WhiteHat Jr. CEO Karan Bajaj on the Evolution of Online Education

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Digital Transformation Increasing the Need for More Tech Literacy in Education, Especially Coding

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With practically every industry moving to a digital format, there is a strong demand for IT professionals and the expectation that non-IT individuals will need to have coding experience. It pushes the necessity to teach technical literacy and coding to younger ages. Leading the charge for this educational push is WhiteHat Jr. 's Karan Bajaj, recently of Discovery Networks India. The company is scaling up for strong growth given the amount of interest it has received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Those of us in the education-tech sector leveraged that opportunity because we understood this was the first time that a lot of people can sample tech. I think almost everybody from BYJU’s, to Unacademy and others, were trying to figure out how, in that time, we could get more users to sample our very high-quality product,” Karan Bajaj stated in a recent interview.

However, this growth wasn’t without its own challenges. “As we grew and added teachers, we created a lot of tricks about how we could get the internet upgraded in different call centers. Running the entire online infrastructure from home set up to keep exceeding the growth,” he continues, “I think in the pandemic, all of us learned, and we added 300 to 5000 plus people in eight months. During the pandemic, we were increasing from 1,000 teachers to almost 11,000.”

Much of this growth is from children who are stuck at home during the pandemic and parents who are tired of at-home public school systems and have turned to homeschooling instead. Seeing the use of technology and how fast the digital world has advanced during this time, parents have seen what Bajaj has been advocating for. Having a background in coding is vital to future success.

Rather than waiting until a child reaches middle school, high school, or college to begin learning to code, WhiteHat Jr. uses the potential of the child’s mind to pick up coding languages at a much younger age. By doing so, the child retains the knowledge and can recall it for a much more extended period, gaining true technical literacy.

About WhiteHat Jr
WhiteHat Jr. introduces children from ages 6-18 to coding, teaching the fundamentals of coding such as structure, logic, sequence, and algorithmic thinking to create animations and apps.

Karan Bajaj
Whitehat Jr.
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Prytime Medical Receives $2.6M Grant from Department of Defense for Development of Cutting-edge REBOA Technology

This award will further advance the understanding of resuscitative aortic occlusion and allow real-time precision control of hemorrhagic shock.”

— David Spencer

BOERNE, TX, USA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Prytime Medical Devices, Inc. (Prytime), a global healthcare technology leader in the design and delivery of innovative solutions for hemorrhage control, announced it received a $2.6M research grant from the Department of Defense to develop groundbreaking technology for REBOA in the treatment of hemorrhagic shock.

This project is a public/private collaboration between Prytime, the Department of Defense’s Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program (JWMRP), Intelligent Optical Systems (IOS), and University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center to develop the next generation of personalized, precision hemorrhage control.

“Prytime continues to put patients first, invest in R&D, and deliver life-saving technology to military and civilian trauma centers,” said David Spencer, CEO, Prytime, “and we are committed to building on Prytime’s expertise in developing innovative solutions. This award will further advance the understanding of resuscitative aortic occlusion and allow real-time precision control of hemorrhagic shock.”

“As the global leader in REBOA, it is exciting to continue technology advancement in partnership with JWMRP, IOS, and Shock Trauma Center,” said Andrew Holman, CCO, Prytime. “Our next-generation catheters will provide revolutionary solutions for hemorrhage control to the medical community.”

About Prytime Medical Devices, Inc.
Prytime Medical Devices, Inc. designs, develops and commercializes minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhage control. Prytime has a successful track record of partnering with Department of Defense clinicians, scientists, and engineers to bring innovative trauma care products into clinical use by both the deployed military and civilian trauma centers. Prytime’s current products, the ER-REBOA™ PLUS and the pREBOA-PRO™ Catheters are designed to meet the challenge of life-threatening hemorrhage. To learn more about Prytime Medical and their products, go to www.PrytimeMedical.com.

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Russell Jack, Southland Based Yoga Guru, Suggests That More New Zealanders Are Embracing Mental Health in 2021

Russell Herbert Jack, Southland based yoga expert, discusses recent wellness trends in New Zealand. Kiwis are prioritizing their mental health in 2021.

