses on various levels of analysis such as company profile, ongoing trends and production line, which comprise of a basic view on the market’s growth, drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.

Complete Report Details @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/3711736-global-ultra-wideband-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 Ultra Wideband Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Ultra Wideband Market Competition, by Players
4 Global Ultra Wideband Market Size by Regions
5 North America Ultra Wideband Revenue by Countries
6 Europe Ultra Wideband Revenue by Countries
7 Asia-Pacific Ultra Wideband Revenue by Countries
8 South America Ultra Wideband Revenue by Countries
9 Middle East and Africa Revenue Ultra Wideband by Countries
10 Global Ultra Wideband Market Segment by Type
11 Global Ultra Wideband Market Segment by Application
12 Global Ultra Wideband Market Size Forecast (2018-2023)
13 Research Findings and Conclusion
14 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

Norah Trent
646 845 9349 / +44 208 133 9349
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Design Services Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2022

WiseGuyReports.com adds “Design Services Global Market Opportunities and Strategies To 2022” reports to its database.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Design services have come into vogue in recent years thanks to the growing demand for improved product designs in a number of end use industries. The global design services market is expected to exhibit a strong 13% CAGR over the forecast period from 2018 to 2022, rising to a valuation of USD 249.5 billion, according to a new research report published on Wise Guy Reports (WGR). The design services market is mainly driven by the growing demand for more customer-friendly product designs, including making designs more easily recognizable for the consumer, more appealing to the consumer, and making the design more ergonomic for the consumer. The scale of the potential impact of design services on the product lifeline is just now being realized, leading to a growing interest in design services to maximize the commercial potential of a wide range of products.

Request Free Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4192540-design-services-global-market-opportunities-and-strategies-to-2022

The global design services market is likely to exhibit steady growth over the forecast period, according to the latest report on Wise Guy Reports (WGR). The global design services market’s major drivers and restraints are analyzed in the report, which provides readers with a clear picture of what’s driving and what’s holding back the design services market. The historical trajectory of the design services market is examined in the report in order to provide a basis for predictions regarding the market’s growth rate over the forecast period. Happenings in the design services market in the review period are examined carefully to explain their connection with the market’s present state and future growth prospects.

The major players operating in the design services market are also studied in the report to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape in the market. The major strategies used by leading players in the design services market are studied in the report to provide readers with an idea of what works and what doesn’t, in the design services market. Individual players are analyzed in detail in the report in order to elaborate on their regional presence and product catalog, providing a clear overview of each major player operating in the design services market.

Solid, industry-standard analysis tools such as SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces analysis are used the detail the present condition in the design services market. A detailed analysis of the market’s likely growth trajectory over the forecast period is presented on the basis of this analysis, which includes historical information regarding the design services market. A complete picture of the design services market’s movement through the recent past and likely movement in the coming years is provided in the report.

The regional distribution of the design services market is also discussed in the report, and detailed analyses are provided for the market’s segment in each major region. The key regional markets are profiled to give players an idea of where each region is soaring and what needs attention in specific markets. Region-specific strategies and product formulations can be based on this detailed analysis, as the factors making the market tick in specific regions are analyzed in the report, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the market.


For further information on this report, visit – https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/4192540-design-services-global-market-opportunities-and-strategies-to-2022

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Eyewear Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2025

WiseGuyReports.com adds “Global Eyewear Market Size study, by Type, by Application and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025” reports to its database.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The mounting number of visual deficiencies coupled with surging awareness about eye examinations are some factors that benefit the eyewear market. Rising number of ophthalmic disorders including presbyopia, hypermetropia and myopia among aging population provides a significant boost to the market. A large portion of the population in emerging countries like India, Mexico and Brazil are afflicted with visual deficiencies which generally go unnoticed and uncorrected. To rectify this matter, various government and private institutions are making efforts by initiating eye care awareness campaigns, which is projected to work in favor of the market in the coming years.