INVERCARGILL, SOUTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is no doubt that COVID-19 has derailed the lives of so many people in unprecedented ways. The disruptions of 2020 have reminded everyone just how fragile life is. For many, adjusting to a new normal has been accompanied by enormous amounts of personal stress.

According to Russell Jack, Southland based yoga and wellness teacher, New Zealanders are making family, health, and wellness their top priority in 2021.

“Paradoxically, the restrictions in our social life opened up a new paradigm for many people. Several of my clients shared that they started meditating as a way of stopping obsessive thinking. They started doing yoga or running, being in nature more. Overall, it seems as people faced the realities of their lives and realized that it’s a lot about their perception. When they couldn’t control the external circumstances, they went within,” says Russell Jack.

Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders during the pandemic have forever changed the way we view wellness. As a result, there has been a growing focus on finding a better balance between our mental and physical health to cope with these changes.

For Kiwis, focusing on relaxation and detoxification methods has become one of the top priorities as people adjust to their new normal and embrace the virtual ways of living.

One of the most popular wellness trends of 2021 has been virtual fitness. Exercise has long been praised as an effective strategy to boost both mood and health. It appears that virtual exercise programs, like apps for yoga and strength training, have increased in popularity over recent months.

As a yoga and mindfulness teacher in Southland, Russell Herbert Jack has been approached by many new clients looking to heal their bodies, minds, and spirits. Virtual fitness options have made it possible for people to do their workouts from home and relieve stress, which has been a saving grace for so many, especially those who may be battling anxiety and depression issues.

“Virtual reality created more opportunities for people to achieve their fitness goals; however virtual fitness options offer limited community participation. People are missing interactions and sharing their progress with others. This is where you need a guru or a trainer to create that exchange and community feel,” says Russell Jack.

Another popular relaxation technique New Zealanders are embracing is sound bathing. Sound baths are a meditative practice that uses the power of music to heal the mind, body, and soul. The person is guided into a deep meditative state during the session as the instructor plays ambient sounds.

Mr. Jack highly recommends this method for anyone needing help with managing stress. He says that sound baths help turn off your thoughts and focus the mind, which is especially beneficial for those with short attention spans.

With a greater focus on overall wellness, New Zealanders are also ditching their electronic devices and going on a digital detox to reconnect with what's important.

“We spend so much time on our phones and browsing social media that taking a full day to shut off our devices and participate in more meaningful activities can be hugely beneficial for our brains,” mentioned Russell Jack.

It also seems that more Kiwis are requesting online hypnotherapy sessions to break old habits. The new year has brought on a new desire for self-improvement, whether that's quitting smoking, losing weight, or finding peace and healing from past trauma.

During a hypnotherapy session, people are guided into a trance-like state where they become more relaxed, focused, and readily open to suggestions. It's a popular method to help people explore problems more deeply and find resolutions.

When working with his clients at Southland Yoga Training, Russell Jack often highlights the interconnectedness between our minds and bodies. He advocates addressing both mental and physical health practices to improve overall wellness. The sessions that he leads require little to no equipment and are appropriate for both children and adults of all skill levels. For more information, visit https://www.russelljacksouthland.com/.

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Synzi Obtains Advanced Healthcare Security Measures for Patient Communications through Covax Data

TUCSON, AZ, USA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Covax Data, Inc., a visionary cybersecurity SaaS provider, today announced a data security services relationship with Synzi, LLC. Synzi, based in St Petersburg, FL, is a leader in the virtual care/telehealth technology sector. Covax Data's Polymer data security and control platform will serve to differentiate Synzi's virtual care and patient communication platform by strengthening a core requirement of any healthcare technology, data security. This relationship will further distinguish Synzi as a leader in the space, not only with a powerful, secure platform, but as a thought leader continually recognizing their customers' needs and innovating to deliver on those needs. Healthcare is an industry rich in sensitive data – making it both highly regulated and highly targeted – and Synzi understands that providers need to stay focused on the most crucial aspect of the industry – patient outcomes.

Virtual care, telehealth, and other remote health environments are the latest transformative shift in the healthcare space. Unfortunately, this also makes health data more vulnerable and makes the Polymer platform a great differentiator and value to Synzi and its healthcare communication solutions.

“Covax Data is excited by the opportunity to implement our Polymer data security software with a company like Synzi,” stated Bill Caple, Co-CEO of Covax Data. “Both Synzi and Covax Data share a customer-focused ideology and a forward-thinking holistic approach to problem-solving. And the healthcare field is one of the most important data-rich sectors where data integrity, control, and security are paramount. The Synzi relationship launches Covax Data’s important presence in the healthcare arena and also enhances the Polymer platform to provide actionable intelligence into deployment models and threat vectors in healthcare.”

“Synzi’s mission is to deliver technology to the healthcare industry that drives better access of care to patients through the most advanced communication platform,” said Brain Lichtlin, CTO of Synzi. “Paramount to that mission is the assurance that data accessed through our platform is secure and managed in compliance with significant healthcare regulations. The Polymer solution provides unrivaled data security and transparency with its unique protections and blockchain-based chain of custody, especially for healthcare data in virtual environments.”

About Covax Data, Inc.

Covax Data is committed to delivering holistic solutions to complex problems. We leverage the latest technologies to create data-centric solutions that optimize the true value of data – its usefulness. We take a unique and thoughtful approach that is designed around our customers’ needs, requiring minimal change to business processes and workflow. At Covax Data, we strive to make technology that works for you – powerful, pragmatic, and complete. For more information, visit covaxdata.com

About Synzi

Synzi is a technology company that drives better patient access to care with a state-of-the-art communication platform. Its HIPAA-compliant virtual care and remote patient monitoring platforms enable organizations to conduct virtual visits and use secure messaging, text, and email for clinician-to-patient and clinician-to-clinician communications. Multiple participants can be included in virtual visits including medically-certified interpreters, referring physicians, and family caregivers. The assessments feature allows administrators to create, send, and conduct patient assessments on a regular basis. With dashboard reporting, organizations gain insight into patients’ progress to help identify the need for immediate intervention or changes in plans of care. Synzi creates valuable connections and enhances effective care, while bringing convenience and peace of mind to patients and family caregivers. The company helps enable better performance for healthcare organizations, better access for patients, and better outcomes for all. For more information, visit synzi.com

Covax Data logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Covax Data, Inc. Other Covax Data product or service names or logos referenced herein are trademarks of Covax Data, Inc. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

For media & PR inquiries:

Madeline Shave
Covax Data

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The new VOLTstack 20k by 60kWh will change the clean energy industry

VOLTstack 20k e-Generator

Here’s your first look at the future of cleantech/mobile power

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Portable Electric Ltd., a Vancouver-based technology company and manufacturer of the VOLTstack e-Generator, a clean energy alternative to traditional gas and diesel generators, unveils the latest iteration of its most powerful, Canadian-made electric generator to date – the VOLTstack 20k. The newest member of the VOLTstack lineup will allow the power station ecosystem to supply silent, clean power to a variety of industries like never before.

The COVID-19 setback helped the environment so much so that it forced many private and public institutions to re-evaluate their sustainability goals. Today, many organizations are coming back greener than ever. Part of that movement is reducing GHG emissions through the use of alternative energy sources. Fossil fuel-powered portable generators, which are often overlooked, are a significant source of GHG emissions and progress has been limited until now.

The VOLTstack 20k is capable of reducing the presence of gas and diesel generators at construction sites, film productions, and homes where power shutoff events can be fatal. Like its predecessor, the all-new 20k will continue to provide clean, continuous backup power for days. The new VOLTstack 20k electric generators are all-weather output rated and feature an app-enabled wireless monitoring platform for real-time data, analytics, and GPS. Each 20k power station will also feature a 7-inch wireless LCD touch screen that will display state of charge, power in/out and operating and charging times. Perhaps the greatest feat of the brand new VOLTstack 20k units is that they can be charged almost twice as fast as their predecessor while weighing 25 percent lighter.