Request Free Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/3606248-global-eyewear-market-size-study-by-type-contact

Increasing use of electronic devices such as televisions, mobile phones and computers among the younger generation leads to strain on eyes, which could boost the demand for eyewear products. Furthermore, continuous changes in lens prescriptions leads to regular renewal of spectacles, which could also induce market growth in the subsequent years.

Another important growth-inducing factor could be the surge in the use of sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Eyewear manufacturers are striving to meet with the evolving fashion trends among customers, apart from offering lenses and glasses according to the doctor’s prescription. Additionally, these vendors are vying for higher position in the market by providing customized eyewear, with appealing qualities pertaining to style, shape, and color.

Growing consumer spending on luxury and corrective eyewear is anticipated to take the market to greater heights in the upcoming years. Sensing various opportunities in the urban areas, manufacturers are coming up with innovative and fashionable eyewear for the youth, middle class, as well as the high-income groups. Plus, rising disposable income in countries like India, Brazil, and China, could have a lucrative effect on the market.

Growing visual impairment and need for vision correction have resulted in increased demand for eyewear. On top of that, health concerns like diabetes also impair the vision of people, which results in blindness. As a result, those with diabetes are required to undergo regular eye checkups to prevent further vision problems. Therefore, increasing visual deficiencies, as well as vision impairments, could help the market achieve massive revenues during the evaluation period.

The types of eyewear are contact lenses, spectacles, and sunglasses. Growing awareness with regard to the benefits of contact lenses with respect to better vision and higher aesthetic appeal has driven the product demand. Surging popularity of monthly disposable and daily disposable contact lenses, along with internet retailing, also contribute to its demand in the market. Eyewear products are generally used by children, adults and older adults.

The worldwide eyewear market has been analyzed in the primary regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Rest of the World (RoW). Europe has been identified as the top market for eyewear with the highest revenue generation all over the world. The market growth in the region is in response to the high average selling prices of eyewear products as well as the rising inclination towards premium category.

North America is also making similar strides in the global market, having seized a considerable share. High disposable income of people and prevalence of fashion trends is touted to elevate the market position in the region in the coming years. Interestingly, Middle East & Africa could achieve strong CAGR during the review period, backed by the rise in the number of mall-based eyewear stores. Asia Pacific will also demonstrate significant growth during the conjectured timeframe owing to rising GDP rate, preference for luxury brand as well as consumer demographics.


For further information on this report, visit – https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/3606248-global-eyewear-market-size-study-by-type-contact

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Business Education Curriculum at EEACS Preparing Students for the Workforce

Logo for EEACS Allentown Charter School

Executive Education Charter School in Allentown offers a unique business education curriculum.

The charter school’s unique business education curriculum has garnered widespread praise.

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Middle school and high school students at Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown are gaining valuable insights into today’s workforce. The charter school’s innovative business education curriculum features hands-on learning opportunities, internships, externships, and career mentors.

Students are trained in the basics of business, including financial administration, technology, risk management, marketing, and investment strategies. Field experience for middle schoolers and internships for high schoolers help students gain a deeper understanding of today’s business climate and needs.

Over three dozen local businesses and nonprofits are partnered with the school.

“We are thankful for the community organizations that have devoted time, resources, and education to our students,” says Robert Lysek, founder and CEO of the Lehigh Valley charter school. “They’re experiencing opportunities outside of the classroom that they may not otherwise have had.”

To learn more about the school’s business education curriculum, visit: https://www.ee-schools.org/academics/business-education-program/.

About EEACS: Founded in 2014 by highly experienced educators and management, Executive Education Academy Charter School, authorized for grades K-12 by the Allentown School District, leads the way in education by offering its 1,300 students opportunities for growth both in and out of the classroom. EEACS combines all mandated studies with a unique student-corporate culture. To learn more, visit https://www.ee-schools.org/.