“Thanks to our lean product development, deep market and customer knowledge, and efficient manufacturing, our VOLTstack e-Generators have paved the way to solve real-world power needs,” Mark Rabin, CEO & Founder of Portable Electric. “With our VOLTstack 20k units arriving in the United States in a matter of days, we’re reaching out to a larger audience and helping more people make the switch from toxic gas and diesel generators to clean portable power. This is just the start. 2021 will see Portable Electric’s innovations reach further than ever before.”

The VOLTstack 20k has already earned rave reviews within the film and utility industry for its versatility and application. Through the VOLTstack 20k, Portable Electric will continue to work with major companies including Waste Management, Disney, PG&E and Netflix to reduce the use of gas and electric generators.

Meryl Dsouza
Portable Electric
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10 Tech Trends to Watch in 2021

electronics tech lab workers industrial racks

dell tech lab bench condo rack

We built this custom server “condo” rack system for a major computer manufacturer; it allows technicians to test 5 servers at a time, which reduced countertop space usage by 37%.

sillicon valley industrial tech lab bench

This installation for a Silicon Valley tech company features push-button height-adjustable work surfaces that allow workers to set their preferred work height, as well as built-in ESD protection and over 20 integrated power outlets.

Looking for insight into technology trends for 2021? Check out our top 10 emerging trends that will drive change in the tech market in 2021.

In 2021, new technologies like wooden skyscrapers, lab-grown chicken meat, heat pump water heaters, or Toyota’s solid state batteries will become widely adopted to meet the climate change challenge.”

— Formaspace

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Looking for insight into technology trends for 2021?

Here are the top 10 emerging trends that will drive change in the tech market this year and beyond.

1. Today’s Chip-Pocalypse And The Coming Electric Car Crash

The start of 2021 was marked by widespread manufacturing shutdowns—not caused by coronavirus outbreaks in factories— but a crippling shortage of computer chips that find their way into everyday consumer products, ranging from phones to computers, to new cars and trucks. Bloomberg estimates that the auto industry may lose over $61 billion in sales during 2021 due to these acute chip shortages. Explanations for the shortfall vary, but analysts point to Huawei stockpiling chips throughout 2020 (in advance of a US export ban) as well as extraordinary demand for high-performance chips from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Today’s microprocessor chip shortages could mark the beginning of more serious component and raw material shortages as car and truck manufacturers undertake a massive transformation from ICE motors to electric propulsion systems.

Efficient batteries and electric motors rely on rare earth metals such as lithium and other materials that are in short supply, especially outside of China, which has invested heavily in rare earth mining.

The result may throw a wrench into the Biden administration’s favored plan (inspired by a whitepaper written by the UAW) to promote EVs as a way to boost the economy with green jobs. It may also mean that major companies will face difficulties meeting their goals of switching over to 100% EV production (GM by 2035, Ford by 2030).

2. Solid State Batteries, Wooden Skyscrapers, And Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets: Ideas That Could Save The Planet

Climate change has been on everyone’s mind as a polar vortex swept south this month and brought the Texas electrical grid down to its knees, leaving millions (including most of us at Formaspace) without power or even access to water for several days.

Our second tech trend is a renewed focus on climate change resiliency and the adoption of new technologies that can reduce harmful carbon pollution into the atmosphere.

As Bill Gates writes in his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need,” there are five areas he believes we need to focus on:

1. Reducing the 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases emitted each year.
2. Manufacturing, especially cement and steel production, amounts to the biggest chunk (31%) of greenhouse emissions, bigger than transportation by car, truck, or plane.
3. We need green alternatives to power a world that currently consumes 5000 GW of energy each year – or alternatively, we need to consume less.
4. Space is a consideration. Some green solutions take up vast land areas, including wind farms or biomass cultivation.
5. As always, money is the big issue but so is informed decision-making. Yet, how can we prioritize what actions to take if we don’t understand the relative costs of investing or doing nothing.

We predict that in 2021 new technologies, even crazy-sounding ones, such as wooden skyscrapers, lab-grown chicken meat, heat pump water heaters, or Toyota’s upcoming solid state batteries (capable of recharging EVs in just 10 minutes) will become more widely adopted to help meet the climate change challenge.

3. Forget 5G. StarLink Is The Future.

Space is back, as anyone who watched the heartwarming success of NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully touching down on Mars will attest. If all goes right, we’ll see an unprecedented rollout of exploration technology in the coming days, including NASA’s remarkable Mars Ingenuity Helicopter set to fly across the Martian landscape.

But, barring the discovery of actual Martians on Mars, there’s a space technology development closer to home that may have a greater immediate impact.

We’re talking about Elon Musk’s StarLink venture, which has launched a massive number of near-earth satellites to provide Internet access and phone service emergency backup communications capabilities here on earth.

StarLink reports it already has over 10,000 customers, a number that is sure to grow thanks to increased demand for high-speed Internet access and remote locations, fueled by work from home types who want to live the cabin-in-the-woods lifestyle.

If StarLink lives up to its promise, this type of near-earth satellite communication system may prove to offer far more tangible benefits than the rollout of terrestrial-based 5G cellular services, making it our 5th tech trend of 2021.

4. All IT Infrastructure Is Compromised All The Time

Our next tech trend is frankly a bit dispiriting.

Over the past year, we became aware of major hacking attacks that have infiltrated computer systems—once considered to be very secure—at large government agencies and major private corporations.

Security analysts believe that Chinese state actors were responsible for compromised hardware systems manufactured by Super Micro Computer Inc. in San Jose, California, that allowed remote access into sensitive government systems.

Equally troubling is the infiltration of enterprise software monitoring products from Austin-based SolarWinds, which allowed foreign actors (presumably Russians) access into nearly every major US government agency and quite a few prominent corporations as well.

And this month, we’ve seen the first publicly reported attempt to hack into public utilities where the motivation appears to be, frankly speaking, to cause physical harm. The incident took place in Florida at a small water treatment facility, and the as-yet-unnamed hacker used remote login software to increase the concentration of water treatment chemicals to a dangerous degree, which, if it had not been discovered by chance, could have caused countless injuries or death to the public.

Even the recent new hardware from Apple is not immune, as security analysts report hackers have crafted new malware for Apple’s homegrown M1 chips.

‘New York Times’ cybersecurity reporter Nicole Perlroth, who has written a new book on cyber threats facing the US, This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends, is very pessimistic. She writes that there is an active market for new computer hacking discoveries, and in some cases, government spy agencies around the world, like the NSA, choose to pocket these hacks rather than reveal them in order to crack into other government systems.

What is the tech trend here?

The reality is we may have to drastically change our assumptions about computer security – and start to assume all the systems we use on a daily basis are vulnerable and may have already been compromised in some way.

This change of mindset will require a major rethink on whether we can safely store confidential data in computer systems in the future.

5. The End Of Social Media As We Know It

The public internet is tracking the history of radio, an industry which in its early stages was dominated by enthusiastic amateur broadcasters, later followed by the emergence of corporate broadcasters, and finally dominated by a few national networks (Columbia, DuMont among others), which fell under Federal regulations by the newly minted FCC in 1934.

Read more…

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Alliance Technologies Launches Alliance University

Jim Mosquera, Founder of Alliance University

Jim Mosquera, Founder of Alliance University

Alliance University logo

Alliance University logo

Alliance University is a leading-edge platform for Seminars, Briefings and Roundtables for business learning and knowledge sharing

Our goal is to have a true modern version of the agora, a space to discuss the key issues of the day. It’s a marketplace of ideas not just ours ⸺ but yours.”

— Jim Mosquera

ST. LOUIS, MO, US, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alliance Technologies LLC. announces the launch of Alliance University, a leading edge platform for Seminars, Briefings and Roundtables for those wishing to expand and share their knowledge in specific areas of business and finance.

“Our goal is to have a true modern version of the agora, a space to discuss the key issues of the day. It’s a marketplace of ideas not just ours ⸺ but yours,” said Jim Mosquera, founder of Alliance University (AU) and Alliance’s Vice-President of Corporate Development.