Bruce Johnson
Executive Education Academy Charter School
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About Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown

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Ontraport’s OPLZA Conference Revamped to Focus on Users

The annual user conference will take place Oct 9-11, 2019, at the software company’s headquarters in Santa Barbara, California

SANTA BARBARA, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ontraport, an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation software, is shifting the focus of its annual conference, Ontrapalooza (OPLZA). This year, to further support Ontraport users in getting the most out of their platform, OPLZA attendees will learn actionable strategies that they can employ within the software to improve their marketing results and streamline their business management.

OPLZA will take place Oct.9-11, 2019, at Ontraport’s headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. The move to the company’s headquarters gives attendees the opportunity to connect with the Ontraport team and gain in-depth perspective on the software’s solutions. Daily keynote presentations with Founder and CEO Landon Ray will be held in the newly renovated Riviera Theater adjacent to the Ontraport campus.

Each session of the conference will be focused on how to implement a different use case or marketing strategy using Ontraport’s software. With dozens of sessions to choose from, attendees can set their own schedule based on their business goals. They’ll also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Ontraport’s software experts in the Learning Lab.

Ali Alqhtani, Senior Consultant at Lee Digital and former OPLZA attendee says, “The value of the content shared [at OPLZA] and the networking opportunity is absolutely priceless.” Tickets are on sale for $297 at ontrapalooza.com.

Ontraport is a CRM and automation platform designed for any business that’s
ready to scale, providing all the tools needed for selling, marketing and
managing a business online — in one app.

Stephanie Cuevas
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OPLZA 2019: The Ontraport User Conference

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Cloud Services Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities, Forecast 2022

WiseGuyReports.com adds “Cloud Services Global Market Opportunities and Strategies To 2022” reports to its database.

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cloud services have quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry. The global market for cloud services is expected to register a double-digit compound annual growth rate during the forecast period (2018-2022). As more and more enterprises shift towards cloud-based IT infrastructure, demand for cloud services grow further. Cloud solutions are gaining traction owing to their superior features that allow companies to reduce operational cost while obtaining higher efficiency.

Factors such as advances is cloud computing, increased internet penetration, and favourable government policies are having a positive impact on the global market for cloud services. However, the cloud service industry is capital-intensive as it requires regular investment in IT infrastructure updating. These updates are necessary to remain competitive and efficient. Moreover, government regulations along with the evolving cyber threats makes optimization of infrastructure extremely important.

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The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector are other factors that are partly influencing the market for cloud services. Nonetheless, rising interest rates, increased free trade limitations and data localization are among the key factors that somewhat hinder the prospects of cloud services.

The segmental analysis of the global market for cloud services has been conducted on the basis of type and region.

Based on type, the market has been segmented into business process as a service (BPaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). The software as service (SaaS) segmented is expected to exhibit an impressive growth over the forecast period. In 2018, the segment accounted for more than two-third market share in terms of value. Meanwhile, the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is expected to capture a relatively high CAGR during the forecast period.

On the basis of region, North America represent a highly lucrative market for cloud service. The region currently accounts for the largest market share in terms of value. North America is followed by Europe and Asia Pacific (APAC). It is projected that South America cloud service market and APAC cloud service market will demonstrate a relatively higher CAGR during the assessment period.

The cloud services industry is dominated by few major technology companies. Small sized companies make up for a modest market share. Some of the service providers include Amazon, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, Google, International Business Machines Corporation, and Microsoft.

The growth of the software as a service (SaaS) is reflected favourably on the global cloud services market. SaaS sub-market is in its way to become a highly valued prospect in years to come. Companies are quickly recognising the growing opportunities in the cloud service vertical. Market participant are active focusing on implementing growth strategies such as expansion of product portfolio and new service development. It important for companies to offer dynamic services such as public cloud platforms, and multi-cloud services. A majority of market players are investing on research and development to progress further in cloud computing. Emphasis is being placed on developing solutions that are cost-effective and energy efficient. Introduction of hybrid cloud infrastructure is viewed as a major landmark. Companies are also engaging in merger and acquisition activities to enhance their capabilities and consolidate market position.


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