“Our tagline, ‘The Gold Standard’, comes from the periodic table of elements where Au is gold. We want to be the gold standard in the marketplace of ideas so you can learn from experts and, at the same time, learn from each other,” Mosquera said.

Seminar contributors include Judy Ryan, CEO of LifeWork Systems and a recognized thought leader on applied behavioral science; Les Landes, President of Les Landes & Associates a management consultant who speaks at forums and conferences nationwide; Robert Teschner, a multiple award-winning fighter aviator, and award-winning author of the national bestselling book, Debrief to Win; Dina Readinger, CEO of ACE Coaching Company & Diagnostic Thinking, a thought leader in Women’s Leadership Acceleration; Mosquera and other trusted providers.

Platform topics include cryptocurrencies, motivation, accountability, diagnostic thinking, non-profit operation, government spending, cybersecurity, trust, and real-world technology case studies. The first event begins March 16, 2021.

“We are very excited to support this launch of Alliance University in supporting and educating leaders in our area. Jim Mosquera and his diverse group of experts will really bring value to those wanting to share their ideas in the marketplace,” said James Canada, CEO.

Alliance University is part of the Alliance family of companies, (Alliance Technologies, Alliance Systems and Alliance Advisors) an integrated service provider that aligns with you. To register or for information visit https://alliance-u.co

About Alliance Technologies LLC.
Alliance Technologies is an IT Infrastructure firm committed to providing world-class managed services, web/app development, talent and consulting solutions, along with the newly formed Alliance University. They stand committed to providing quality processes, delivering high caliber customized solutions, presenting consultants with extensive professional experience, educating business leaders and empowering their consultants to provide the best service possible. With their Managed Services approach there are no complex formulas; instead they use a simple pay per use formula to keep the cost to your business predictable. Its sister firm, Alliance Systems, helps companies scale for growth. It helps companies grow by creating experiences that people love. This includes design, development and business solutions. When customer experiences are matched up to customer needs you are setting yourself up for best-in-class. Together, Alliance works to develop strong individual relationships with key decision makers in an effort to foster long-term partnerships and build continued confidence. The goal is to provide a solid return on investment for their clients and to deliver value at every turn. For additional information visit www.alliancetechnologiesllc.com or

James Canada
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Amantya Technologies and Aarna Networks Partner to Enable Fully Automated 5G Core Service Management and Orchestration

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amantya Technologies, a best-in-class product engineering services company operating in the 5G space, and Aarna Networks, a leading 5G network and edge computing application management software company, today announced a partnership to fully automate 5G Core Service Management and Orchestration.

The Amantya 5G Core is a cloud-native core network solution, conforms to 3GPP specifications release 15, and offers 5GC and EPC as well as integrated 5GC and EPC, both SA and NSA models. The Aarna Networks Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an open-source orchestration, lifecycle management, and closed-loop automation software platform for 5G networks and edge computing applications.

Anuradha Gupta, CEO, Amantya Technologies, speaking about the partnership, said, “As 5G progresses, operators, OEMs, and application vendors will need an end-to-end orchestrated core with intuitive, self-explanatory workflows for their testing needs. Our joint offering with Aarna fulfills that need. Private 5G for enterprises is another space where our joint offering will be particularly useful.”

Specifically, the partnership will achieve the following objectives as a part of the roadmap:

– Management of 5G Core CNFs using AMCOP
– Usage of AI/ML models to create a ‘Network Digital Twin’, that will simulate live network performance allowing operators to determine fault points and initiate pro-active remedial measures
– Management of CU/DU RAN components using AMCOP

“5G will be fully software-driven with cloud-native network functions running in a containerized environment. In addition, networks of the future will leverage AI/ML models to predict and optimize network performance. Installing, managing, and maintaining service assurance in such a complex environment requires new software solutions. Our AMCOP product along with the 5G Core from Amantya Technologies will help customers implement a zero-touch deployment,” said Amar Kapadia, Co-Founder and CEO, Aarna Networks.

To learn more about Amantya Technologies visit www.amantyatech.com or email: connect@amantyatech.com

To learn more about Aarna Networks, visit www.aarnanetworks.com or email: info@aarnanetworks.com

About Amantya Technologies:

An ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 27001 certified company, Amantya Technologies, is a best-in-class product engineering and software development company with a strong technical & ODM partner ecosystem. Amantya works with organizations that are betting on 5G and next-gen technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Cloud, and edge analytics. The company’s 5G portfolio ranges from Radio Access Networks offerings which comprise of RAN accelerators (mmWave iCell and Sub6 iCell) and Cloud-Hosted Multi-Tech Integrated Core Network for simulation and enterprises (5G Lab and Private 5G Network). The company is based in Wilmington, DE, and Gurugram, India.

About Aarna Networks:

Aarna Networks is an open-source software company that enables orchestration, management, and automation of 5G networks and edge computing applications. 5G and Edge are a once-in-a-generation disruption that will fundamentally change how we work and live, and Aarna Networks is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. The company uses the Linux Foundation and Intel OpenNESS open source projects for its products and is based in San Jose, CA, and Bengaluru, India.

Priya Chakaborty
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Phase NLP identifies DEI trends in employee feedback for a national grocery retailer

Analysis from Phase NLP case study

Phase NLP analyzes thousands of employee survey responses from a national grocery retailer for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) trends

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Automating employee insights is a new capability that Human Resources and People teams are adopting thanks to the advent of more accessible Artificial Intelligence products. Phase NLP is leading this work in the HR sector and is announcing the results of a case study with a major US grocery retailer.

With volumes of text data being generated by companies everyday through surveys, feedback, transcripts, and Slack threads, Phase NLP allows companies to efficiently analyze text for topics that matter to their employees. Phase NLP is an AI company that automates analytics and insights generation from unstructured data. Their self-serve platform uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to measure HR trends like mental health, DEI, leadership, and management in a matter of seconds. This allows for business leaders to automate insights without having to invest in costly analytics teams or review text manually.

Phase NLP analyzed data from a national grocery retailer to identify what their employees had to say about DEI in the workplace. Today, Phase NLP is publishing a public case study on the work completed. The retailer provided a sample of 5,000 comments from their most recent pulse surveys and used the Phase NLP platform to generate the top comments discussing DEI issues. These comments were also analyzed by positive and negative sentiment. Comments may be used in executive DEI reporting and set the groundwork for employee dialogues on DEI.

Phase NLP hopes this case study will help companies understand how to better understand and promote DEI policies via analysis of pulse surveys and other feedback.

Phase NLP
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Innovative Live Streaming Platform Launches for Artists and Listeners

HomePlay Logo

HomePlay Logo

Lifestyle Image of HomePlay Artist

Lifestyle Image of HomePlay Artist

HomePlay Value Propositions and Lifestyle

HomePlay Value Propositions and Lifestyle

HomePlay promises artists one of the largest ticket cuts in the industry.

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — HomePlay promises artists one of the largest ticket cuts in the industry. HomePlay, a live streaming platform for artists to showcase their talents, has launched. The platform was created by iSiLIVE to provide artists and curators of performance art (such as venues and festivals) with a new and easy way to stream their events live.

Features of the platform include the ability for artists and viewers to connect through live chat, further enhancing the high-quality video and audio streaming experience. Brad Alford, VP of Business Development at iSiLIVE, said: "We're delighted to introduce HomePlay to artists and culture-lovers alike. The platform was built from the ground up by a former musician and designed with ease of use in mind.

One of the unique selling points of the platform that we're most proud of is that we offer one of the largest artist payout cuts in the industry." This means by using HomePlay, you're guaranteed more money in your pocket at the end of the gig. "Last year's lockdown has shown that even though venues may not be open to the public, people still want to stream live entertainment from the comfort of their homes. HomePlay is here to make this easy, hassle-free, and most importantly, fun!" HomePlay will open up a whole new worldwide audience for artists to monetize their music to complement live shows in the future.

Create your free account today by visiting https://homeplay.live/

Brad Alford
HomePlay Live Limited
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